Hello. It will be an experiment.

Sample 2: This experiment was performed to determine the factors that positively influence enzyme reaction rates in cellular activities since some enzymes seem to be more effective than others. Catecholase enzyme activity was measured through its absorption rate in a spectrophotometer, using light with a wavelength of 540 nm . Sandspiel is a falling sand game that provides a relaxing and creative place to play with elements like sand, water, plant, and fire. Enjoy on your phone or computer, and share drawings with your friends! What if you could hear color? Explore Vassily Kandinsky’s synesthesia and “play” his pioneering masterpiece, Yellow-Red-Blue, with the help of machine lear... Observation of the Zcs(3985) strange four-quark meson In the March 12th, 2021 issue of Physical Review Letters, the BESIII collaboration reports the discovery of an exotic multi-quark structure, dubbed the Zcs(3985), that is produced in the process of... A scientific experiment undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire in the UK to find the world's funniest joke. An exploration of human emotion, in six movements by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

2022.01.24 13:28 SpareTumbleweed3371 Hello. It will be an experiment.

Guys, Stemoxydine
Just simulates hypoxia. Have you ever crushed your arm or leg in a dream that it then began to tingle. The hand was in hypoxia. In men, the hair falls out on top of the head but not on the back of the head and not on the sides of the head. There are two possible reasons. First: On the upper part of the head there are more receptors that react to dehydrotestosternon, which destroys the hair follicle. Second: During sleep, the head lies either on its side or on the back of the head, thus creating hypoxia in those parts of the throat (sides and back of the head) in these areas of the head, the hair does not fall out. If hypoxia really affects hair growth in this way, then hypoxia can also be created for the upper part of the head. For example, sew a pillow into it, pour 1-2 kg of salt and lay it on your head for 30-40 minutes. Thus creating hypoxia. I will personally try to experiment. I will do this within 3 months.
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2022.01.24 13:28 No_Pomegranate_8236 3.5g of dogsbreath 45-120u

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2022.01.24 13:28 thekoven 1 spot left! 14-Team, Superflex, Tight End Premium, Dynasty Bestball w/ Deep Rosters & Benches. 4-hr pick timer slow draft. $100/year through LeagueSafe [2x first season]

Currently have 13/14 spots filled in sleeper.

Relevant Links:
Anything not covered in this post should be in the league doc, but if it isn't or if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
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2022.01.24 13:28 bbmonika today i made a recolor of pink shirt! (original is in the folder) and i do not claim the original as my!

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2022.01.24 13:28 RhezzVa Dynamic Missions System

Dunno how about u guys but for me even refreshed Mission system seems lackluster. I tend to completly forget about accepting missions or I don't even bother to do them.
As quality improvement it'd be nice to see it being more dynamic for ex.: Bounty mission activates if somewhere nearby there's a player with a bounty, Sunderer mission activates if there's nearby Hex without spawn options, or something more creative, dynamic missions connected to classes like: If u are LA and u are during defence - find and destroy enemy spawn points, If u are Infiltrator and there is vehicle terminal during attack - kill players using / near the terminal.
Combined Arms can generate a lot of objectives, not just static pointless missions.
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2022.01.24 13:28 alpha1528 I need some advice on my anxiety

im a 15(m) and my mom won't get me a therapist, or get me prescribed anything for anxiety/depression/adhd related things. and I have pretty bad anxiety (both my mom and bio dad have bad anxiety) which I take out in biting my nails, which it's been getting really bad to basically my nails bleeding and stinging all day because of anxiety. and I can't find anything to help me. so what do I do??
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2022.01.24 13:28 Fantastic_Tap_9582 Settlement vs Litigation

1.5 years of short marriage has come to an end. Two very different people trying to make it work didn’t pan out. We hired lawyers to settle on asset division (no kids). Things are near completion (signatures away) but I feel unjustified. Here are the facts:

