One last F U from the afterlife

2021.12.08 00:16 lion_OBrian One last F U from the afterlife

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2021.12.08 00:16 pjwalebabuu Thara Bhai Joginder deleted his Instagram account

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2021.12.08 00:16 SumTingWong59 Senior dev left, I'm stuck taking care of everything with no raise or title change

I'm on a fairly small team, it used to be myself with 2.5 yoe, our senior with 8 yoe, and a junior with 1 yoe. Our senior dev (~$115k) left 5 months ago and all responsibilities kind of fell to me ($75k) with no discussion of me getting anything out of it. We did hire another junior right of of uni and he's doing great but nothing that can make up for the lack of time. Did I fuck myself over by not bringing this up myself? I feel like there's no way back to my old responsibilities now and no chance I would get any kind of back pay.
I'm getting asked for estimates on projects that aren't planned out yet and supposed to be leading other devs plus contractors and I just go in every day not having a fucking clue what I'm doing. I've started applying for jobs and at this point would probably take something paying less just to get away from this but then it's just going to get dumped on the other guys. I'm worried how my job hunt will go as most of our projects aren't all that complex but I think I need to take just about anything
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2021.12.08 00:16 afivechip [Question] Apps on 3.1.3

I have a 3GS with old bottom running 3.1.3. I have a bunch of .ipa files I'd like to install, but current iTunes can't do apps and old iTunes can't go online. I don't need to go online or want to go online. How do I get the apps to the phone? It has Cydia on it.
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2021.12.08 00:16 SquidNugget414 My top 9 outside of hiphop. Thoughts?

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2021.12.08 00:16 Stupid-Dolphin Will i get all the benefits of atom if i stake it on Exodus?

Also when i stake on Exodus which validator am i choosing or does Exodus chooses it for me? Will they take the responsibility of that validator gets slashed? Also the apy on Exodus is 10% while this subreddit is saying the apy now is around 12% what's up with that? Yes I am new to cosmos and don't hold any atoms I am still in the research phase. Thanks
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2021.12.08 00:16 The_Family_Juul Has anyone sold off their collection at a younger age and regretted it as life went on?

A little back story, I'm 23 trying to live independently on my own, I've got about $5k worth of trains I collected over the years and I dont use them anymore as life went on unfortunately. They are enjoyable to collect but I just don't have the spark the hobby gave through my late teens. I've gotten deeper into other hobbies at this point.
I'm just curious what you all think if I should just box them up and let them sit till I'm at more stable point in life and I can enjoy them again, or thin my collection out to the few i know I can't get rid of and gamble the spark never comes back? Curious if anyone has ever gone through a similar situation. Sorry if this is a touchy subject for the sub or anything, really just need some guidance through this.
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2021.12.08 00:16 EIDDLJG This is a character I'm working on, he's a god.

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2021.12.08 00:16 DevilJayTX I went ahead and made a season with matchups that I made

