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Double battle.

2022.01.24 14:49 RestaurantAny7943 Double battle.

Who's down for some battles. Anything goes. Code 00000001 all day!
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2022.01.24 14:49 chedderballs LF: Shiny Mew and Deoxys IN POGO for custom OT. FT: also some events in swsh

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2022.01.24 14:49 Binkster1988 Is it worth it?

I REALLY want the Seasons expansion pack but I missed out on the really good holiday sale. Right now it’s 10% off at $36, or I can buy a bundle with the spooky stuff pack and the jungle adventure game pack for $45. Is it worth it to buy them all, or should I just stick with seasons?
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2022.01.24 14:49 NewsElfForEnterprise HP rolls out new All-in-One PCs, desktops designed for all work environments

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2022.01.24 14:49 maxplainn В мэрии Бишкека рассказали, как можно заменить лифт в многоэтажном доме

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2022.01.24 14:49 gendermiasma 32, about 4.5 yrs HRT, and feeling good lately

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2022.01.24 14:49 jh67zz Selem! I am Tatar (M28) from Ufa, living in Kazan. I speak Russian, somewhat fluent in Tatar&Bashkir. Software Developer by Day, history nerd by Night. AMA (Ask Me Anything) r/tiele

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2022.01.24 14:49 whocricket Tradescantia cutting? Which variety?

Tradescantia cutting? Which variety? I am totally new to indoor plants and was gifted some cuttings to start my collection. My guess on this one is fluminensis, but which variant given the pink stem? It also appears some of the lower leaves have a pinkish blush beginning in the white variegation. I'm seeing a lot of conflicting info when I search, so help is greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.24 14:49 UnfunnyCakeEnjoyer What's the best thing since sliced bread?

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2022.01.24 14:49 Curtee_H Pick one from my collection and I'll rate your choice.

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2022.01.24 14:49 Illustrious-Buyer-81 My wife/gf thinks of me like servent.

My wife/gf of 12 years wants me to do everythink. I (31) and my gf(31) have been together for 12 years. We are not married bc i do not belive i marriage bc of one paper. I am yours and you and mine bc we love eachother not bc of the paper we sign... We live together and have a 1month old together. The problem for me is that now that we have a baby she doesn't want to do anything exept brestfeed the baby. I work ob the farm that she owns but me and her father do everything now.
In the middle of the night she brestfeeds the baby then wakes me up to mix some formula to ad just in case (2am) then this happens again at 5am and at 5:30 i go out to feed and take care of the cattle (360 bulls). I come to the house again at 9am when she wants me to make her breakfast and mix another formula for my baby. Yes this is not the problem bc baby is mine and i would do anything for her. But after i do all that she wants me to vaqum the apartment clean the bottles for my doughter and then go to the store to find out what we will have for lunch and COOk it. After lunch i am bombarded why i dont spent enaugh time with my doughter so i try to get some time with her betwin her naps and at 3pm i go out again to feed and take care of HER 360 bulls. I finish work at around 7-8pm and then i am asked what will i be making for dinner. Well i make somethink but since i am a man and shopping for me is torture it's usually something fast and then at about 10pm i just die in bed wating to called at about 1am-2am to help her again...
I am burning and dont know what to do. She wants everything to be purfeckt, clean and neat but i just can't deal with all that shit. I tried to tell her that she could do something while i'm working but she just ignors me. And sais that she has alot to do with the baby. Yes i understand that but maybe she could jist lower her standars a little bit so i can meet them... I dont know. I love her and i realy realy love our doughter i just want her to cut me some slac.
Sorry for my english it's not my first or second language.
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2022.01.24 14:49 nicotsou Master Interfaces in TypeScript

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2022.01.24 14:49 infjbase 🥲

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2022.01.24 14:49 tripleputt Considering a career change in my Mid 30s. Thoughts?

I’m considering a career as a superintendent and have a few questions. For reference I live in Minnesota.
I’m currently in my mid 30’s and have been working in the trades. I don’t think my body can handle it long term. I can’t keep carrying 50-100 pound items up and down five flights of stairs. I can do physical labor, but that much weight that often is not going to do me any good. With that being said…

  1. How much physical labor is involved? What type of labor?
    1. How often are you working nights and weekends?
    2. Is getting a turf grass certification enough to get me in as an assistant? I do have a Masters degree in an unrelated field.
    3. For those in the Midwest, how do you keep the cash flow going in the winter months? Are you staying employed or do you get laid off?
    4. How is the job with family life? I am married with young kids for reference.
    5. Any advice on how to get my foot in the door? I do need income as I have a family to support so internships won’t be an option for me.
Any other advice or tips for me?
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2022.01.24 14:49 hughw14_ Coins are POG

Coins rule 34
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2022.01.24 14:49 savagecomics Henty Cavill Captain Britain Fan Art

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2022.01.24 14:49 ThePiniestApple1 User error cruise control

So I just replaced my hover 1 pioneer with the hover 1 alpha. I got it at Best Buy just because I wanted to make sure I could get the 2 year warranty. I know hover 1s aren’t amazing but it’s good for my budget and what I was looking for.
The only thing is I cannot figure out how to get the cruise control on. My pioneer was way cause you just held it down and once it was at a consistent speed it would clock on automatically. This one you have to double tap the throttle. I’ve tried it several dozen times. I must have double tapped that throttle every way you possibly can. I actually thought it was something up with the scooter so I exchanged it (plus it wouldn’t fold at all). I hit another one and same issue.
I’m starting to feel real dumb and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I mean I guess cruise control isn’t important but it would be cool since my thumb gets really cold sometimes in the freezing cold early morning hours. Even with gloves. It would be nice if tuck that little guy away so it doesn’t freeze off.
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2022.01.24 14:49 DetectiveCookieh Spiral: PTSD help?