In the end, I felt “ok” with this potential settlement of 75:25, but it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I would like some encouragement that this is still the better route to take (i.e. settling) and time is more valued here than the money.
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2022.01.24 13:28 TestMyReality Thoughts/Opinions? (Warning- It's alot)

Ok, this is probably a slightly different type of question. Please note I am NOT asking for a diagnosis for anyone involved. I am simply asking for thoughts/opinions so I can have a starting point. And who better to ask than those with similar mindsets. I apologize in advance for the length
I am a 37f. My bf is 37m. We have been together for nearly 12 yrs. I believe he has a personality disorder. However, I cannot place exactly which one because he shows symptoms from NPD, BPD, and ASPD. I have tried calmly bringing this up to him, not in a critical "ur fcked up & everything is ur fault" manner, but in a "WE are fcked up & need to get to the root of our personal and collective issues to fix this." Unfortunately, this is usually met with immediate defensive blame directed at me. The conversation usually ends there because that argument is mentally exhausting for me. Because I actually know I'm f*cked up. I'm a Quiet Borderline. And I have cPTSD. So trust me, I'm a whole bundle of wtf. But I am also painfully self aware of my issues. I know my emotions are dizzying, confusing, discouraging and nearly impossible for others to understand. I know my emotional responses don't always fit the appropriate intensity for the situation at hand. I know my fears and inability to trust can be so frustrating for someone else to deal with when they've done nothing to cause it... especially when my mind starts flipping thru the encyclopedia of worst case scenarios. I know it can be exhausting to have to babysit me with reassurance and compliments just to barely keep me from drowning in self loathing. I know it can be hurtful for me to push someone away because I'm terrified of being rejected, betrayed or abandoned...even when they are trying to pull me closer. I know all of these things. I know my emotions are irrational but that doesn't stop me from feeling them. I am in therapy and I'm working on myself. But it's not an overnight thing. And even tho I know I have all those issues, there are also many things he does that I know are not normal, no my imagination, and not my fault.
So with all that being said...here are the things that have brought me to the belief that he has a personality disorder (which, my therapist has said I should try to have her get evaluated, but she cannot offer a diagnosis herself.) And many of these things fit into multiple disorders. So I'm just lost.

