Farmers end 15-month-long protest after government accepts demands

2021.12.09 07:48 agnclay Farmers end 15-month-long protest after government accepts demands

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2021.12.09 07:48 BarneySusan Nosy Blobs is a galactic collection of 5.460 NFTs, actually the first Solana based deflationary NFT collection.

Nosy Blobs is a galactic collection of 5.460 NFTs, actually the first Solana based deflationary NFT collection.
Nosy Blobs is a galactic collection of 5.460 NFTs, actually the first Solana based deflationary NFT collection.
What’s important to say about the creativity is that we create objects, not features.
Our Nosy Blobs indeed are martian jellies which are creating chaos all over Earth by merging every kind of things to their sloppy body. From bananas to the Holy Graal, nothing is out of reach.
But there’s more. What makes Nosy Blobs really unique is a word I already used: the merge.
Our jellies will be able to merge with each other in order to become more rare and valuable. So, not only the merging will decrease the overall NFT supply – there by increasing every NFTs value - but the resulting blob will be of a higher level and rarity than the previous ones meaning a higher reward for each owner
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2021.12.09 07:48 TheWalterKi LF High Level Pokémon with Mean Look

Something at Level 50-60? So that I can outspeed Mespirit….. FT Feebas, Piplup, Larvitar
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2021.12.09 07:48 hhgcfghhgg 28[F4M]snap:rosesmiths7453

I’m down and available for hook up ❤️💦🍆🍑
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2021.12.09 07:48 gaylnabil Got a job on C# Office Addins (PowerPoint)

As usual in the 1st interview, it was just an introduction between me and CEO, then the CEO explained the company, what service does it provide, It is a specialist in PowerPoint, and they are looking for a developer on C# especially on Addins (VSTO) on PowerPoint, I have experiences on C# but I made it clear that I don't have any experience on this task, CEO understood that they're few developers work on, as he said. when I got the test, just with my knowledge on C# I got 90% of success, I did not think that I'm going to make it.
From that day I feel I can make the impossible possible even if I have 0 knowledge (just need time), if you want to reach your goal you have to build your way with your hard work.
Now 5 years of experience, it's not just on C#, but I have got new skills in Python (Django Framework, and Odoo Platform).
don't be afraid and believe in yourself, don't say Impossible, say I'm possible.
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2021.12.09 07:48 karapanagiotidou advice for questioning my gender

sorry that this is super long. ive been a lurker since forever but im finally posting my story.
im 20 years old. im doing all the right things. i work out, i sleep good, i have a great social life, i'm studying what i love and doing well at it, i eat well, i have hobbies that allow me to express my emotions (making art and music), i have a good sex life, my relationship with my parents is pretty good. im diagnosed with depression and anxiety, been medicated for a year and a half and have had a wonderful therapist for 2 years now (i've been in therapy for like 9 years but this is the first one i went to myself and the one i've had most success with). this has put my mental health on a steady incline over the past years. we talk a lot about my childhood and work on uncovering trauma and buried emotions. my mum has BPD, was extremely unstable throughout my childhood while my dad was a source of comfort and stability for me even though he lived far away. i idealised him a lot and am very much a carbon copy of him in many ways outside of the gender stuff. i'm aware that this definitely affects my "gender identity" but im not sure that that's a bad thing (aren't all facets of everyone's identity influenced by their parents? why does that make them less real identities?) i also don't have any intense sexual traumas. i did have some very unpleasant sexual experiences with cis men from ages 17 to 18 but that was after i had already gone down the gender spiral so i don't see them as having caused/spurred my gender confusion (started at age 13 or 14 when i found out that trans people exist and i was like holy crap. havent stopped consuming trans and detrans content since other than a couple years there where i forced myself into femininity and just had a terrible time latching myself onto other people for validation and care).
my therapist not great with the gender stuff because she's quite old and doesn't have much knowledge, but she does her best to understand where i'm coming from and is always questioning why i feel that i want to be seen as a man, or why i feel that i can't be strong, powerful, desirable etc as a woman. answer obviously has to do with my mother not being a great role model.
i have recently found more of a queer community irl and this has made me feel a lot more comfortable to explore my identity. i bought a binder and i feel pretty good when i wear it-- i really love the way i look with a flat chest. something else i should mention is that i'm very happy with my appearance in general. i do feel insecure re: my not being tall enough for my liking because i want to have a more intimidating presence but also just be a bit more lanky and masculine, and my hips being too wide because it makes me feel uncomfortable due to the sexual associations i've made with it. i wish my upper body was more muscular but im working on that. other than that, i love how i look. i don't think i look like a girl, when i look in the mirror i mostly just see "some dude" but i'm very happy with and confident in my appearance and particularly enjoy the masculine aspects of it though i do also like being a "pretty boy". the main issue is my chest and genitals. i guess it's dysphoria? not diagnosed so unclear. i just really wish i had the male parts. i dont care when im wearing clothes or even when im naked by myself, but it causes a lot of issues in the bedroom. i feel so fulfilled when i am referred to as male, he/him etc during sex. and i don't even mean in a fetish or arousing way. i just feel WHOLE. like everything comes together inside me. i wish i could translate that to my daily life.
the whole gender thing is definitely a fixation... but yeah. i've told some close friends to use he/they pronouns for me and those make me feel nice. they make me feel seen. with everyone else i just say any pronouns and i usually get they and she depending on the circles im in. nothing bothers me super intensely though she has started to feel weird and alien, like it's kinda just wrong. one thing is i hate asking people to use certain pronouns for me, i find it super humiliating. i hate admitting that what people assume about me isn't what i want... that's probably just my pride.
i've been consuming detrans content for years trying to figure out if my own story fits into the "before" part of a detransitioner's timeline. i know everyone's experience is unique and stuff but i just have not been able to settle on where i fit in here. i just feel like i don't have that much repressed shit, what i do have i'm working on, and as i grow happier with my life i am more inclined to accept my feelings of gender variance and move towards living as a non-binary masculine person. i'm still very uncertain as to whether i want to medically transition. low dose t sounds so very appealing... all the changes sound great but i am very scared. part of me does feel like there's a girl inside me ???? but that girl definitely feels safer staying there and my front to the world being a masculine one. is that so wrong?
with regards to gender identity, i don't really have one. although my sexual identity is definitely male, so there's that (if im gonna let someone f&ck me, they have to address me as male, and if im gonna have a good time, i have to actually believe they see me as male). i've read all the gender theory, yes including the rad fem stuff, but at the end of the day i just see myself as someone who was raised to be a girl, was pretty fine with it until i wasn't, and is now just tryna figure it all out. my current approach has been to try not to be so conclusion-geared and accept my uncertainty as a fine state of being, even though it's frustrating.
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2021.12.09 07:48 stagah_77 VI fanart [OC]

