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Anyone in Jersey City?

Failed to fetch Created with sketchtool. ... Created with sketchtool. ?FARMINGTON, N.M. - Farmington Municipal Schools (FMS) announces that the site of the former Tibbetts Middle School has been donated to the City of Farmington. MapGeo ... by . by Typical retail customers in city of Charleston to see annual $0.15 daily increase for combined water and sewer service. Read on... A world-class fashion and dining destination in the heart of Salt Lake City, offering over 100 stores and restaurants in a casual, pedestrian-friendly shopping environment.

2022.01.24 14:39 TheOtherGuy9603 Anyone in Jersey City?

I'm new to the area and there's def a ton of desis around but idk anyone here
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2022.01.24 14:39 CabgTV 🚀WEBSITE IS LIVE🚀 Giveaway in discord!🎁🎉

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2022.01.24 14:39 Oigermcboiver She broke NC almost a year later

Hey everyone.. Over the past year I’ve jumped back and fourth from this subreddit hoping to not only have help with my own situation, but to help others in their time of need as well.
My ex decided to finally reach out to me again and just when I thought I was kind of getting a grip on that, I felt my emotions just flowing back to this unsafe and hurt place.
Her mother is ill with cancer and she told me I was the first person she thought of and where her heart goes to. We broke up on a weird painful but okay note but I found out she had been seeing a guy after still trying to hold onto me after our initial breakup.
That broke my heart the most, but when I tried to get an explanation she just never responded. So I carried that burden knowing I would never get my peace and create my own.
I wanted to ask you all your thoughts on this. Because what I think is that she only reached out because she’s hurting and she knew she could get some sort of validation out of me. I wanted to get my peace but she just wanted to push past the heavy conversation and go straight to being comforted and reminisce our relationship.
If she was willing to let me have my peace and express my pain I would have been more than happy to help her.
TLDR: Ex reaches out after almost a year because her mom is ill and sought after me for comfort.
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2022.01.24 14:39 mozanzero Got PR approved but still no portal

My wife and I applied for Inland sponsorship last May 2021. She just got her PR portal instructions and replied accordingly. But she keeps getting sent the same instructions pdf (3rd time now) and no account credentials. Is this normal and are we doing something wrong? We're stumped on what to do. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.24 14:39 ToonFiFa F10 530d Recovery

I need to have my car recovered to a garage however the battery has gone and 1. It's stuck in Park and 2. The automatic handbrake is stuck on also.
Is there anyway to get by these two issues manually to allow the car to be recovered?
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2022.01.24 14:39 97th_Guy Worldlink 150 Mbps

I had recently had a year subscription of 60 mbps package on Dashain, 3-4 months back. There was an offer back then where i got everything on 20k including 5G routers and all. And all of you already know that the brandwidth of all the worldlink users had increased. The users who had 30 or 40 Mbps increases to 150 Mbps, and 60 mbps to 225 Mbps and similarly that of 80 and 100 Mbps increased to 300 Mbps. And since my previous bandwidth was 60 mbps it should have increased to 225 mbps but its increased to 150 mbps only. And when I contacted worldlink, they said it depends on the price you paid not the bandwidth you have. I dont like the fact that I subscribe for 60 mbps and was lastly treated as if I paid for 40 mbps only. Is it only me or there are someone who faced this as well?
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2022.01.24 14:39 borderlineincel-temp I'm a heterosexual male, almost 38, have only had two partners/girlfriends, and am feeling a bit resentful/bitter/jealous that I missed out on an important part of my sex/life experience in my 20s - VENTING and possible SENSITIVE TOPIC due to proximity to Incel culture