Hello! This might seem like a weird question but could a fellow saw fan help me out here?
I have ptsd from… trains.. I’ve accidentally seen a tiny bit of the beginning trap and it seems like a train trap…? My big sister suicided and ever since I get really bad panic attacks whenever I even see trains on tv. I really want to watch Spiral but I can’t watch any scenes with trains in it, especially parts where someone dies in front of it. Anyone know how far I have to skip into the movie to skip that specific scene and if that scene occurs later in the movie? I’m so sorry if this is a weird request but I’ve wanted to watch the movie since it came out.
Please no unnecessary or rude comments, thanks! 🧩
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2022.01.24 14:49 MikaMeredith Know Labs (OTCQB: KNWN)

Know Labs produces wearable technology that provides the user with real-time information on their blood glucose levels. They use spectroscopy to direct electromagnetic energy through a substance or material to capture a unique molecular signature. In other words, they use radio waves to identify and measure what is going on inside your body. They call this tech Bio-RFID (Body - Radio Frequency Identification.
Know Labs is developing a family of products using this technology. There are hundreds of uses for Bio-RFID but blood glucose monitoring is Know Labs main focus, as there are 2 billion people worldwide suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes that could use Know Labs device to manage their conditions. Know Labs is still working on bringing this technology to the market by obtaining US FDA approval. Right now they are in the process of miniaturization and human testing.
Their current products are the UBand and KnowU. The KnowU was recently announced and is a convenient, non-wearable, on-the-go alternative to fingersticks, which are used to check blood glucose levels multiple times a day. UBand is a medical-grade wearable device that continuously monitors glucose levels. These devices are pain free and much more affordable than the current products as there are no consumables attached to the initial cost. Know Labs estimates customers' savings to be about 3-5x when compared to current options.
Here is the reasoning behind the KnowU: “We know that not all people with diabetes are looking for a wearable continuous glucose monitoring device to manage their diabetes. Some simply want to replace the painful, inconvenient and expensive fingersticks they currently rely on,” said Phil Bosua, Know Labs CEO and Bio-RFID inventor.
In a recent study conducted by the company, Bio-RFID was compared to other FDA-cleared glucose monitoring devices that are currently available in the market. Human subjects placed their arms on a Bio-RFID sensor and their blood glucose levels were measured every five minutes over a period of two hours. Concurrent readings were taken with an Accu-Chek fingerstick device and with two continuous FDA approved glucose monitoring devices, Abbott FreeStyle Libre and the Dexcom G6. The mean absolute relative difference of the Bio-RFID scores were between 5.3% and 6.7%. Anything under 10% is considered good analytical performance.
They recently received three crucial patents that expand Know Labs’ intellectual property portfolio in radio frequency and microwave spectroscopy, further improving its technological position. Each of the newly issued patents relates to the unique configuration of the antennas used in Know Labs’ Bio-RFID sensors. This unique arrangement enhances Bio-RFID’s performance and improves its detection capabilities in identifying and measuring a variety of analytes non-invasively.
This is NOT financial advice, always do your own research
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2022.01.24 14:49 LiamI820 Scam?

I wasn't sure what group this question should be posted in. I've been receiving emails from a sender who disguises the email as McAfee, but the email is heroessol.net. They're obviously scam emails so I have not clicked on any of the links or responded in anyway. They just go immediately into my spam folder. Upon some research, this heroessol is some Russian internet company. Today, I got a notification on my Shop app that I have a package arriving from heroessol.net...What should I do with the package once it arrives? We are hesitant to open it and are thinking of just giving it to the cops with an explanation of the emails and everything. This heroessol thing is hard to find info on. Any advice/experience?
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2022.01.24 14:49 laurochapa BLUE PERIOD Reseña de la temporada 1

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2022.01.24 14:49 SlimSlam_02 [WTS] Just have one lot for sale today, keeping it simple

lot 1
Shipping disclaimer first though: shipping is $5 fc or $9 priority. Once it’s scanned in at the post office it’s out of my hands. However I haven’t had any issues with the post office before. So, onto the goods!
The main pieces of this lot are: a sterling marked thimble, a beat up, sad, 1964 quarter, and 7 Buffalo nickels (only 1 with a date though)
And some other foreign(Canadian) coins that I don’t know much about.
Asking $35 shipped first class.
Payment through PayPal or cash app. Can maybe have it shipped today if it sells quicks. If not it will ship tomorrow!
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2022.01.24 14:49 cleanuponaisle4 Easy $5 from Strike App. Instant withdrawal!

Get $5 for trying out the Strike App with my referral link:
If prompted, type the referral code: DS0FI9. (That’s a zero, not an “oh.”)
Best to click the link with your phone, if you can. If you click from a computer, you may end up installing the chrome extension which has lukewarm reviews. Doing it through the phone app was very easy and the $5 posted within 20 minutes, even accounting for KYC verification.
Now, what can you do with strike? If you just want to pay people and use it as a wallet, you can. But you can also buy bitcoin with it at spot price, for 0 fees. You can also use it as your checking account, and get direct deposit 2 days early. Try it out.
https://invite.strike.me/DS0FI9 (remember: click on your phone!)
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2022.01.24 14:49 Fluffy_Finance7924 Just keep holding…

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2022.01.24 14:49 viki0144 The first duty of love is to listen. - Paul Tillich[1920x1080]

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