6ff7z 57z5a i8zta b6bt7 s2hbd 3ha2b yti5n 7zitn k6k8k kaery b7fi9 k9fkz i8dy3 tri68 3e4ad dndh5 2i37z 2fz7y hetn3 f7et3 bf66h Why can't I use GROUP BY here? |

Why can't I use GROUP BY here?

2022.01.24 05:16 certainly_imperfect Why can't I use GROUP BY here?

ERD I need to work with
I need to find the total amount of claim made by a customer (each customer has made more than 1 claim) so I wrote this query:

SELECT claims.amount_of_claim FROM claims, customer GROUP BY customer.first_name 
But I am getting this error:
Column 'claims.amount_of_claim' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause. 
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2022.01.24 05:16 beeeeepsboooops Using a visitor visa while having my student visa approved. Will that work?

Hi guys :) I totally missed that I needed to do health checkups for a visa but I’ve done everything else (biometrics etc). I’ve just booked my health checkup appointment however I’m sure that I will not receive the student visa in time for me to leave to Australia due to the short time frame.
The plan now is to receive a visitors visa which will come in a matter of day/days. And go to Australia first where it would be approximately 2 weeks before school starts. Meanwhile, wait for the student visa to finalise and some lady told me then my visitor visa would be voided and my student visa would be the thing working?
Just wanna know if any of you guys have faced this situation before or knows anything on what Im doing or literally just any advice 😵‍💫
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2022.01.24 05:16 Equivalent_Moment345 What are some good restaurants with private rooms for 20 -30 people?

Preferably in the peninsula. Anywhere between San mateo and Palo Alto.
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2022.01.24 05:16 palmistci Niccolo Aot : Everything You Need To Know

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2022.01.24 05:16 kkkkkka12 I've been noticing something about myself lately and I need advise.

So this past few days I've been noticing something about myself it's not a really big thing but I'd like to know if it's normal and happens with everyone or not. So I've had this problem where I need to be seriously invested with something or the other for example two years ago i was really into novels and would spent my entire day reading it and then I somehow got over it, then last year I was really into anime and manga and would spend my entire day reading it watching it and would just think about it 24/7 and though I'm not completely over it I've lost the enthusiasm that I had earlier and now shifted my interest into k-pop and there were many smaller phases inbetween like true crime documentaries, sewing etc etc and this is the same even for my friends if I get close with someone I spend a lot of time with them (texting, talking etc) and not anyone else and then I'll eventually loose that strong bond or interest but the real problem the fact that when I'm really into something and it is occupying my mind completely it somehow makes me feel good about myself I feel better about my looks and myself and there's changes in the way I act, behave etc but when I'm in between phases those are the times when I'm in the dumps I feel like a complete garbage with no value and cannot make myself feel good even though I've tried to multiple times. So is this like a problem or it's something common?
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2022.01.24 05:16 ml_news_bot [IEEE Biometrics Council]: Webinar on "Face Recognition and Surveillance: Enhancing Privacy and Fairness" by prof. Arun Ross

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2022.01.24 05:16 Wilbow My oc Vicky, second slide could be counted as NSFW but jts just to show off the mouths that can sprout out of her but there's no actual genitalia etc etc

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2022.01.24 05:16 Winkster-Gamez Idk i just wanna try this out

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2022.01.24 05:16 seattleslew222 Keg and Line Cleaning Method

I’m looking for suggestions/instruction on how to properly clean my lines as efficiently as possible. Currently I fill a keg with PBW/water, run it through the lines into a pot, then do the same with water, sanitizer, and water again. This seems incredibly inefficient and probably not all that effective. I don’t have a recirculation pump so that’s not an option but I’m open to just about anything that will get the lines cleaner and waste less CO2/water.
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2022.01.24 05:16 Tuxuu_ncux Twitter thread about Yuser App by Tuxuu_ncux#8505

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2022.01.24 05:16 fr0uv3n Awoniyi holen bebou abgeben?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 05:16 c0ralvenom88 Bar snack platter. Chicken drumlets, sotong balls, seaweed wrapped chicken fingers and chicken skewers.

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2022.01.24 05:16 Tsole96 Found footage horror

Why hasn't anyone made a found footage movie like Cloverfield? People still make found footage but they never make them with big budgets like Cloverfield did.
That movie and it's sequel made pretty decent amounts of money so they aren't a bad call.
Anyone know why they wouldn't?
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2022.01.24 05:16 iamrensi The Biggest Enemy of Van Life | Short Film

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2022.01.24 05:16 cognitivetriad Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) and Dina Shihabi (Archive 81)

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2022.01.24 05:16 s123k321 steps to self learning CS/coding (details if possible)

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2022.01.24 05:16 benne_murkha Why is pakistan's independent music so good?

Hello neighbors, I am from southern India. I enjoy digging up world music. Kaavish's album "Gunkali" made me cry, made me feel good about my existence and most importantly it motivated me to look up for what pakistan's indie music scene had to offer. And guess what friends? I was emotionally overwhelmed with the amount of heavenly music that I was able to find. Junaid jamshed, fuzon, sajjad ali, slowspin and the list goes on. I remember worshipping nazia hassan's voice at one point in time.
Pretty sad to know that country's infamous for its poor economy, terrorism hotbed and stringent religious laws (mainly how women are treated) while there are good number of folks making greatest works of art!
So I thought about it for while and came up with some theories: 1. One extremely talented artist or band from the early days had a huge influence on the upcoming generation. This further cascaded and gave a taste of what a good music should sound like to the younger musicians. 2. Some kind of music revolution would have taken place. 3. Blue collar migrants from Pakistan took their music along with them to the western countries. Resulting in a music which is rooted in tradition but with a flair of western sounds. 4. Language so elegant that it allows writing good melodies.
Maybe it is just me since beauty is subjective!
Let me know if you guys are hiding something else under the hood which the world might not know. It can be anything - underrated films, writing styles, biriyani with a difference :')
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2022.01.24 05:16 ReadDailyCoin Bitecoin ($BITC): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community — DailyCoin

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2022.01.24 05:16 stephenk_lightart "Photon Curator" - new limited NFT collection of long exposure light painting photography and light art by internationally acclaimed light painter Stephen Knight

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2022.01.24 05:16 No_Criticism6935 Do y’all have this?

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2022.01.24 05:16 urmomsabitch1 One of my TWIX was not DIPPED in chocolate.

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2022.01.24 05:16 whatevercuck Is Councilman Dexhart’s name a pun?

Is it like stupidly obvious or a mega reach to say Dexhart sounds like Dicks Hard
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2022.01.24 05:16 SMM_Sockpuppet What Medical Insurance company do you recommend in NSW ?

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2022.01.24 05:16 gnowine Noc top is fun. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win

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2022.01.24 05:16 socksome Here's my Florence->Italy in 1520. Thoughts? Tips? Help?

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