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Ohhh thats hot thats hot

2021.12.08 01:06 DaySee Ohhh thats hot thats hot

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2021.12.08 01:06 TheNinkiNanka More of my grandfather's collection

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2021.12.08 01:06 BlockOfDiamond Can you define Fascism without using terms like Far Right?

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2021.12.08 01:06 TermedSole420 What hornet skin is this? Wrong answers only

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2021.12.08 01:06 Azerz69 I just got ragged in Hut Rush. What a fucking loser.

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2021.12.08 01:06 AmazingKing101 What I thought was a terrible bad moon rising turned out to be an amazing one

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2021.12.08 01:06 YuINOPE The connections between the mysterious stranger and Mark Twain

I'm sure this has already been pointed out at some point, but I just realized this. In the only complete draft of the twain book, the mysterious stranger is Satan, but he also goes by no.44. In Fallout, the mysterious stranger carries around a .44 magnum, which is a not-so-subtle reference to the book now that I think about it. This kind of just further cements that the stranger is an eldritch or demonic entity.
Also, in the movie the adventures of mark twain, Satan is a genderless entity, which might explain why the stranger can be both male or female in the first Fallout.
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2021.12.08 01:06 hyung7745 Ahri level up in nutshell

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2021.12.08 01:06 soulflooo Have all the ovenbreak stories been super detailed and complicated or am I just losing my mind

I started playing ovenbreak a couple months ago this year and I’m mostly going to point out adventure 5. I was researching lilac cookie today and only JUST found out that plain yogurt initially hired lilac to assassinate yogurt cream cookie and I needed the wiki to tell me so. I looked at the story cutscenes on YouTube but I’m starting to freak out. I don’t remember any of these conversations about plain yogurt being a bad guy. I don’t remember any of this dialogue with lilac cookie. I just remember seeing the cutscenes as the levels went passing by and they were relatively simple, like plain yogurt convincing yogurt cream to go out on his mission. Do they just add bonus stuff in the cutscene archive? Am I missing something? What is going on?
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2021.12.08 01:06 cande1216 The mandela catalogue theory

I was thinking, about the THINK principles, K is clearly written by an alternate, so wouldn't that make all principles written by alternates and so, make also the authorities and police controlled by them too? Or am I going too far with this?
It may also explain why the guidelines say to not help any person, that would help them? And could also explain why some of the media (videos and parts of videos) are narrated by alternates? like the part in which Mark commits suicide, some parts are narrated by voices that can be the alternate (bad decision Mark).
excuse my English, and please tell me if this makes any sense to anyone or if I'm being too odd.
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2021.12.08 01:06 nakyumbb Just finished watching the character teaser… what are your thoughts?

I’ve been waiting for itto ever since his name was leaked, and thirsted over his ab pics from the moment they were out.
Character teaser just dropped and imo it’s pretty lackluster… what do you guys think?
Ps. At least the voice at the end might’ve been ayato… who knows
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2021.12.08 01:06 albertoseptim117 Campaign is an additional 25.86 GB download if you already have MP installed

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2021.12.08 01:06 Terry_The_Tarrasque Opinion Strixhaven is a curriculum of chaotic ideas that do more harm than good

