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A few pics from a cannon co tn cave.

2022.01.24 13:44 MyDogCantTalk A few pics from a cannon co tn cave.

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2022.01.24 13:44 Meee0205 Quick question- I am an upcoming data engineer intern at Adobe for the summer and was wondering if I will be given a laptop?

I’m asking cause I was offered a bonus which can be used for buying stuff for working remotely. Does that mean I buy my own laptop? I wanted to get a new laptop for a while, just weighing stuff.
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2022.01.24 13:44 Alfa_Bootis Mascherine sampdoria

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2022.01.24 13:44 otherworldlybeings How can I get bedhead without the bed?

I usually wash my hair before I go to sleep, and when I wake up it has lots of texture and volume, very bouncy. If I wash it in the morning or any other time and don't sleep afterward, it lays super straight and flat. Is there anything I can do to get the same effect I get from sleeping on it?? I've attached a photo of me with bedhead (top) and without (bottom.)
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2022.01.24 13:44 from_solid_to_gas When the British are Breaking through

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2022.01.24 13:44 Ok-Entrepreneur-7005 Career Change from Admin/Therapist to HR possible?

Live in MI (United States). Considering a career change from Admin/therapist/disabilities services provider in Higher Education to HR. I have a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Psychology degree. When looking through requirements for HR positions it appears that my education, experience, and skill set are directly transferable (clearly from my perspective) to many HR job listings. For reference skill set includes: inclusion and equity training and implementation, accommodations training and implementation, training and development, develop and implement strategies and initiatives, provide decision support via metrics, career development, and ensure legal compliance, etc. Any advice?
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2022.01.24 13:44 deadeyemagoo Direct Streams from PC are buffering every couple minutes. What gives?

The last couple days I've been encountering buffering issues on my PC (host server) with any movie or show. Tautulli shows the following info:

My broadband speeds are good: 490mbps (down) 23.5mbps (up). Nothing has changed with my setup at all, and what's strange is streams everywhere else seem to be fine (local Roku devices on our TVs, remote streams from additional users). I've restarted several times, tried converting within Plex and still I encounter this.
Any advice as to what could be going on?
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2022.01.24 13:44 Pitiful_Magazine_700 خطاب به بچه سالای ردیت

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2022.01.24 13:44 Ethan_Dipa What's the biggest thing you do not want to see in Wonderlands?

Probably an unpopular opinion but I don't really want to see a lot of charcters from the other games like Tannis, Lillith and Marcus for example. I'd like to see Gearbox develop more new characters and back stories for Wonderlands.
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2022.01.24 13:44 HalfRightMillwright I'm in A Millwright Union

I'm sick so here it goes my brother is in A local Bricklayer union. Were both sick like flu sick but both tested negative on rapid tests. Now his boss is calling me asking where he is?
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2022.01.24 13:44 AngeSurTerre It's really how monkeys do it!

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2022.01.24 13:44 DDP886 how big of a TV do people have in their rooms?

Hey there, I hope your first day is going well. My question to all of you who live here is, what size of TV do you have in your room? I'm thinking the 32 is too small...
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2022.01.24 13:44 Hot_Way_6168 FLORES MAL VIAJE

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2022.01.24 13:44 jakethesnakeisback16 PUBG IRIS 540(Low End Pc)

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2022.01.24 13:44 Bitcoin_is_plan_A Someone with 3 TH/s of USB ASICs solved a Bitcoin block solo.

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2022.01.24 13:44 saveanon Im CONSIDERING doing something extremely illegal that carrys a max punishment of 6 years. AMA

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2022.01.24 13:44 ImOnly1in42million Is my depression a burden to my friends and family?