  1. He has a tendency to use physical violence when he gets overly angry/anxious/hurt/etc. Or as a persuasive tool to make someone behave as he wants. Now, he hasn't done this in a couple years. Not cuz he learned his lesson or was remorseful of that behavior. But he admitted it was because last time we got into it like that, he couldn't breath and felt like he was about to die (due to health issues at that point.)
  2. He blames everything on everyone else. There is literally zero accountability. Half of everything wrong in his life is his parents fault. The other half is my fault. Even when he attempts to give the appearance of accepting responsibility, it's immediately followed by the reason it's really not his fault. Ex: "I know I shouldn't put my hands on you. But I do it because of stories about when u hit ur ex and that way u know not to do it to me."
  3. He has apparently made a regular habit of seeking out female attention online the entire time we have been together. And no, this isn't something my BPD paranoia made up...although he's put alot of effort into trying to convince me of that. This is a situation of me actually finding dating profiles, messages, etc. When confronted his response is denial and then a full assault of anger, insults and reasons it's all my fault. Then, after I shut down and drop the subject...he decides that it's resolved. Any time I bring it back up as part of a discussion, he says it's ridiculous, I have no reason to be hurt, I deserved it cuz he's always had to deal with guys wanting to hook up with me (never me trying to hook up with sum1 else...but apparently we ignore that part)....etc etc.
  4. Any time I mention something I notice, like him repeatedly hiding his phone when I walk in or him deleting me from FB when I ask who he's messaging or him hiding transactions on his bank account....then I'm told I'm just imagining it and making things up. Which is always followed by how he's sick of dealing with my stupid mind and how ridiculous I am.
  5. He is extremely vindictive. If I say something that hurts him even slightly, he will make sure to get me back for it 100x worse.
  6. He has zero empathy. And that is one of the few things he admits. He says he doesn't feel bad for hurting any1 when they deserve it. Problem is, according to him...they always deserve it. Always.
  7. Following along with the lack of empathy, he says he just doesn't understand the feelings/reactions of others. Even when its identical to how he would feel in the same instance.
  8. He loves to say ignorant things and then follow it was "just kidding". Then, when any1 gets upset he gets mad and lashes out because no1 can take a joke.
  9. He projects his faults onto others and believes that every1 thinks/behaves the same was he does, even if they don't admit it. Like, he constantly seeks attention and validation from other women...so he assumes that I'm constantly seeking the same from other men, even with no evidence to support that. He lies so he assumes I lie. Etc.
  10. He does this thing where when I do something wrong, I'm stupid and I get cussed out. He will do literally the exact same thing and it's just fine. If I point it out, he finds some left field reason why what he did is okay and what I did is not...even tho it was the exact same thing. Ex: He says "I hate you." and that's no big deal, I shouldn't get upset. I say "I hate you" and he completely loses his sh*t and will not let me live it down.
  11. He says and does things to get me to react. Like, he will say "Pack ur sh*t and leave. I hate you, I don't want you." And he will say it for the main goal of having me respond with "No, please don't make me leave. I don't want to be without you. " Unfortunately, although I have a major fear of abandonment...I also have a major fear of rejection that overrides my abandonment issues. So even if I'm internally begging him to love and want me...I wont say it. I won't beg any1 to be with me. So my response is always just "Fine, I'll leave." This never goes well. And usually prompts an "Of course you would. You don't care about me. You just hate me."
  12. He will argue EVERYTHING. Even the dumbest things. And he will SWEAR he is right. And if I offer proof that he's wrong then I'm just a b*tch who always have to be right. Well, no, when I'm wrong then I'm wrong. But when I'm right, I'm right. He will even argue perceptions as facts. I have environmental asthma. So sometimes if it's dusty or someone sprayed too much perfume, I will wheeze or breath heavier. He will perceive that as me sighing at him and having an attitude. I explain that I didn't sigh and don't have an attitude. He will argue tooth and nail that I'm wrong.