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2021.12.09 07:48 ascoresdalua [For Hire] 2D Artist available for commissions! OCs, D&D characters, game art and more.

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2021.12.09 07:48 HypnoToadBQ What conspiracy theories do you think are absolutely fake?

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2021.12.09 07:48 AthertonCaitlin1 Hamphrey buried a treasure for me to find and when he opened it I was given a photo of himself. So now I have 3 villagers photo and I am happy.

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2021.12.09 07:48 No_Till_825 22f for objectivity - no makeup during breakout

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2021.12.09 07:48 Hesanka_99 Corry miss 😔

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2021.12.09 07:48 Willing_Baseball4893 I turned off her life support last week.

She was just 14. She had her whole life infront of her. She loved tinkering. She wanted to help fix cars with me and mom. She had her whole life infront of her. She had a whole life to discover the world and gain happy memories infront of her. Why did it happen to her?
She went out with friends. She should have returned happily. Why did she have to return in a coffin. Why?
People please don't drink and drive. To the person who killed my daughter, all I want to know is why did you do it? Was it to save money? Save what, 400 rupees? How is saving 400 rupees worth taking my daughter away with you.
I don't know why I am sharing this with strangers over the internet, but it's been a week and me and my wife haven't known this kind of pain since forever. It's hard to exist but we have to do it for her. I don't know what to do.
How is my daughter's life worth just 400 Rupees? Why did she have to die because a person decided to save 400 rupees instead of taking a tuk? Why? She had her life infront of her.
We decided to turn of life support a week ago. It's the hardest thing I've ever done.
Sorry for this.
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2021.12.09 07:48 Radiant-Cherry-3469 Metto il mio logo, godetevi il mio meme

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2021.12.09 07:48 Unhappy_Training_769 LF Razor Fang

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2021.12.09 07:48 Chops2917 The legs though

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2021.12.09 07:48 babyevil333 worst vlogger

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2021.12.09 07:48 Lagischlaechter Zekrom - adding 5 - 2686 7078 4117 - be online

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2021.12.09 07:48 Moorbote Can you recommend me pieces to make a warrior monk glamour for Dragoon?

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2021.12.09 07:48 ilovelulufly_ Which of the discontinued Lululemon items are you wishing to make a come back? Mine is the In Movement Tights. 😍

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2021.12.09 07:48 Less_Local_1727 I have never been so triggered by a game of tic-tac-toe before

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2021.12.09 07:48 jrmaxx22 Sorry to say but grabe naman magsalita at napakababa naman ang tingin sa Class D ah. Tandaan, botante rin po ang mga iyan. Nakakadismaya.

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2021.12.09 07:48 Possible-Ad-7525 hhhh

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2021.12.09 07:48 allergic_mus1c I want to earn money with music

Hello all, I'm very new to all the metaverse and decentraland stuff and started to do my research on it and I wanted to ask is it possible to earn passive income if I am a music producer & DJ on Decentraland? I don't want just to play the game, I want to be a creator, but in the music business. What should I do to start? Where do I start and maybe someone could recommend some tutorials or articles for me to know and understand this stuff better? Thank you in advance! :)
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2021.12.09 07:48 Kempfi98 You are a creative / content director at EA

You got hired as the new creative / content director at EA for Ultimate Team.
What would your first steps be and what would you change in ultimate team? Your target is to make the game more fun and enjoyable for everyone, no matter what skill.
However you will be fired if the game gets dried out, because every day a 5* 5* player sbc for 20k gets released for example.
What would you do/ change?
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