I'll be honest. 2022 Fucked me up more than I already have been fucked up. Allow me to explain my life story.
I'm currently 22 with no degree and no job. I live in my car when I'm not couch surfing at a friend or family's house.
When markets are at their peaks, I had 60k in crypto. Now I only have less than 30k. (dont tell me to sell, I will never ever ever sell)
Everyone here on reddit has already told me: Get a job. Get a degree.
I know that's the obvious answer. But here's my problem:
My desire to achieve success is NOT as strong as my desire to avoid hard work.
I know this is toxic. Obviously it is toxic.
But I simply don't care.
I don't care that I am homeless.
I don't care that I am a loser. I simply don't care.
I don't enjoy living in my car, but my desire to escape car living is not as strong as my desire to avoid hard work.
And whenever I see my family, I feel the need to put on a facade about what I do with my day because my family puts so much pressure on me to do something with my life but I don't want to fucking hear it.
I hate it when they try to help me. I know they want the best for me. I know they hate to see me live in my car.
But I don't want to participate in this system.
I am completely fine with dying because it's easier.
But the reason I choose to keep "living" is because I don't want to break the hearts of my friends and family. I don't want them to feel any guilt.
But at the same time I don't want to run on hamster wheel JUST so I can have a place to stay only.
I just hate the fact that if I am NOT on a hamster wheel, I CANNOT live in a proper living space. That's how the system is designed.
If you don't work, you are homeless.
And I guess I'd rather be homeless than work.
My question: Is my depression a burden to my friends and family? and if it is, how can I stop being a burden to my family?
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2022.01.24 13:44 arriflex Grateful Dead cover bands?

Is there a local jam band baDead night in BR? Any good Dead cover bands?
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2022.01.24 13:44 PearceGoulder Saw someone posting about transcribing a solo so thought another chart might be useful for those who want/need to read music 🤘😋

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2022.01.24 13:44 PPNPartido82 No Gustavo involved

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2022.01.24 13:44 EntertainmentOk4042 1st best 4 of Shu-Han: Wei Yan, the Erwin Rommel of 3 Kingdoms

1st best 4 of Shu-Han: Wei Yan, the Erwin Rommel of 3 Kingdoms Okay here we go for the first best 4 generals of Shu kingdom founded by Liu Bei, one of warlord during late Han:

