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2022.01.24 13:09 SingpeaceArtist Crazy,me,acrylic,2019

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2022.01.24 13:09 watan592 المحروسة تصدر "تماثيل الجان"

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2022.01.24 13:09 Bot_Highlights *Bonk* | /u/Buphalloe

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2022.01.24 13:09 ResponsibleOil6534 PCT

Running a cycle consisting of
250 test e wk 1-14 400 deca wk 1-14 30 mg dbol Ed wk 1-4
Will the normal nolva 40/40/20/20 pct be good enough or should I use more or other substances. I’ve read cabergoline can help with deca dick and wondering if I should run during pct or on cycle. I have aromasin on hand in case sides begin. Has anyone ran a cycle similar to this Thanks
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2022.01.24 13:09 SaraStonkBB Worst Feelings

Today I want to end my life. I won't because I don't have the energy to do it how I want. I've been feeling down for the past (life) week and little triggers here and there have amplified my depressive and rejected feelings. Life can really suck when both are present.
I really like someone romantically and was attempting to subtly make it known and was ready to ask the person out after feeling the person out. I was met with responses of "What if you get rejected?" and that "if it's not meant to be" type responses from friends, which really did not help. Sure, one could say they were attempting to prep me for rejection without actually providing solutions to help in handling it. I was turned off by that because I thought I was being set up for failure, .like failure was expected to happen. You're not going to get person you want.
Then I find out that person was on a date when I attempted contact.
I'm devastated. I raged to myself and now I feel (sad, rejected) like life doesn't matter...again.
When I write this I think, "you're pathetic. Can't you handle this?" What I'm feeling is rejection, sadness, loneliness and that I'll never have someone who will love me. Years of this same response is taking it's toll. So hard to get out of these chronic feelings that seem to be occurring more and more.
"You're a great person" and "Prepare for rejection" are hard to conceptualize when they come from the same person.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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2022.01.24 13:09 ZoolShop Netflix’s Pinocchio movie has a new teaser with Ewan McGregor’s Cricket

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2022.01.24 13:09 remoiu Imagine qu'elle te saute sur la queue

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2022.01.24 13:09 WessonRenick An illustrated crypto primer so simple that a child can understand it

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2022.01.24 13:09 bobbelcher Supreme Court rejects GOP challenge to House proxy voting

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2022.01.24 13:09 Cautious-Tiger8691 Windows xp Theme for windows 10

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2022.01.24 13:09 zoonerx Possible stuck shutter magnet issue

Hello everyone,
I have recently bought the Canon AE-1P and managed to get into some almost immediate issues. After an initial battery change and putting in a new film I was able to wind it, and advance the frames. So I knew the shutter and the film advance lever worked correctly.
Fast forward a week and I took the camera for some actual shooting. However after the first shot the shutter got stuck and I was unable to advance the film. I took the camera home and tried couple of things which were recommended to make it work again.

I tried to short the release magnet terminals as shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzjW9Y0WcuI but it did nothing. Any recommendations what can be checked. Worst case scenario - I'll take it to the shop but wanted to know if anyone got some suggestions beforehand. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 13:09 HistoryWeeb Alice's grandpa?

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2022.01.24 13:09 lloydyhats Toe division.

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2022.01.24 13:09 Alexandru22332 NEFFEX - COLD [⚠️ INSANE BASS ⚠️]

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2022.01.24 13:09 QuietlyLoud More questions! Any suggestions for a duvet cover? Should I get blackout curtains to put on the side of the windows instead of under the sheer curtains? Any other suggestions? Would like to add the mirror and plant that's drawn in.

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2022.01.24 13:09 watan592 طبعة جديدة من كتاب "شال قطيفة" في معرض القاهرة الدولي للكتاب 2022

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2022.01.24 13:09 Mrtylr78 Former SEC chairman says case could be ruled on in a couple months. 8:00 minute mark

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2022.01.24 13:09 Pickle_juice2004 Have you ever listened to BottleCap DayDream?

If not, give them a listen and comment what you think. This is for a social experiment in my sociology class btw.
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2022.01.24 13:09 Fatboy-Tim Maro’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Teaser

Maro's Blogatog
Before previews for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty officially begin, I thought it would be fun to do another of my Duelist-style teasers where I give tiny hints of things to come. Note that I’m only giving you partial information.
First up, here are some things you can expect:
• two different pairings of creature types get tribally connected
• a black instant with “Destroy target creature or planeswalker” that can be cast for two mana
• a popular legendary creature from Champions of Kamigawa block returns in a new form
• an unnamed mechanic that cares about you having two things that Magic has had since its beginning
• finish of a five-card cycle many years in the making
• one of Tamiyo’s children gets a legendary creature card
• a new creature token with an ability not seen before on a card
• two popular cycles from Champions of Kamigawa block return each with a new twist
• a creature that makes a legendary Frog creature token
• two new Yamazakis
Next, here are some rules text that will be showing up on cards:
• “you may cast target enchantment from your graveyard this turn.”
• “where X is the number of times this ability has resolved this turn.”
• “Whenever you cast an artifact, instant, or sorcery spell, copy that spell.”
• “The first activated ability of an artifact you activate each turn costs 2 less to activate.”
• “Then repeat this process for an enchantment and a planeswalker.”
• “You may sacrifice a permanent that shares a card type with the chosen card.”
• “you may tap any number of untapped creatures you control.”
• “The ‘legend rule’ doesn’t apply to permanents you control.”
• “that ability triggers an additional time.”
• “if it has dealt 10 or more damage to that player this turn, they lose the game.”
Finally, here are some creature type lines in the set:
• Creature – Fox Pilot
• Creature – Turtle Ninja
• Creature – Moonfolk Samurai
• Artifact Creature – Goblin Artificer
• Artifact Creature – Ogre Warrior
• Enchantment Creature – Rat Rogue
• Enchantment Creature – Egg
• Legendary Creature – Kirin Spirit
• Legendary Creature – Goblin Samurai
• Legendary Enchantment Creature – Snake Druid
Read the story before the cards and mechanics debut on Daily MTG January 24- January 27th. Then step into the shining city with our debut January 27th 9 AM PT on our official YouTube and Twitch channels.
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2022.01.24 13:09 kyleaimlab YiL - Somnolence (A demo track I recorded this weekend - trying to fuse the gap between my acoustic and electric to write the music I've always wanted to)

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2022.01.24 13:09 Bot_Highlights My first ever smooth finish!! | /u/thilin123007

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2022.01.24 13:09 AkyRhO I've likely burned a connector on the RAMBo card - what now?

So here's the story : after an awful clogging on my hotend, I tried to salvage the hotend by heating up the nozzle and let the clogged PLA melt as I was removing it. At some point there was a short circuit, a bit of smoke, I knew it was bad.
I had spare pieces on hand so I decided to change everything : the hotend cartridge, the hotend thermistor, the nozzle. Everything looked fine expect that I always had the infamous MINTEMP error on the LCD screen.
After a lot of reading and testing my thermistor with a multimeter, it appears that the short circuit may have destroyed the connector on the motherboards' end. If i switch the bed thermistor with the hotend thermistor, as advised on Prusa's website, the errors stays the same (source : https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/mintemp-error-and-mintemp-bed_2169 - section "RAMBo board connector")
Now first of all, I'd like to make sure this is the correct diagnosis before throwing money out the window.
If it is the correct diagnosis, is there a way for me to fix it somehow?
If I can't fix it myself, is there other alternative than Prusa e-shop to order from? This part seems not available at the moment.
Thanks y'all
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2022.01.24 13:09 TeoTheThicc i got a tattoo from the fool album cover

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