Kyle Allen and Sam Darnold Watched the Playoff Games Together

Scott Pianowski and Frank Schwab put their heads together amidst an ongoing COVID outbreak in the NFL to try and preview the Week 17 games from a betting perspective. As per usual, they get off ... Looks like Uran Meyer was he only thing holding the jags together. Pats showing no mercy. And people want to sell their soul on here for Trevor Lawrence. Tyler Huntley might be better than Lamar right now. Bengals showing much character vs kc. JaMar Chase and Burrow are just being monsters. No USC fan wants to recall the disastrous 2012 Sun Bowl or the humiliating 1992 Freedom Bowl. We present the best USC bowl memories of a 56-year period from the 1962 season through 2017, connecting the Trojans’ most recent triumph under Sam Darnold in the Rose Bowl against Penn State to their storied games under program icon John McKay. Allen has started 58 games. Here's the list of QBs of threw for 100+ TDs in their first 58 starts vs. 4 seasons:. Dan Marino -- 142. Patrick Mahomes -- 139. Aaron Rodgers -- 119 -- not on the 4 season list. Tony Romo -- 108 -- not on the 4 season list Allen is friends with Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold and Washington Football Team quarterback Kyle Allen (no relation); the trio often trains together in the offseason. [157] [158] He is an avid listener of adult standards and oldies music, which he says keeps him calm before games. Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule talks with quarterback Sam Darnold during the first half of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Dec. 26, 2021, in Charlotte, N.C. PANTHERS PLAYER TO WATCH: QB Sam Darnold threw for 305 yards and two touchdowns with a QB rating of 99.1 in the last meeting in Week 2. Darnold missed five games with a shoulder injury but ... Josh Allen 's status is the ... the best non-playoff matchup features star power on both sides and teams motivated to show they should have been in the playoff. USC QB Sam Darnold ... Things came ... Cincinnati hasn't won a playoff game since the 1990 season. ... Cincinnati routed the Steelers 41-10 after Thanksgiving only to drop back-to-back games to the Chargers and 49ers in early December ... How the Eagles navigated 2 games in 6 days, showed their ‘grit’ and came out the other side a playoff team December 26, 2021 at 10:02 PM EST Five takeaways from the Raiders' win Sunday

2022.01.24 13:34 Mason-powell Kyle Allen and Sam Darnold Watched the Playoff Games Together

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2022.01.24 13:34 Bliss266 Yo ho ho and a bottle of ______

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2022.01.24 13:34 elisabth11 How to react

Okay, so I had a panic attack for the first time kahapon tapos knwento ko siya sa bf ko pero hindi full story. Then now, gusto ko siya iopen up uli dahil may naalala akong details tapos nung tinanong ko siya ng "Naalala mo yung kwento ko nung nagka panic attack ako?" Sabi niya "Hindi eh". Hahaha di ko alam if ano mafefeel ko baka OA lang ako na hindi ko nagustuhan yun. Ayoko na bigla pag usapan pero na feel niya ata na medyo di ko nagustuhan and ayoko na rin i-open up.
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2022.01.24 13:34 WeirdAd5850 Need help on repair power bank screw accidentally stripped .

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2022.01.24 13:34 Strider755 What are some examples of fraud ruining things for everyone else?

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2022.01.24 13:34 SirCheeseAlot There is a cptsd freeze subreddit. Some of you may get some use from it, since we talk about dissociation a lot.

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2022.01.24 13:34 Ok_Fun_1974 What female or male character tropes/cliches irritate you the most?