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2021.12.08 00:16 CT_Phipps [Books] Ten Recommended Indie Cyberpunk Novels
Cyberpunk is a genre that is frequently considered to be dead by certain segments of the fandom or at least considered to be past its heyday. This despite the fact that the world is becoming more cyberpunk than ever with the integration of computers, disparity of wealth, and rising power of corporations. Indeed, one may argue the same forces that were driving society (and thus the genre) in the Eighties are the same forces driving society today.
However, I don't think cyberpunk is dead. I am of the mind that it is every bit as relevant today and there's just as many good books coming out. I'm inclined to think that they're more likely to come from independent circles versus large-scale publishing, though. Indie books are one of the things that I cherish and appreciate the option of dealing more directly with the authors for. Not just because I'm an indie cyberpunk author myself.
So here are ten recommended cyberpunk books that are slightly off the beaten track.
**10. Mindfracked by M.R. Forbes**
Mindfracked by M.R. Forbes is about a body-swapping agent for a dystopian secret police. It has more than a few homages to Altered Carbon but goes in a very different direction as Cassidy is fanatically loyal to his employers, at least at first. Much of what he knows about them is something he can't question because blind obedience is the only way to get back his original body--or is it?
**9. To Beat the Devil by M.K. Gibson**
Cyberpunk and fantasy have been two things combined since Shadow Run. It's something that can work very well if done right and very poorly if done wrong. MK Gibson does it the right way with his oddball premise of the Biblical Armageddon happening and God not showing up. Demons now rule the Earth with humans having only one advantage: technology. Salem is a nanotech cyborg courier who gets caught up in the setting's bizarre politics.
**8. The Finder at the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie**
Another fantasy and cyberpunk combo, The Finder at the Lucky Devil is a work that also draws heavily from the urban fantasy genre as a whole. Rune is a woman who inherited a magical bar from her witch aunt in a dystopian future. Now surrounded by fairies and witch politics, she also has to deal with an evil corporation that wants her dead. Plus, she has a cyborg love interest. Its cute and fun, which is rare in the cyberpunk genre.
**7. Mercury's Son by Luke Hindmarsh**
The future has suffered total environmental collapse and a religious Earth-worshiping Luddite theocracy has assumed power. This is about the worst place possible for a cyborg super-soldier to find himself but the theocracy has use for people they hate and he finds himself serving as their enforcer against his will. In the ruins of the old Earth, there's a lot of secrets to find, though.
**6. The Immorality Clause by Brian Parker**
In the future, New Orleans has returned to its roots as a den of inequity and sin. At least in Easytown, the city's Red Light district. The most technologically sublime pleasures are available but the police are forbidden from indulging as per the Immorality Clause. Detective Zach Forrest unwittingly has broken their number one rule: never sleep with a robot.
**5. Behind Blue Eyes by Anna Mocikat**
Easily my favorite of these books for pure entertainment value and something that very much invokes the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell. Nephilim is a cybernetic death squad member who works for the Olympias Corporation. She is brainwashed and ruthless in her pursuit of dissidents. At least until her mind is damaged and she regains her free will. Then her problems really begin.
**4. Drones by Rob J. Hayes**
I am a huge Rob J. Hayes fan and think this is one of his lesser known works. Drone is the story of a future where emotions are absorbed and sold like drugs. Those poor bastards who give up the majority of theirs end up as soulless shells called drones. The program was previously illegal and the victims minimal but now will reach billions. The only man who can stop it is someone who can no longer care.
**3. Tropical Punch (Bubbles in Space) by S.C. Jensen**
I absolutely love Bubbles and she has rocketed up to being one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. Which is high praise for an indie cyberpunk book. However, the weird 1920s slang using alcoholic beauty is a film noir detective trapped in a dystopian future. Her first adventure, escaping murderous cults and corrupt cops, takes her to one of the most unlikely places to find a cyberpunk hero: a cruise liner in space.
**2. Neon Leviathan by T.S. Napper**
Neon Leviathan is a story that deliberately homages Eighties cyberpunk by taking place after the Australian-Vietnam War where the locals have been spit up and chewed up. It is an anthology format and done by Grimdark Magazine. It's some solid writing and address numerous sci-fi concepts like a Black Mirror season.
**1. Ghosts of Tomorrow by Michael R. Fletcher**
The best of the best, Ghosts of Tomorrow is my favorite of Michael R. Fletchers' books and I am a big fan of a lot of them. Brainscans are the biggest trade in the world, providing AI with one easy push of a button. The problem is that they kill whoever is scanned so the biggest source of AI is trafficked children. Our heroes and some antiheroes really don't like this.
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2021.12.08 00:16 acn-aiueoqq Fuck acne

Why does Propionibacterium acnes exist they are a cancer to society
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2021.12.08 00:16 txvesper Just started AMOL, SEND MORE ANDROL + PEVARRA CHAPTERS. Plus shadowspawn question

Of all the random secondary and support characters to get a bit of dedicated story time, I'm loving the time with these two (only at ch3 right now). Although, feels kind of odd that Pevarra is completely clueless about what has been going on with the white tower, for quite a while now. Regardless, shipping Pevandrol. Andarra?
Also, I know sometimes folks here like to see what weird theories first time readers come up with. In the prologue of this book, I learned.... that my own theory was wrong. When it was revealed earlier that Aiel men who could channel traveled by themselves to the blight, I thought it was going to turn out that those Aiel men were somehow used to make Fades. Because 13 black sisters and 13 fades needed to link to turn someone, hence they must have some way to use Saidin. Lol that was wrong, but I'm happy that the Aiel going solo did at least turn out to be an important(ish) note. Now. I have no clue where Fades, or any shadowspawn besides dark hounds, come from. Is there an answer to how they're made? It seems like there are limitless Trollocs and Fades. Seems that there should be a cost or limitation of some sort.
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2021.12.08 00:16 Banu_Hanimasaishi The WHRC Declaration claims to be about protecting women and women's spaces, except it's all but a declaration of war against trans people and the very idea of transness.

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2021.12.08 00:16 Weekly_Noodle Movies you get confused

What movies do you guys get confused a lot? The two I always mix up are American Beauty and Almost Famous. To my credit, I've never seen either of them. They were released close to each other, have similar critic ratings, and have decently similar posters. What about all of you? What movies do you always mix up?
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