Polscy licealiści z Krakowa wygrali konkurs Europejskiej Agencji Kosmicznej na zaprojektowanie minisatelity

2022.01.24 05:00 mroophka Polscy licealiści z Krakowa wygrali konkurs Europejskiej Agencji Kosmicznej na zaprojektowanie minisatelity

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2022.01.24 05:00 GaryGaulin The Eugenics Roots of Evangelical Family Values

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2022.01.24 05:00 White_Whale728 I got a very clever idea to do with my soon to be webtoon

So in the story some of the character do couple up in get in a romantic relationship (later on the story). As the story goes on there relationship gets more serious and they go have the segsss.
But only an implication in the webtoon. BUT, i will put in hidden numbers all around some chapters that all combine to a six digit code.
And that code you search in a certain website, and it will reveal a "secret chapter" of the characters having the segsss.
Pretty clever right?...
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2022.01.24 05:00 Necessary_Basket_146 New Bored Larson Just Dropped

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2022.01.24 05:00 Fert1993 Misty Ruins Help

So it kicked me out of Misty Ruins right after the first floor, won’t let me back in. It’s my first time ever doing it, so no way to do it again now that it kicked me out? Didn’t die or anything. Also, how is technical support in this game? I sent a message to them to try and get help, will I actually ever receive a response?
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2022.01.24 05:00 smartybrome SQL- The Complete Introduction to SQL programming

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2022.01.24 05:00 Crockett196 No Signals Received

I bought the RTLSDR Blog V3 and got Sdrsharp installed. The drivers are correct and I can hit play on Sdrsharp, but I can't receive anything except for noise. I can't even see anything in the FM broadcast range. I am wondering if I have a buggered antenna or cable, but I'm not really sure how to test that. It's just the dipole that came in the kit. I followed a couple of YouTube videos and as far as I can tell, I have everything set up correctly.
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2022.01.24 05:00 GiLCG I wanna trade this so bad.

(MUST READ: all linked to the same account just diff server) please offer anything, getting desperate WTT
Keqing C1 Jean Mona Albedo (TWHKMO AR 24)
Hu Tao Keqing Diluc Gold book thing i forgor what its called, it looks good on ningguang idk Skyward Atlas (NA AR 52)
Qiqi Guaranteed 11 page pity / 62 for ganyu with little primogems saved (EU AR 29)
(It has a good global honkai account linked to the same mihoyo email aswell. So if ur looking for honkai let me know!)
LF: offers with jean + skin / kokomi / Eula / baal / Kazuha / hu tao / Ganyu / xiao
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2022.01.24 05:00 ChicagoCubsRL97 Who was the Worst Republican President?

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2022.01.24 05:00 smartybrome TIBCO Spotfire Development : Beginners To Advanced Course

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2022.01.24 05:00 takeshots Practicing on MS Paint. How I do?

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2022.01.24 05:00 dumbTelephone でしょうな小麦粉も値上がりしてるし→ふわふわで甘い「高級食パン」ブームに翳り 半年と持たず閉店する店舗も | デイリー新潮

でしょうな小麦粉も値上がりしてるし→ふわふわで甘い「高級食パン」ブームに翳り 半年と持たず閉店する店舗も | デイリー新潮 submitted by dumbTelephone to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 05:00 Submer Would you accept $1,000,000,000 to stay on an empty island with no food/water/gaming/house for a year? Why or why not?

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2022.01.24 05:00 criteriaz For 16 years I never knew this small feature existed..

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2022.01.24 05:00 VlagimirPussin I just got my hands on Dust II (gold) sticker. But nobody knows it. Could you please help identifying its origin and price/rarity?

I just got my hands on a Five-SeveN souvenir skin with Dust II (gold) sticker, and I am curious about it's price, because I have never seen such sticker. But I can't find a price for that particular sticker, no database has it. I found it only on 1 place, Sticker | Dust II (Gold) - CSGOSKINS.GG. But they don't list any price nor recent transactions. Nobody seems to know this sticker. Could you please help me?
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2022.01.24 05:00 LawnOfTheRay Alla Bruletova-23 January 2022 Instagram Story

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2022.01.24 05:00 7Heavens333 進撃の巨人 The Final Season OP2 The Rumbling TV-SIZE SiM Attack on Titan [ピアノ] (Pan Piano)

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2022.01.24 05:00 autotldr Martina Navratilova says Tennis Australia is ‘capitulating’ to China over decision to stop fans wearing “where Peng Shuai?” t-shirts.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)

Tennis great Martina Navratilova has condemned as "Pathetic" the Australian Open's decision to stop fans wearing 'Where is Peng Shuai?' T-shirts, accusing Tennis Australia of "Capitulating" to China.
The governing body stood by its rationale on Sunday and stated Peng's "Safety is our primary concern" and continued to work with the Women's Tennis Association to "Seek more clarity" on the Chinese star's wellbeing almost three months after she accused a senior Chinese official of sexual assault and then virtually disappeared from public life.
"This is not a political statement, this is a human rights statement. And chances are Peng Shuai may be playing here but, she couldn't get out of the country? Anyway, I think they're wrong on this."The WTA has been so strong on this issue and the players, really taking a chance on their pocket book.
Peng has only been sighted a handful of times on Chinese social media since early November when her post on Weibo, in which she accused the former vice-premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault, was quickly deleted from China's heavily censored internet.
In late December, Peng retracted her allegations in an interview with Singapore media outlet Lianhe Zaobao, a Chinese-language publication under the state-controlled Singapore Press Holdings Limited.
A fundraising page to raise money to print more 'Where is Peng Shuai?' T-shirts to be handed out for free during the women's final has reached more than $12,000 in two days.
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2022.01.24 05:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: bolt

English: bolt

  1. the portion of a lock which is shot or withdrawn by the action of the key
  2. a shaft or missile intended to be shot from a crossbow or catapult, esp. a short, stout, blunt-headed arrow
  3. a sliding catch, or fastening, as for a door or gate
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2022.01.24 05:00 Tygxs Curious to know how much you get for the covid crisis national health emergency fund.

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2022.01.24 05:00 Harakxrx [QC] NB 550 ALD from Gege Witch (¥309)

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2022.01.24 05:00 AvailableWeb3274 priv

pisze ktoś priv?
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2022.01.24 05:00 heartcapsule Can someone help me be rational about this food?

I’ve lost and regained the same 50 pounds for 3 years, and I’ve always done it through super meticulous calorie counting with a food scale. Whenever I went over a certain amount of calories, I’d give up immediately and binge. This time I’m just going to eyeball my food and make better choices for myself. I want to stop dividing up food into good and bad, and just eat reasonably
So today I had 1 slice of Papa John’s pizza with chicken and veggies on top. Then I had stir fry asparagus for dinner. I feel like I failed the day and binged because I ate pizza. But realistically even if that 1 slice is 1000-1300 calories, which it isn’t, I was still at a deficit for the day because asparagus is literally nothing. In fact, I could have eaten more. Please someone back me up on this, or am I wrong?
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2022.01.24 05:00 hookanoub Anyone want a player for Diamond Casino Heist?

I am happy to take minimum cut, I just really enjoy doing the heist. User is; Abanubis_
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2022.01.24 05:00 WeirdLess1654 [PC] [2000s-2010s] Pls help

Hi, I’ve been wondering is Zoo Tycoon 2 ultimate collection available anywhere? Either for a purchase or any sort of download? If somebody could give me some insight that would be really helpful! Thank youuu😊
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