Hi everyone, so to be clear, this is mostly a venting post, and what information can be gleaned from here will probably mostly be useful to a heterosexual male, and may be of interest to women who want to "peek behind the curtain" of why a lot of men are so frustrated with the modern dating environment.
I have been processing these negative emotions of resent and jealousy around sexual FOMO for a while and have talked to my partner about them (so she is aware of these feelings that I am dealing with), but feel a bit of a need to vent/rant. I am also planning to talk to the counsellor that I've recently connected with about these feelings as well, but am posting here so that it people can to add their thoughts/ideas below if they feel the need to.
To those who are offended by this sort of thing, this may creep a bit close to "incel" territory, so read on at your own discretion. Also, I'm aware that I may be older and experienced in some ways than most of the people here who (from what I can tell) tend to be teenagers/in their 20s, but in terms of relationship/sexual experience, I might fit in.
Anyway, on with the massive wall of text/rant/vent.
TLDR (until "my context"): While I am happy in my current relationship (two years strong in a few weeks) and don't want to end it, I sometimes find myself feeling a bit angry/resentful that I didn't have the opportunity to explore my sexuality in the same way women with the same issues/background as me did or do. These feelings often come up when my partner refers to her casual past encounters (I am still processing and deciding whether I need to ask her to stop talking about this particular subject). Thankfully she and I have talked about the feelings I have/experience, and she understands why I feel the way I feel (she was shocked to find out that I had only had one previous partner before her when I told her this after we first got sexually intimate).
Also, I acknowledge that it's not a case of the grass being greener as I know women (assuming heterosexual relationships) have their own problems when it comes to men and dating (greater risk of physical/emotional/sexual violence, STDs, etc). However, the thing that usually causes me to feel this way is that despite all the problems she (and many other women I know who are similar to her) had/have (poor self esteem, lack of trust due to her first boyfriend cheating on her, etc), she (and some of the other women I've talked to) could at least get SOME of hetheir needs met through hook ups (from making out to one night stands at clubs and through dating apps) and short term relationships. She has told me that while she had a few negative experiences, many were positive. As a guy with poor self esteem, shyness etc, and what I judge to be average looks, in no world can I imagine it being so easy to get this part of my needs addressed.
Despite my ex and current partner describing me as a "a good looking guy" (I would say I am average looking to most people, and maybe above average to a few) and despite my best efforts (self-improvement mentally, physically and emotionally), getting mostly ignored on dating apps, rarely getting past a second date from an online match, trying my luck at clubs (even though I hated them), I was unable to achieve any kind of physical intimacy with a woman until I was 32 (and even then, it was somewhat by chance). After my first relationship, I went through almost four years of little to no physical/sexual contact (upon hearing this, my current partner said she would struggle to go four months, let alone four years without sex).
Which brings me to my current dilemma: I feel resentful/jealous whenever the subject of her casual partners comes up, not because she had them, but because I suffered so much to try and get my needs met, while she could at least get some sort of physical satisfaction, and even some emotional validation, from her casual partners. (This is of course why I warned people this post is "incel"ish, because I feel that this would resonate with many men, particularly in this sub.)
Possible paths into the future: Anyway, moving forward, even if I were to ask my current partner for us to go on a break so I could fool around a bit and get this out of my system (she has told me she has thought about it), I doubt it would solve anything as I am simply not good looking enough to attract women sexually without putting in days/weeks of effort for dates, and the few "chances" I've had at one night stands were just that: chances. My partner is very open about the fact that whenever she had sexual needs she could find a male friend or just go to a club and she could at least get laid (even if it wasn't always good). Also, there's the fact that I don't like the idea of hooking up with (essentially) strangers, and last time I checked (pre-relationship) none of my female friends were interested in fooling around.
All that being said, I know I have choices (which is why this is more of a venting post than anything else). I could:

In order to get a better idea of why I feel this way, feel free to check out my past and dating experience below:

My context (important for guys who have struggled in love/sex/romance, and might be enlightening for regular girls to see what regular guys with some issues have to go through): I was a very shy child/teenageyoung man due to the fact that I came from a home with domestic violence/abuse issues. I was also quite small and skinny, which meant I was often picked on at the all boys school I went to. Also, having gone to a single sex school for pretty much my entire life, and due to the fact that I grew up in an unsafe working class area, meant my first contact with girls my own age outside my family was in my mid/late teens, and it wasn't often enough for me to gather up the courage to try and talk to them.
End result, I hit university at age 17 and was completely out of my depth socially when it came to the opposite sex. It took me several years of part-time jobs and a significant chunk of my university career to build up the courage to talk to women. Even then, when I had a "gut feeling" a woman was interested in me, I would often panic and shut down. Even in my early 20s, my "flight mode" would engage when I had a suspicion consciously/subconsciously that someone was interested in me. It was only in my mid to late 20s that I started to be able to date reasonably comfortably, but I was still learning and rarely did my dates go beyond a second date, and they never ever got physical.
Even when I got more confident and experienced, I often found women confusing as they rarely (not never) communicated what they actually wanted (I understand that some of this is due to the rules imposed on women and their sexuality in society but this was not always the case). I have talked to my sisteex/current partnefemale friends about this, and they all agree that it's rare for women in my country to be direct about what they want from a partnerelationship. Some of them grow past this, but many do not, regardless of their age and experience.
Here are a couple of examples of situations that confused the hell out of me during my dating career, and I feel are important to share so that guys can see they are not alone in this, and that some of the women here can be a bit more sympathetic towards dating and sexual relationships from the perspective of a guy:
Confusing scenario #1
I met a girl at a street/food festival through some mutual friends. She arrived with her friends, but was later joined by the guy she was dating. He left a bit later and while all of us are talking, I find out this girl lives just down the street from me. She asks for my number and we exchange information. A week later she hits me up and asks me if I want to hang out and join her for drinks at the local barestaurant. I figure that this is just a friends situation since she is seeing someone.
As the evening progresses, she steers the conversation towards sexual subjects (I distinctly remember her asking me if I'd ever had a threesome, but I was a bit oblivious and didn't read much into it). After we're done with drinks she asks what I'm doing and said I had no plans. She asks if she can come back to my place and we can watch a movie or whatever.
Now at this point, all I know is she's seeing someone, so I assume this is a friend asking for company because they're lonely. We get to my place, I fire up Shaun of the Dead and she ends up sitting (in my mind) uncomfortably close to me for someone who is dating someone else. She doesn't end up watching much of the movie because its a bit too much blood for her, but is pretty much glued to my side texting a friend.
I drop her home after the movie and we both mention we had a good time, however, any attempts to hang out again "never work out" from her side. Needless to say I found this whole situation strange, because she knew I had met her partner a week ago, and she failed to make any mention of the fact that she was now single/available.
I told this story to some of my friends (both male and female, but unfortunately I couldn't get in touch with our mutual friend at the time to ask her if her friend was single) and the general consensus was she wanted me to make a move. Even if she was dating someone, she was likely looking for a new partner before breaking up with the guy she was or might be currently seeing. I later discover this is more commonly referred to as monkey branch theory, and even though they hated to admit it at the time, at least two girls I was friends with admitted to basically trying to line up another partner before they had officially ended things with their current one.
Confusing scenario #2
I started chatting to this girl online. We had met through an online community we were both a part of. This was about 15 years ago, so very unusual at the time. We chatted online, connected on Facebook (I also discovered she was VERY, VERY good looking and also a bit taller than me) and after a while she gave me her number. We started texting and the vibe was great. She often complimented me on how I made her laugh and how she really enjoyed our conversations. One day I asked her if she wanted to meet up. She said yes and we met at a coffee shop near her house. She admitted she was nervous as hell but I told her I felt the same way and that seemed to break the ice. We had a great time and she said it would be cool to hang out again.
We met casually a couple of more times, and then one day she asked me if I wanted to join her at her place for a drink or two and a movie. When I get there she asks if I have a plan to get home that night since I don't have a car. I tell her I have a lift coming by after he's done with his friends at a bar nearby. She makes us a few drinks, we grab our snacks and sit down on the couch. There's also a largish footstool between us and the tv, so I kick up my feet and relax.
As the movie progresses, I notice she puts her feet up on the stool as well. As time passes, she eventually shuffles over a bit, uses her leg to lift one of mine, and we basically end up with our legs intertwined.
So at this point even my dense ass is figuring this girl wants me to make a move. The movie ends and we're chatting and I straight up ask her:
Me: What do you think of me?
Her: What do you mean?
Me: I can tell you like me, but is it as a friend, or something more?
She pauses, smiles a cheeky smile and goes:
Her: Oh, just as a friend.
Now I can only say that there was an internal voice that immediately screamed to me "bullshit!".
Her: Does that disappoint you?
In that moment, I honestly couldn't care. It didn't feel like a rejection so I just shrugged and we kept on chatting. As the night went on, we ended up sitting on the couch cross legged facing each other, our legs touching. As we talked she eventually reached out and held my hands.
So it's when she does this I'm confused as hell. This girl has just told me she doesn't think of me sexually/romantically, but I'm getting crazy sexy vibes from her and she seems to be trying to move things forward with me. I obviously have been verbally told that this is purely a platonic thing, even though there are a myriad of other signs saying otherwise, so I leave when my lift arrives an hour or so later.