well… by my own words, he’s the “Erwin Rommel of Three kingdoms”, the legendary WW 2 general…. both were humble origin(Rommel hailed from middle-class southerners/Bavarians, in contrast with northern aristocratic prussian german generals) climbed rly hard from low ranks, possessing dynamic tactical mind, loved by lower rank soldiers, and… more importantly… both met their tragic endings falsely accused of treason by their superiors… ok sentimental aside, save such talks for other time
Now we assessing the military quality. Conquest of Yi province was underrecorded, but by reconstructing any accounts available to later historians its safe to say that Yi campaign are the most important military operation for Shu. it was even more important Red cliff battle …if Sun Quan lose in Red Cliff, Liu Bei & co just need to “abandon ship” again, just like when he leave Tao Qian or Liu Biao regions. While campaign vs Liu Zhang is “do or die” for Liu Bei. He gambled his credibility for this campaign as if he failed, no one in China wanna host Liu Bei & co again, since he betraying the trust of Liu Zhang.
Skillful martial artist & powerful fighter
Despite short description of the campaign record & popular belief that Liu Bei conquered Liu Zhang easily, the truth are far from easy. Liu Bei personally really fight with his life & pure bravery here, Sun Quan officer & observer of Bei campaign reported that they even suffered the loss half of his forces during the campaign & predicted Liu Bei will fail. Pang Tong fallen in battle… guess what? Years later Liu Bei overcame the difficulty & successful. History credited 3 figures carved their names here:Wei Yan, Huang Zhong, & Fa Zheng. Those thre rly worked their asses with Bei’s life & death in years of battles in Yi. They even captured several cities before the reinforcements from Jing arrived. Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, & Zhuge Liang only joined for the later phase of the battle as they brought fresh force from Jing province & giving final nails in the coffin.
Fa Zheng, & Huang Zhong served in command, as both has position & acknowledged even before serving Liu Bei. But Wei Yan??? This guy started under Liu Bei as foot soldier… literally risen up from the ground to general position. Which only several person in history can do. Thousands or even millions footmens were expected to die sooner before they could climb their ranks, and even fewer could reach full general command rank. its safe to say Wei Yan rly good as warrior aside from commanding men, Ding Feng of Wu, who also impressively climbed rank from footsoldier to a full general. Wei Yan’s mentioned as full of merit despite his position, and probably… his biography also mentioned Wei Yan’s martial art skill as warrior.considering the implication of him largely serving as Liu Bei bodyguard, he maybe got a hand when assassinating certain enemy officers such as Yang Huai & Gao Pei… yes that’s right… Wei Yan highly possible also served as Liu Bei personal assassin.
By comparing above accomplishment with other similarly titled general Zhao Yun, Wei Yan far outweight him despite the former’s longer service. Zhao Yun deeds were impressive but never really game changing in such grand scale campaign, comparing to Wei Yan’s Yi campaign & Huang Zhong’s Hanzhong campaign
So regarding personal toughness, we won’t really know the measurement with Zhang Fei. Fei’s consistently attested by reports implying his personal might may be strongest men in Shu. So by this measure alone probably… just probably… Wei Yan’s personal might are slightly beneath Zhang Fei, but he’s almost certain tougher than Zhao Yun & Ma Chao (regarding Ma Chao we can talk about his strength other time)
Master of defense
As Liu Bei appoint Wei Yan as administrator of Hanzhong, this virtually give Wei Yan total control of newly acquired prefecture. To give simple picture, Hanzhong was an important region which consisted dozens of cities of settlement, The prestige to hold such position were attested when almost nominate Zhang Fei, one of oldest & trusted general of Liu Bei
Wei Yan borrowed the fortification concept which he known from “the book of change”. It described as numerous garrison placed in each settlements or cities around Hanzhong, Wei Yan were described really put certain efforts for years with this project, thus, turned Hanzhong to virtually impenetrable fortress
Now let me highlight of Wei Yan’s bulwark system
· The bulwarks which designed by Wei Yan came to use in future when used Wang Ping, to defend the province from massive invasion led by Cao Shuang.
· Later, Jiang Wei dismantled this Wei Yan system & implement own design… Jiang Wei's new defense were a SUCCESS… success to allow Zhong Hui penetrate the core of Hanzhong, costing Hanzhong, and the fall of Shu in the process
So here we can assess Wei Yan are master in defensive
Master of offense
Wei Yan's reasoning for his blitzkrieg plan through Ziwu Valley Plan that he judged Xiahou Mao would be easy for him to take around 10,000 soldiers across the Qin Mountains into Chang'an. Wei Yan estimated that he would reach Chang'an in ten days & scare Xiahou Mao, There, Wei Yan's force can wait for Zhuge Liang's main army to take the safer road of Xie Valley & rendezvous with him. In this way, the region west of Xianyang could be conquered in one movement. Yu Huan argued the possibility of Ziwu valley plans, although the plan of Wei Yan could have been worked since although Sima Yi certain to predict the plan, Xiahou Mao did not realize it.
Now let us explain the ingenuity of Wei Yan strategy
Many historical analyst criticize this plan & regards Zhuge Liang decision to not follow Wei Yan are correct. Now that was apparently untrue not the case, since it based on popular belief that Wei Yan urge to recklessly besiege Chang’an. However Chen Shou’s record rather implying Wei Yan strategy was simply bypass Chang’an and camp at Tongguan & intercepting any reinforcements came to assist Chang’an, while he allow the main army Zhuge Liang to besiege Chang’an without interference. this turn out soundsful strategy, especially if we compare with more pragmatic & slower strategy of Zhuge Liang, & the campaign royally screwed. even John Killigrew from New York University blasted Zhuge Liang capability as strategist for his repeated failures in 5x campaigns.
so… the history has attested that Wei Yan’s theorically superior to Zhuge Liang in strategy
Master of Long-range operation
Now this also one of rare ability… undergoing military operations within reach of supply routes are basic military strategy, that’s why logistic experts such as Xiahou Yuan highly valued… but being able to operate outside safe settlements, far from logistics, only top class generals can do… even for world history this is rare skill, which only possessed geniuses like Hannibal etc. meanwhile, in TK era I only recon the likes of Xu Huang or Deng Ai who can do such feats. And, Wei Yan demonstrably has done this feats..
Zhuge Liang once sent him behind enemy lines to Settling temporary with & inciting Qiang tribes support, while harassing Wei’s army from behind afar. In response, Wei sent Guo Huai & Fei Yao to confront Wei Yan.
Wei Yan crushed them.. He literally done the mission impossible by operating far from main army, but also defeat one of most talented Wei general. Yes, Guo Huai, maybe I’ll talk bout him other time but in short, Guo Huai, in my personal opinion are the “Georgy Zhukov of threekingdoms”.
Wei Yan shrine
Talking about difficulty during operation, I wanna brought a “shrine of Wei Yan” which erected in Zitong County, Sichuan. The tablets indicate the shrine were built by Sichuan locals in memorial of Wei Yan as it is said from folk legends Wei Yan stationed there during northern campaign, where Wei Yan’s army once suffered severe exhaustion & thirsty due to drought & hot climate in the area, until Wei Yan miraculously found a water source to feed his soldiers through “divine intervention” & “magical signs”.
This story obviously full of myth.
But if we pull the context to historical interpretation, the local veneration & the legend indicates the ability of Wei Yan to maintain his army’s health while also managed to secure support from locals during military operation
Defeating Zhang He & Guo Huai repeatedly
As we mention before Wei Yan led a long march battle & defeated Guo Huai and Fei Yao, which according to Li Shi, Qing dynasty minister, were occurred in recent days Wushan. Meanwhile, the closely related record mention there’s another operation mounted by Wei Yan & Wu Yi defeating Guo Huai(Again) in modern day Longxi county, which located several hundreds km north of Wushan county.
So yes, Wei Yan majored multiple victories against one of the Wei’s Guo Huai.
Then come Zhang He…. in the Battle of Mount Qi together with Gao Xiang & Wu Ban, in operation Wei Yan scored a major victory against Zhang He.
Thus came the general retreat by Zhuge Liang. Sima Yi commanded Zhang He to pursue the Shu Army. Unfortunately Zhang He fell ambush & killed here.. while there’s no exact record about the killer of Zhang He, it was probable Wei Yan, though we are not rly sure, as this just speculation as . Zhuge Liang usually trusted Wei Yan with such job as rear guard, though it still possible it is Wang Ping, another competent general in the era of Zhuge Liang invasion, since during the 4th invasion, its only Wei Yan & Wang Ping who really succeeded in their operations.
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2022.01.24 13:44 TashZA The whiskers on this guy!