  13. He wants me to want to be around him, but only when he's in the mood to have me there. He wants me to wear sexy things to bed, but only certain kinds of things. He wants me to be affectionate and lovey. But only when he's in the mood for it. It's like he expects me to be his on-call gf. And that's kinda difficult when u live in the same damn house.
  14. At one point we ended up sleeping in different rooms. I'll admit that was my decision. And he would constantly complain that I slept in the other room. So eventually, I tried to move back into our bedroom. But it had been awhile and he had changed everything around and even switched sides of the bed. Basically made it like a mini man cave. I bring a couple things back over to that room....I'm cluttering his sh*t up. I try to just hang out in bed with him...I'm moving too much or making too much noise or annoying him with what I'm watching on tv. I sleep there for a couple days and he inevitably gets mad about something and tells me to get out of "his room". And even after all that, he still throws in my face that we sleep in separate rooms.
  15. He does things for others, not for the sake of their happiness, but just so he will appear to be the best. He actually says it and I don't think he realizes it's not normal. Ex: Christmas...he will obsess over wanting to buy what he considers to be the best gifts for people...not what they actually asked for or wanted...so that he can "win Christmas". He will do something like order breakfast for us n wake me up when it is delivered...he immediately declares that he's the "best boyfriend ever". Mind you, this is coming from the same person who repeatedly tells me I'm the worst gf ever that can't even do the most basic things a gf should do.
  16. About 3 yrs ago I started getting sick due to exposure to mold. Intense fatigue, pneumonia repeatedly, just a bunch of stuff. The whole time he was calling me lazy and worthless for sleeping alot and not having the energy to get up and do alot. Fast forward about 18 months and he started getting sick with all the same symptoms (which is how we finally figured out it was due to mold)...and he got to the point that he couldn't get up and do much. But that was ok. Every1 needed to understand that he was sick. But me? Nope. Lazy. During that time, I had a Dr appt to try and address some of my symptoms. I have insurance. He doesn't. So he wasn't able to see a Dr. After my appt, I tried to tell him what my Dr had said and he literally said "I don't give a f*ck". And wouldn't listen. All because I didn't discuss HIS symptoms with my Dr so he could find out why he was sick.
  17. For him, sex is everything and expresses every emotion. Angry sex, makeup sex, happy sex, sad sex. He literally cannot comprehend how I would ever say no. When he's really hurt my feelings, I need to talk thru it...I need the apology and resolution. That's my own hangup. He won't do any of that so I prefer to isolate myself and stitch my own wounds. However, he thinks we should immediately have makeup sex. And if I say no, I get cussed out and told how shitty I am and how he's tired of me.... and then literally 2 min after that he will say something like "I won't complain if you wanna come touch it." And he genuinely can't comprehend me not wanting to. And it's not cuz I'm a prude or cuz I have a low sex drive or even cuz I don't want him. It's just hard to get in the mood right after being told about everything that's wrong with me. But to him, it's me rejecting him. Anytime I say "not right now" or "maybe later" or just "no". Doesn't matter the reason. Haven't slept n have to be up in 2 hrs, massive migraine, hurt feelings, etc. Even when during that time of the month, he will make the "your mouth still works" comment. Like, yeah...and so do my teeth...leave me alone.
  18. He has major social anxiety. Which is something I understand. But he likes to use that as the reason we can't talk about anything. It makes him anxious. Let me clarify....we can talk about things as long as it's him talking about all the things wrong with me and what I need to change. If it's me wanting to talk about being upset or something he did....nope. He has anxiety. I started to resort to texting him to talk, thinking maybe then it would be as anxious if a situation as being face to face. He would occasionally respond with a semi-attempt at communication. But mostly it was either blatantly ignoring me, cussing me out or blocking me. Yet...if he texts me and I don't respond to what he's saying, he flips out. He only communicates if it doesn't involve any perceived criticism of him.
  19. He is arrogant yet insecure...if that makes sense. He will say things like "I know I'm better looking than insert name". But at the same time he is admittedly insecure about his appearance.