Again, I run this by my other friends to figure out what the hell is going on. There are two opinions: either she wasn't looking for something serious and was hoping I'd make a move and keep it casual, or she was just teasing me since some girls get a kick out of doing that. Unfortunately for me, she hooks up with another guy a couple of weeks later, so I guess I missed that boat (one of many in my past it seems).
We stayed friends and years later I discover she had a fantasy about me and her current boyfriend and possibly her, so make of that what you will.
Confusing scenario #3 (but it ended in a medium term relationship)
So at 31, I still hadn't held a girl's hand romantically (officially), had never been kissed, and of course, was still a virgin. I was still "wasting my time" on online dating apps since I felt I had exhausted all other options (not meeting anyone IRL, and none of my friends were interested in FWBs). Thankfully I went to a friend's birthday and bumped into the sister of another friend there, who glued herself to me for the whole evening. She was stunning, and I still couldn't believe this such a beautiful woman could be interested in me.
As the evening went on, during the few moments we weren't together, I had three different people walk over me to let me know "Hey, in case you haven't noticed, that girl likes you". My friends/family knew I could be dense, so this was them making sure I did something about it. I had a great time talking to her, and she asked me if I was going to tag along with everyone else to the next venue (I couldn't because of work). I told her I couldn't and explained why, but that I had a great time and would like to spend more time with her, so I asked her if she'd like to hang out together some time. She said yes. I left that restaurant feeling absolutely ecstatic.
However, after that night, I spent a month trying to arrange an official date with this girl. I asked her out once a week, and every time she agreed, only to come up with some excuse as to why she couldn't make it at the last minute. I vented to my friends who had been with me at the restaurant, and most sympathised, as they could see I was happy spending time with her.
By the last time I got turned down, I was confused, angry and just gave up. At this point I just made peace with the fact that I would never understand women and the next time I had a "sure thing" I would just have to make sure I could get her home and into my bed, and that I would figure out the rest later. Not long after my last attempt, a friend of mine who knew this girl and her family just said "you probably don't want to date her anyway", and when I asked him why he said he didn't want to say more than that.
I bumped into her again at a house party/barbeque at her place, and I just played it cool and had a good time talking to my friends and her. Eventually everyone else migrated inside to watch a movie, and I was busy enjoying the warmth of the fire. Much to my surprise she stayed by my side and we got to talking. She never directly addressed things, but we started talking about relationships. We were having a fairly heavy discussion, but I felt she was being vulnerable with me. I also liked this girl enough to try again, and during our chat she said:
Her: You know, relationships can hurt. They can be very risky.
Me: I know, but would you like to take a chance with me?
She smiled, said yes, and I knew she meant it this time. We ended up having our first date at her house with her mother keeping an eye on us from the kitchen. Her father was also in the TV room. Her mother joined us for a bit, and she realised I wasn't there to mess her daughter around. We were given privacy and allowed to go to her room. Without getting into the details, let's just say our relationship went from there.
We lasted less than a year, as I discovered why my one friend had said it might not be such a good idea for her and I to date, and why she had turned me down so many times. She had been hurt by many people, including her ex, her friends, and even her family (it's complicated). I tried to help her, but in the end her pain was too much for me to bear. Even innocent questions or things I did would sometimes trigger her, causing her to shut me out and ignore me for days. Eventually, I had managed to get her to the point where she would go back to her therapist, and I left... I never stopped caring about her (even my current partner knows I hold no ill will towards my first girlfriend despite our relationship struggles, and that I wish she finds happiness), but I was not able to deal with her trauma.
Confusing scenario #4 (but it ended in my current LTR)
At this point I am 35, and it's been almost four years since I broke up with my first partner. Since then I kissed two girls (one who I met through online dating), but found myself stuck alone again. I again found myself having to use dating apps, and was having to put in enormous amounts of effort into getting first dates with girls I was interested in, and again, rarely ever got a second date. I knew at this point I wasn't completely clueless socially, as I had a lot of friends, both male and female. I could look back at many of my encounters with women and recognized I was either too shy or too oblivious to see that they were interested. I was considered attractive by enough women that I knew I had to stick it out (this was after at least two of my friends have given up entirely on dating, despite being good guys with good jobs/values and decent looks themselves).
As always, I messaged a number of girls who I found interesting/attractive on online apps/sites, and got very few replies. However, one girl and I seemed to hit it off pretty well. We were messaging each other every day, and it wasn't long before we exchanged information. We continued to text each other, and I knew I could ask her out. So I did, and while she couldn't meet me on the suggested Saturday night, she suggested we do something around midday. Even though I know girls are more "down" for sexual things at night, I was more than happy to meet this girl to see what her vibe was in person.
Now at this point I basically am screening women I am interested in dating pretty hard, even though it limits my dating pool and, as one female friend of mine told me, if I was a little bit more "open" I could have a bit more fun. But I still thought I needed to do things that worked for me, so I get deal breakers out of the way early (I don't want to have my own kids, and marriage is a bit of a question mark for me because of my parent's messed up relationship).