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2022.01.24 13:34 Im_AGamerHasNoName pedophilia in hinduism

Manu Smriti 9.94 A man, aged thirty years, shall marry a maiden of twelve who pleases him, or a man of twenty-four a girl eight years of age; if (the performance of) his duties would (otherwise) be impeded, (he must marry) sooner.
Manu Smriti 9.88 To a distinguished, handsome suitor (of) equal (caste) should (a father) give his daughter in accordance with the prescribed rule, though she have not attained (the proper age).
Parasara Smriti 7.5-6 When the twelfth year is reached by the female child, if the guardian does not give her away in marriage, her fore-fathers drink, without interruption, during each succeeding month, whatever blood is passed in her courses. The mother, and the father, and likewise the eldest brother, all these three relatives will go to hell, if before menstruation they neglect to marry the girl.
Swami Prabhupada said, “All my sisters were married within twelve years. My second sister, she became twelve years, and I heard my mother become so disturbed: “Oh, this girl is not being married. I shall commit suicide…And she was given to a boy, my brother-in-law, for the second marriage. Means that my brother-in-law lost his first wife, and still, he was twenty-one years old. My sister was twelve years old and brother-in-law was twenty-one. In the sastra… I do not know exactly what is that sastra, but they say that if the girl before marriage has menstruation, then the father has to eat that menstrual liquid. Means it is, mean, very strict. And if the father is not living, then the elder brother has to eat. (break) …ty of getting the girl married rests on the father. In the absence of the father, the eldest brother. The girl must be married. That is it. It is called daya, kanya-daya.”
Yama Samhita verse 22 “The father, who does give away [in marriage] his maiden-daughter after she has attained the twelfth year, drinks her menstrual blood, month after month.” Tr. Manmatha Nath Dutt
Padma Prana VI.118.2-15 “…A man should marry his daughter as long as she has not attained puberty. Wise men recommend a girl’s marriage when she is eight years old…” Tr. N.A. Deshpande
Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna Janma Khanda 76.43-52 “…Whoever having decorated his virgin daughter aged eight years with apparel reverentially makes a gift of her to a good Brahmin, reaps the benefits of the gift of Durga.” Tr. Rajendra Nath Sen
Samvarta Samhita verses 66-68 “[A maiden] eight years [old] becomes Gouri; one of nine years a Rohini; and of ten years, a Kanya (maiden); and after that, a Rajasvala (a woman in menses). By seeing a maiden in menses, her mother, father and eldest brother these three go to hell. Therefore one should espouse a maiden before she has menstruated; the marriage of an eight years old maiden is most preferrable.” Tr. Manmatha Nath Dutt
Vishnu Smriti 24.41. A damsel whose menses begin to appear (while she is living) at her father’s house, before she has been betrothed to a man, has to be considered as a degraded woman: by taking her (without the consent of her kinsmen) a man commits no wrong.
Gautama Dharmashastra 18.21 A girl should be given in marriage before (she attains the age of) puberty.
Baudhayana Dharmashastra, Prasna 4, Adhyaya 1.11 Let him give his daughter, while she still goes naked, to a man who has not broken the vow of chastity and who possesses good qualities, or even to one destitute of good qualities; let him not keep (the maiden) in (his house) after she has reached the age of puberty”
Vasishtha Dharmashastra 17.70 ‘Out of fear of the appearance of the menses let the father marry his daughter while she still runs about naked. For if she stays (in the house) after the age of puberty, sin falls on the father”
Mahabharata13.44.13 “A person of thirty years of age should wed a girl of ten years of age called a Nagnika. Or, a person of one and twenty years of age should wed a girl of seven years of age.” Tr. K.M. Ganguli
Vishnu Purana 3.10.16 “If he marry, he must select a maiden who is of a third of his age.” Tr. H.H. Wilson
Padma Purana II.85.62-66a ”…Wise men get married their unmarried daughter(s). As long as she does not menstruate (i.e. does not attain puberty)…”
Padma Purana II.47.47-65 “…The father should keep his daughter in his house till she becomes eight years old. He should not keep a strong (i.e. grown up) one. Both the parents get the (fruit of the) sin which a daughter, living in her father’s house, commits…”
Garuda Purana chapter 95 “…”The relations of a girl incur the sin of wilfully creating a miscarriage, or of killing a foetus in the even of their failing to give her away in marriage before she has commenced to menstruate. A girl is liberty to make her own choice, and to be united with a husband, in the absence of any such relation to give her away in marriage…” Tr. M.N. Dutt
Brahmanda Purana “Many sons should be sought so that at least one would go to Gaya, one shall marry a girl of the Gauri type (i.e. of eight years or one who is a virgin) or one shall discharge a Nala (? lean like a red) bull.” Tr. G.V. Tagare