  20. Anytime I go into pure freak out mode...meaning my system is seriously overwhelmed with being hurt and unable to cope...i run. I have packed my stuff and left many times (for 3 days at the most). Almost every time he has begged me to come back home. He swears he loves me. He swears he's always just misunderstood. He swears he wasn't like this before me. He swears he's never lying or cheating. He loves me soooo much and if I would have never done abc then he wouldn't have done xyz. He can't understand how I'm so willing to give up and walk away.
And the thing is....I'm not. I'm not willing to just give up and walk away. And I always come back home. He told me how much it hurts him when I leave. So I've fought every instinct I have, I've went to war with my own emotional bullsht to change my defense mechanism. I used to freak out and leave every few months. Since he explained how much it hurt him I have not packed my things, I have not ran away, I have not even threatened to leave...not even once. The last time I left was 3 years ago. Again, I know I'm far...really far...from perfect. I know I have issues. I know my issues cause behaviors that can hurt people. I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to fix the parts of me that are broken. And although my list of behaviors probably seem like a huge hate-fest...which I'm certain he has his own list about me as well...the truth is that I love him deeply. And it's a love that goes way beyond the trauma bond. Between all the moments of dysfunction we have, we have moments that are amazing. I feel like we both have mental/emotional issues that trigger each other intensely. I am trying to own my sht and fix myself and our relationship. But I can't do it alone. Which is why I'm trying to gain some insight so that I can learn how to help him. He is never going to seek help. He will never open up to a therapist. But maybe if I learn more about what he's dealing with internally, then I can learn how to respond in a more productive way. I can't change him. But maybe I can change and teach myself how to be there to stitch his wounds, not create more.
And I know that there are other subreddits that are specifically made for relationship advice. And ones specifically for codependents and ones for trauma bonds. And whatever else. But I feel like if I posted all of this in one of those then I'm gonna get 500 replies and every single one will sound something like "You need to leave." And most will give me their "expert" opinion. And id bet that 75% of those people would inform me that he is a narcissist...not because they actually know anything about a NPD diagnosis...but because TikTok taught them a trendy new word and now every a$$hole is a narcissist and everyone is a victim of trauma by the hands of a narcissistic ex. (Disclaimer: I am, in no way, discrediting any actual victim of any trauma. I am strictly discrediting trend-following bandwagon idiots.) Which is why I'm posting here. I feel like the best group of people to have an opinion on this would be those living within Cluster B community since all of us are obviously grouped together for a reason. And I have to assume everyone on here has their own level of self awareness of their behaviors. So although I have read every credible article regarding the different cluster B personalities, including the different subtypes of my own...I feel like I am too emotionally connected to decide where I think his behaviors fit. So I'm hoping that will recognize a pattern or pick up on a behavior and understand the reasoning behind it.... basically I'm hoping someone will look at this and think "Yea, I've done some/alot of those things" and help me gain a better understanding of things.
Lastly, if you have made it this far...thank you. I barely kept my own attention til the end. Lol. I apologize for the length. Unfortunately, it's difficult to briefly sum up over a decade of collective dysfunction. But I promise I was as brief as I could be. I didn't even get into either one of our messed up families and childhoods that brought us to where we are. Or the fact we actually started our dance of dysfunction 8 yrs b4 we started dating when we met in high school. Or the book I could write about the 6 yrs we spent as heroin addicts, getting clean together (4 yrs clean now), or running from felony warrants for a year and going to jail together. Seriously, This barely scratches the surface....I could write a novel.
Thank you for withstanding the theme park that is my brain. Season passes may be purchased for $49.99. Lol
Oh, and here are my required evaluation scores and my link to my full personality profile...
NPI: 0-11 (It didn't show me an actual score. It just highlighted the range of 0-11)
BPD: 38 out of 48
Codependent: 13
OCD: 5
Full Personality Test: https://imgur.com/a/5TWiXz8
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2022.01.24 13:28 queerwater Please help - pantry pests infestation. Need help with next steps on eradicating them. Info in comments.