As part of this, one of the things I did is offer the low-ball date of coffee/ice cream. At this point if I can't talk to a girl for an hour and enjoy her company, I'm not interested in taking things any further. Also, low cost dates help filter out the girls who are only interested in free booze/meals. Unfortunately the lady I am chatting to doesn't like coffee, and she's vegan and I didn't know any nearby vegan ice cream shops (they weren't that common at the time).
But I liked her enough to break my own rules once, so I offer to take her to a nice Indian place that does vegan food. We meet, we eat, and we chat for almost four hours. I let her know about all my deal breakers, she let's me know about hers and we're on the same page. Long story short, it was great. She was also super excited to meet up again. Again, I'm amped! A girl who feels the same way about me! I message her when I get home and let her know that I would love to see her again next week. She's says she would love to. Sweet!
Fast forward one week, and it's like trying to get water out of a stone. She's suddenly incredibly busy. Still, I play it cool and let her know I'll get in touch with her for the following week. Again, same story. Three weeks later, same deal. One month later, she finally agrees to a second date. I knew something had happened, but I didn't overthink it.
We go to the local botanical gardens for our second date, and we both have a good time, but I feel there's something going on. Despite my attempts to move things forward, it feels like a barrier between us. She says she's keen to hang out when we part ways. I get home and there's a text from her. She apologises and lets me know that she had started seeing someone else since our first date but she would still like to be friends. She wanted to tell me in person but she didn't have the courage to bring it up.
Ah, the friend zone. I've been there before, but now I am wise enough to know how to deal with this. I'm upset, but I keep my cool. I tell her that my feelings for her aren't platonic, that I think she's cute AF, and that I like her too much to ever be just her friend. I let her know if we do hang out, it's not just going to be as friends from my side. We chat a bit and make some possible plans to hang out but timing doesn't work out. I stop messaging because I'm looking for a girlfriend, not just another girl I am pining after.
A few months pass and I'm swiping on Tinder, still a bit sore from getting rejected yet again, when who should pitch up? Yes, vegan girl! I swipe right on her and we match! I message her and she replies, and she seems excited to chat. I tell her I still have her info and if she has mine we can continue this chat on Whatsapp. I don't hear from her for about a day, and when I log on she's gone from Tinder. I didn't send her a dick pic, didn't say anything rude, nothing. Just ghosted.
Again, I step back, breath and go "if this girl likes me she knows how to get in touch".
A few more weeks pass and I notice I am suddenly added to a birthday group. It's vegan girls' birthday! I'm a little annoyed but I don't know the whole story so I see what the deal is. She's hosting a birthday party and I'm invited. Unfortunately, it clashes with a regular club that I run, so I can't even bail on it. I let her know this, and she says that she was keen to see me.
Again, I've been burnt way too many times by this person to go chasing after them, so I told her I was also keen to see her and she should let me know if she wants to hang out. Much to my surprise she asks me about the club I run and when/where we meet. A week later I'm sitting in the coffee shop with my friends where we host the club, and she walks through the door. Again, I play it cool. I have a great time with my friends and chatting to her on/off. I told her it was nice to see her and that we should hang out sometime, but again, I leave the ball in her court. I'm not chasing.
The following Saturday evening I'm chilling at home gaming when she messages me and asks me what I'm up to, if I still think she's cute and what my thoughts are on FWB/poly stuff. Let her know that I'm relaxing and just playing games. I tell her yes, I still think she's cute/sexy AF, and while I have not done either, I'm down to try. She lets me know she wants to come over for some FWB vibes tonight.
I am completely out of my depth, but I say sure, that I just need to confirm that I have the flat/apartment mostly to myself, and that she can come by around 8. She arrives, I clarify if there are any ground rules, and she says she'll let me know if I need to do/not do anything.
Despite her initial request that we keep this purely casual, less than three weeks later she's asking if I can be her boyfriend. Ofc, I say yes. And as I said earlier, almost two years coming up soon.
While things were/are good, she did unpack why it took so long for me to get a second date (although she never explained exactly why she ghosted me after we reconnected on Tinder). Turns out that she went on another date with another guy after our first date, and even through she liked me more, he just pulled her in after their date and kissed her out of the blue. He pushed things and got her worked up enough that I was put in second place.
Her decision to ditch me in favour of another guy was simply because another guy had basically sexually assaulted her (ofc she had some level of attraction to him, but she recognises that if wasn't attracted to him it would have been sexual assault). She admitted that every part of her knew I was the better choice, but because the other guy had kissed her first, she just went with the flow. (I later flat out told her "This is why girls are so confusing" to which she replied she would struggle to date women too, particularly after hearing what I'd been through just to try and get a decent steady girlfriend).
Anyway, she later discovered he was a drug addict, and she still stuck around, but he broke up with her so he could get clean and not have to worry about anyone else while doing so (so he wasn't a terrible person at least). She said she took a few months to get over the rejection, and then she was still working some stuff out and only felt ready enough to reach out to me six months after we initially started talking (again, she never did mention why she ghosted me a second time on Tinder).
So in conclusion: guys, dating can be extremely difficult, letting alone convincing a girl to sleep with you (unless you are a hottie), and ladies, I hope you can understand a bit better why so many young men are so angry about how difficult dating is, even if as a guy, you're "doing everything right".
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I think reigns vs lesnar most probably
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Craving some lentil soup, used to get it Aladdin's once in a while, but they are now gone. Anywhere in town to get a good cup of vegetarian lentil soup?
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2022.01.24 14:39 mattcnda Question regarding wire transfer when *maybe* selling one share on the way down during MOASS