Vayu Purana 21.12 “…It is better to wish for many sons. At least one of them will go to Gaya or marry a girl eight years old or discharge a blue ox (free to wander).’ [15] Brhaspati said: A son begot after marrying after marrying a girl of eight years sanctifies twentyone generations. Moreover, he sanctifies six generations in the family of his maternal uncle. This is remembered as the benefit (of such marriage).” Tr. G.V. Tagare
Kisari Mohan Ganguli writes,
“Vrishalipati literally means the husband of a Sudra woman. By actually marrying a woman of the lowest order, by marrying before the elder brother, by marrying a girl that has attained to puberty, and by certain other acts, a Brahmana comes to be regarded as a Vrishalipati.” On Mahabharata 13.126
Vyasa Samhita 2.2-4 “…of auspicious signs, clad in silken garments, and not above eight years of age, and whose paternal ancestors to the tenth degree in the ascending line were all men of renown, should be solemnly wedded by a (twice-born) according to religious rites, if preferred in marriage. [7] The sin incidental to (an act of) procuring abortion (lie: destruction of the foetus) is committed, if through the negligence of her giver a girl menstruates before her marriage. He, who does not give away a daughter in marriage before she attains puberty, becomes degraded.” Tr. Manmatha Nath Dutt
Skanda Purana VII.I.205.80-86 “If a girl, before being consecrated by marriage rites, has her menses in the house of her father, her Pitrs become fallen and that girl is called Vrsali. If a Brahmana knowingly marries that girl, they say, he is not fit for a Sraddha. He cannot be in the same row as others. He is a Vrsalipati. Gauri virgin is the best and most important. Rohini is considered as Madhyama (middling). Rajasvala should be known as the bases though equal to her (Rohini) image. When there is no menstrual flow, she is Gauri. When there is the flow she is Rohini. If the girlhood has not fully developed she is Kanya. One without breasts is Nagnika. A seven year old girl is Gauri; nine year old is Nagnika. Ten year old shall be Kanya; above that she is Rajasvala. Through breasts she spoils the family of her father and through menstrual flow, she spoils the desirable goal (salvation) and pleasures of the other worlds of her father. He who marries one with menstrual flow should be known as Vrsalipati.”
Devi Bhagavatam 9.41.26-47 “The World-Mother never stays even for a moment in his house who eats at the house of one who marries an unmarried girl twelve years old in whom menstruation has commenced…”
Above two verses considers the man sinful who marries a girl who started her menstruation in her father’s house which means a person should marry a girl who has not yet started her menstrual period.
Proof that girls as young as 10 were married off
Devi Bhagavatam 3.27.40 “My daughter has come to a marriageable age; I have no money. Her age has exceeded ten years; the marriageable age limit has been exceeded. Alas! What am I to do?” Tr. Swami Vijnananda
Radha the concubine and aunt of Krishna was married to Rayana at the age of 12,
Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 49, Verses 36-40 “In the Varaha-kalpa, Radhika was born in the village of Gokula in the family of a Vaisya cowherd. She was born without any human contact…After the expiry of twelve years, finding her becoming youthful, she was married to a trader named Rayana…”
Devi Bhagavatam 5.17.3-26 “The King Chandrasena, the father, was very pleased to have this beautiful daughter and gladly called her by the name of Mandodarî. This daughter began to grow daily like the phases of the Moon. When she grew ten years old, she became very handsome. The King now became anxious to have a suitable bridegroom and used to think of it everyday. The Brâhmins then told the king that there was a prince named Kambugrîva, the intelligent son of the powerful king Sudhanvâ of Madra”
Skanda Purana III.iii.18.4-6 “When she was aged twelve years, the girl had beauty of form and all good features. A Brahmana named Padmanabha whose wife had passed away, requested for the haand of the girl. The Brahmana had plenty of wealth. He was calm and qui. He was a permanent companion of the king. So the father of the girl did not dare to refuse. He gave the daughter to him. The marriage was celebrated at midday…”
Skanda Purana VII.I.166.17-20 “…You are to behave in a manner that will give no cause to the Devas to despise me. My dear daughter, I have heard this cited in sacred scriptures. ‘If without being consecrated (in marriage) a girl discharges her menses in her father’s house the father earns the sin of Brahmana-slaying and the girl is known as a Vrsali (Sudra). Therefore, I am sending you off in the company of aged ministers. Hurry up. Choose your own husband and decide.”
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2022.01.24 13:34 Sicotic87 [USA - FL] [H] White/Orange 'New' 2DS XL Bundle, Resident Evil 2, Radiant History, Yoshi's Island (Games for DS, GCN) [W] Paypal