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2022.01.24 13:44 PeterGriffin3336 Sentry mode and automatic recording

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2022.01.24 13:44 shutyourtimemouth Did Chinese people historically identify themselves as Chinese or as citizens of the ruling dynasty of the time?

Today, Chinese people call their country 中国 colloquially and 中华 more formally. And indeed, when Yuan Shikai tried to establish a new dynasty he didn’t choose a traditional dynastic name but just called it 中国帝国 - the Chinese Empire. This would seem to reflect a change to a more nationalistic understanding of the state.
And I do also understand that the Qing dynasty often used 中国 interchangeably with 清 in official documents and treaties and also used the Manchu translation of the term (middle state). But I’m interested in also what common people thought and what earlier dynasties did.
Would they call themselves 中国人 or 清人? it seems to me that since the dominant Chinese ethnicity is named after the Han dynasty, that the common people must have been calling themselves Han people predominately instead of Chinese. I also find a similar conclusion in that our word China, and many European words for it, come from the founding Qin dynasty’s name instead of being similar to the generic term for China of zhongguo.
And yet, the 华 in 中华, the more formal term for China, comes from the 华夏 pre-Chinese peoples, so it seems as if this is also a fairly ancient term.
So to summarize: colloquially speaking did Chinese people historically identify with the ruling dynasty or with China itself and how did these two different ways of categorizing oneself coexist and relate to each other? And how and when did this change throughout history to becoming just Chinese today?
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2022.01.24 13:44 jonnysteals Crawl space sump pump discharge

My mother lives in a beach community and gas a elevator. The elevator pit is cinderblock and is sunken into the ground 18 inches. We are having issues with ground and rain water entering the pit.
To prevent the ground water I had the back yard regraded and out in a 16 foot long drain right in front of the elevator door. I dug 130 feet if 4 inch PVC so this will drain to the street. This I tested with a hose and saw the water drain.
To counteract the ground water inside the crawlspace I am installing a sump pump directly next to the elevator. I will make the sump be below the floor if the elevator pit so that it should pick up the ground water before it enters the elevator pit.
My question is my drain for the sump pit. I can have it exit roughly 8 inches below ground and connect to the 4 inch storm drain. I am located in southern nj so it does get below freezing. Should I go this or should I have the pump discharge above ground with one of those freeze protectors like I linked below. What is the best solution? I visually know I rather not see it at all but what is the best long term solution.
Thanks alot
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