So my smooth brain has never dealt with wire transfers and regarding GME in CS, you can request your payment as a physical cheque or a wire transfer. I have a US account with my Canadian bank and was going to use that to purchase more shares on CS directly.
My question basically is, should I send that wire transfer to my Canadian checking account or my US checking account (same bank) or does it not really matter at all?
BUY the DIP and DRS
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Aoa. I wanted to sponsor a well/water pump in the name of a relative that recently passed. I saw that the organization also offers planting trees etc but they don't have anything to indicate names. I want to give sadqah on behalf of other family members but wasn't sure if it needs to be like something official?
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If so..... WHY?
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2022.01.24 14:39 miutheann If Mitsuru had a daughter and she turned out deformed or hideous looking, what should Mitsuru do?

Included a incorrect & stupid differing option just so people don't accuse me of be partial or echo-chambered
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2022.01.24 14:39 Atlasita_Shrugged Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel, Que Tun Tarantino (Kindle, $3.99)

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2022.01.24 14:39 Amyames42 I'm not sure where to start

Hi, I'm very mentally ill and physically too (but second is not diagnoses as doctors don't take me seriously) and in debt. I'm struggling trying to get my life together because you need funds to get better, like I have a friend thats offered to go gym with me as she can bring someone along four times a month, but I can't because I have no "non broken" shoes, I can't afford to get a pair of cheap trainers either, I can't even afford a £2 bus ticket to go to town to see friends which also hinders social life. I struggle living alone and being alone and I hate it, I'm v suicidal and I'm trying my hardest to not start of this year how I started last year (was in hospital after day 5), but this year a lot more is wrong so it's very difficult. I'm trying to do steps to get better, like my living space I've been at rock bottom for over a year and my flat shows it, if it wasn't for that gym friend coming round the other day just for an hour to work on a corner of one room, I wouldn't be able to even think about starting. I want to carry on I want to clean but I can't explain it I just can't. I want to go out and start walking more often just round the block as it has helped in the past but again I can't because I can't afford shoes, I have one pair of shoes that are broken but I have to put up with it flapping about if I want to go anywhere outside my flat, which isn't very often. I've only gone out a handful of times since being back home from looking after family. I'm really struggling and I shouldn't be living alone and I don't know what to do. It's gotten to the point I'm seeking sugar relationships again meaning I have to basically stop being ME, I've just managed to tell my doctor how I've never felt like my gender, and it's going to be a long hard road but it's going to be even longer because I have to restart every time I need to go on sites to just make a couple of quid in order to get food for my flat. It's my birthday this week and at the start of the month I said I would actually care about this one because I need just one day out of the year where I'm not looking after anyone I'm not thinking bad things I just wanted one day I could have fun and "get loose" basically but that isn't happening now. I don't know how to have a life "organically" and I hate the steps I have to take in order to try and start. I'm constantly masking and it's so painful, it's now gotten to the point when I'm home away from anyone I'm still masking and it's hard to feel my emotions on a normal level. I need help and I don't know what to do because every "help" or "mental health" service around is bullshit. Someone please tell me what to do
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2022.01.24 14:39 jahajaaaa Is there any nightclubs open? Are ppl going out?

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2022.01.24 14:39 SuperFishBox Buying wild cat code paypal (I’m not paying first)

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