White/Orange 'New' 2DS XL Bundle

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2022.01.24 13:34 twg-bot Father found guilty of attempted second-degree murder against son

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2022.01.24 13:34 whatchuonaboutbro As a japanese canadian, yall need to stop posting sum insensitive shit 💀

Some of yall never traveled and it shows
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2022.01.24 13:34 karbonator What URL is hit for the update check?

Hello - I don't have the exact text since I deleted the notification, but this morning I saw a notification that Nextcloud hadn't been able to check for updates in the past 3 days.
In "Admin > Overview" it is showing I have Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.0), that it's up-to-date, and when I hover over the "i" it shows it last checked this morning.
I am behind a Pi Hole but I see nothing to suggest any Nextcloud URLs got blocked. What site does Nextcloud hit for this check? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 13:34 Benay21 Wallingford Sunset [Good Shepherd Center]

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2022.01.24 13:34 whatsgeernon Jules and Elliot ....

OK this is kind of fucked up but I like it. The way he made her feel confident and complemented her During that scene when she sitting in his window sill... I feel like he really understands her and just appreciates her for who she is.
We never see Rue do anything of the sort. Rule is on a bad one and I understand that... But maybe Jules should be with someone that’s actually capable of a relationship? And rue Should absolutely get the help she needs. I don’t think their relationship is the end all be all of the show anymore and that’s okay for me.
What are y’all’s thoughts?
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2022.01.24 13:34 CkrisstianMilo Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements | Best Sites like for 2022

Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements | Best Sites like for 2022 Hello there
What can I use instead of backpage?
Take a look at these adult dating websites
While Backpage allowed users to post all kinds of goods and services, it was particularly known for active sex workers and escort userbase. Unfortunately, Backpage and all affiliated assets were shut down because of suspected human trafficking.
Backpage may be gone, but the principles of Backpage still live on in other websites - and thankfully without the whole stain of backpage's reputation with sex trafficking.
Good Luck

Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements | Best Sites like for 2022
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2022.01.24 13:34 hmmgross Things that come in 4's and players need to name them. What are some good ideas?

I've got some but I'm curious how many different ones there are.
Oceans, Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan, Pac-Man ghosts, Horsemen of the apocalypse, The Beatles, Ninja Turtles, Main Seinfeld characters, 4 part harmony, Gospels, Fantastic Four members, KISS personae, Suits in a deck of cards....any more?
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2022.01.24 13:34 Cedric-MP Cosmos vs EVM

What, in your opinion, are the main advantages/disadvantages of the Cosmos ecosystem compared with EVM chains?
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2022.01.24 13:34 deathcoinstar Wilmington woman killed after vehicle collides with MBTA train. The victim of "human error" here is my Great Aunt. I hope the maintenance worker(s) responsible for this lose their job at the least. How does someone 'forget' to turn a crossing barrier back on after working on it?

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2022.01.24 13:34 chrislsu Touring as "The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show", Brit Floyd Anchors its Sound on Solid State Logic's L200 Live Console -

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2022.01.24 13:34 borealskies Got caught by mom.

I was in my room when she came in and saw the video on the pc screen before I could close. The only thing she said to me: my day is over. It broke my heart, i'm desperate, feeling so dirty, man i hurt my mom, someone help me
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