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2022.01.24 13:28 Sharknadoredditor Can someone please explain the whole Ukraine/Russia thing. I’m so confused about what’s going on?

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2022.01.24 13:28 Cushty_Plonker How long does the effects of each special cannonball last?

And do they work on skeleton ships?
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2022.01.24 13:28 The_Existentialist Does anyone have any tips on changing gender fluids?

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2022.01.24 13:28 SignificanceNo4442 Hey, anyone can help me to find the song from Undisputed 4 - from this clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5I5xl_cuVc and starts from 3:57

Hey, anyone can help me to find the song from Undisputed 4 - from this clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5I5xl_cuVc and starts from 3:57
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2022.01.24 13:28 lisa_alisa1 Old estates in France

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2022.01.24 13:28 efh1 The Link Between UAP and Nuclear Technology

Before researching the topic deeply post 2017, I was very deep into fusion energy research going back to 2012. UAP are real. There is a nuclear connection. These are two facts as most of you already know.
Most people seem largely unaware about the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. E = mc2 unlocked the atomic bomb, but apparently never unlocked atomic energy. Most people think of dangerous radioactive nuclear fission plants when you talk about nuclear energy, but that's not the full story. Fusion energy does not require radioactive fuel sources or byproducts. Fusion energy has been the holy grail since we discovered E = mc2. It would create cheaper more abundant energy much more safely and absolutely sustainably and clean. Again, it's the holy grail. It can even be decentralized. Scientists have known fusion energy is the holy grail of energy for almost 100 years, but it's never been achieved (at least publicly.)
Small reactors that don't create radioactive chambers and directly convert the nuclear energy into electricity are possible.
Why hasn't it been achieved? Gross underfunding for one. Secondly lack of political will and general knowledge about it's promise. The subreddit for fusion energy is 10k people. The budget for fusion energy isn't even 1% of the energy market. Most efforts for alternative energy or green energy focus on wind and solar. The DOE was created specifically to fund fusion research in 1977 during a time when the energy crisis was in the publics awareness and fusion energy had political proponents. There was even the Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act of 1980, which planned to fund fusion energy with a target to achieve it by 2000 and it had overwhelming support. Long story short it never happened. It was never funded and people forgot about it. The numbers are so atrocious it certainly is disconcerting to those that understand how important nuclear fusion is to humanity. Many projects in the 1980's that were making huge advancements were decommissioned for budgetary reasons. Books could be written on the subject and have been.
Okay, back to UAP's. People love to speculate on wild leaps in technology such as space-time metric engineering, interdimensional phasing, time travel, zero point energy etc. These are all very interesting topics, but how did we skip over fusion? We are speculating the US government may have secret anti-gravity machines and ignoring fusion energy. How did we go from E = mc2 bombs and skip over energy production straight to space-time metric engineering? It's illogical. The energy it would take to warp space time would be enormous. It's the missing piece of the puzzle. UAP need an energy source. This is the least speculative potential energy source.
I'm including links because I had a post removed for being too speculative and low on facts. If you look at the list of scientific papers funded by AATIP 4 of the papers are on fusion energy with 2 being aneutronic and one 1 for propulsion.https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26056/heres-the-list-of-studies-the-militarys-secretive-ufo-program-funded-some-were-junk
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2022.01.24 13:28 KeysToTheRoc What do you think of the new Tech Fleece designs ? (2022)

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2022.01.24 13:28 Tavek Netflix, Amazon et Disney pourront diffuser des films plus récents en France

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2022.01.24 13:28 blingguardia Second time doing a meal prep, trying to put some weight! (Plus overnight oats nut in picture)

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2022.01.24 13:28 Haikyuu_mcr Does anyone know where I can buy ( online ) affordable manga ??

I have started collecting and reading haikyuu and blue exorcist manga , but normally really expensive . Would be very grateful if you could help !:))
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2022.01.24 13:28 demsdabreakskid The town I live in has a single-arch McDonald’s, one of only a few remaining original single-arch locations

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2022.01.24 13:28 suburban_illuminato Is there a different forum for actual help with d2?

I am new to d2 and I’m looking for actual help with strategies and tips. This sub seems to be mostly screenshots of our lord and savior RNGesus and price checks.
These are not super helpful for a noob. I’m still piecing together all the acronyms! I love how deep this game is but I don’t have 20 years of experience and/or an encyclopedic knowledge of this game - and I never will.
So the question is, is there a place for people who are just looking for tips, strategies and advice?
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2022.01.24 13:28 ViktorGr_imm [NIGHTCORE] - Waterfall |Miku Hatsune|Vocaloid| [Lyrics]

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2022.01.24 13:28 DocNowzaradan Salve, la informo che sono fascista

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2022.01.24 13:28 texas878 Vods for multi-view?

Are there vods from the multi-view stream? If someone wanted to go back and watch the perspective of teams in multi view is that possible?
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2022.01.24 13:28 MysteriousApricot559 "Mr. Foley must be held accountable for his repeated failures to effectively lead Peloton," Blackwells chief investment officer Jason Aintabi wrote in the letter. Blackwells contends Peloton should put itself up for sale, highlighting Apple, Nike, Sony and Disney as potential suitors.

Here is Blackwell's list of grievances against Foley:

A Peloton spokeswoman declined to comment to Yahoo Finance about the Blackwells letter.
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