I've purchased Strixhaven and have been reviewing it over the course of the past few days (It was shipped early) and I must say I'm very disappointed.
First, a school of magic- THE MAGIC SCHOOL supplement adventure- has five spells. A school of Magic offers 5 new spells. The balance of these spells is all over the place. (I've seen the discussion of Silvery Barbs over the last few days. It is objectively the best spell.) It feels like only three out of five of them are really even usable that being Silvery Barbs, Vortex Warp, and Wither and Bloom. Borrowed Knowledge is awful. This spell gives you proficiency in a skill you lack for an hour and is second level. Why it's this high of spell level will confuse me for some time, especially since it cant be stacked with multiple uses. I see some uses for Kinetic Jaunt but it's for classes that will tend to be in the back like the Wizard or Sorcerer- classes that have Misty Step, which gets you away from danger and doesn't require concentration. Do you really need a spell that you have to concentrate on for one minute that just lets you move faster when you can just teleport for the same spell level? Perhaps if you are an Artificer, but taking the feat Magical Initiate and getting Misty Step (the better spell) is, in my opinion, more optimal. But to each their own.
There are two new feats in this book. One of which can be snagged as freebie in all the new school backgrounds, which makes them the strongest backgrounds in the game due to their utility. It allows you to pick one of the five schools from Strixhaven; you now know two cantrips and one level one spell from the Strixhaven school of your choice (which can be from outside your class’s spell list). If you can't cast spells, (e.g. no spell slots) you can cast the leveled spell once per long rest. A level one variant human now gets what is effectively two feats at level one. Now I know people are gonna say "you can outlaw it at your table if you don't like it." This isn't a valid argument, as rules are put in place to help newer DMs and players understand the game. This throws the game even further out of balance. This is just power creep, and it's legal in Adventure's League modules- all of them. I know a lot of people in this sub dont play AL but it is vital for some people to even play the game. Not taking these backgrounds is just hobbling your character. “Do they have any background features as a counterbalance” you say? No, they just give you spells from the school of your choice as replacements for background features. But do regular background features even come up in your games to begin with? Especially AL? From my experience, players forget about features and rely on their backstory for guidance. The icing on the cake is that you get to choose what your spell casting abilities are, (INT, WIS, or CHA,) making the background spells more abusable. The second feat is incredibly lackluster. It requires you be level 4 and have the previously mentioned feat (this is to stop the variant human from taking this feat as their race ability.) You get Find Familiar as a ritual and you can summon one of the new Strixhaven mascots, which are at least decent familiars. You can also swap places with them once per long rest, or more if you spend a level 2 or higher spell slot.
It's decent, there are just better feats out there to take; if you for some reason didn't take the free feat at level one, you have to wait till your second ASI, which you'd probably want to use to up a Stat- or just a better feat.
There are eight new Items which have prices, (thanks Wizards hope you do this more) but which are ridiculously expensive. The boundless coffee pot lets you drink from it, but every time you do, you have to roll a d20. On a 1, it stops working for an hour. It's a common flavor item a lot of people will like, but it costs 100 gp. There is a Strixhaven mascot plushie which you can press into yourself for an hour and it stays where you stuck it. It allows advantage on saving throws vs fear or to just straight up end the frightened condition. It's a common item worth 100 gp again. The five schools have their own books that grant a 1d4 to a check after you roll a d20- all uncommon, all requiring attunement, all 300 gp ( it's a bit expensive but if you're a skill monger, you may want it). Finally, the Strixhaven pendant shines 10 feet of bright light and dim for an extra 10. No attunement and it's 50 gp. (Good for the variant human you are definitely playing. /s)
The only new race is the Owlin. It's an okay race that gets 120 dark vision. You can fly unless you're wearing medium or heavy armor and you also gain proficiency in stealth. I know this sub had a long war with this subject so I'll slightly touch on it. WOTC does not give the Owlin its own lifespan; they say “The typical lifespan of a player character in D&D is about a century, assuming the character doesn’t meet a violent end on an adventure.” I believe this is going to be the case for all races moving forward when they make new ones. The height and weight also fall under this generalization and it tells you to just use the PHB to determine height and weight. Let me remind you, an Aarakocra lives to 30 years old. The fact that owls live to 25 year old in the wild, and DND has established that bird races live the same amount as the birds they’re based on, makes me frustrated that WOTC is effectively creating a clone army of ages and heights. But this sub will get locked if I spend more time on this.
Strixhaven tries to introduce some new mechanics to the game without really fleshing them out or adding depth to existing mechanics, such as extracurricular benefits. Essentially, if you are in an extracurricular, and you roll a skill check that happens to match your extracurricular you can add a d4 after the number is already rolled, allowing it to possibly succeed. You can only do this once per long rest. We are basically giving players multiple ways to get bardic inspiration outside of having a Bard. Is this a good thing if you don't have a Bard? Yes it's an amazing thing if you don't have a Bard, and it is only for certain checks once per long rest. If you do have a Bard they may feel left out because one of their abilities that was unique to them is now just an ability everyone can have. Or even worse, on the opposite end, your party can stack this with bardic inspiration and just never fail a skill check. For both the DM and the players, this can quickly make the game very boring.
Strixhaven offers jobs as a way to make money and boost your relationships with fellow NPCs at the college (will get to this in a second). You earn 5 gold a week doing this job. There are no checks to this you just earn five gold and talk to an NPC. They offer a list of jobs you can do and where they are in Strixhaven. WOTC didn't add any skill checks to these; they’re almost like an afterthought. (I know a DM can make players make a check if they want. I'm talking base book, no DM intervention.) 5 gold a week will not even get you close to any of the items prices on the magic item list. Your character would have to work 10 weeks just to afford the cheapest item. This is gold which you may need to spend on other things you desperately need.
Exams are also a thing in this "magic college". These boil down to the study phase and test phase. The book could have made things interesting by challenging the players to learn things about arcane lore. However, instead of actually having the players write answers, or roleplay a practical application of magical skill, it breaks down to a skill check. There are modifiers added to this check depending on if you studied, such as "pulling an all nighter," which gives you exhaustion, or forming a study group to gain advantage. Or you can just flat out cheat as well. If you fail, you won't be expelled, you just can't work or participate in extracurriculars. This means you lose possible bonuses to roles and npc hang outs. However, a chance of failure is unlikely, due to the abundance of bonuses to rolls/rerolls that the aforementioned feats, backgrounds, items, and activities give you. For DMs it may require some adjustment to make it a little more engaging, as just a random roll lacks creativity and is just disappointing.
The final new mechanic is the relationship mechanic, a thing the book says to do a session 0 about, because you may all get super uncomfortable doing it. The book even says if you make people too uncomfortable, just remove it entirely. If you have played Persona, it is basically that, except you can make rivals too. Rivals don't really do anything awful, they just make life for your character not as fun. Getting denied mechanics if you are rivals with the wrong people (not being able to pull all-nighters or study with other students who aren't players) or just minor annoyances with others (heavy items outside your dorm door or bards writing diss tracks on you in public). If you have a player who has read this section or has played before, this isn't going to have the effect the book wants, which in all honesty, is no one's fault. A way to have improved this is to add a randomization benefit to the boons and banes to add replayability. It just feels like there should have been more to being a rival with some npcs then minor role play penalties. As for the boons, Strixhaven activity encourages you to form a mini harem. You can have what is called a "beloved relationship" (the highest relationship with an npc) with as many characters up to your proficiency bonus, starting at level one. Your DM may not allow this to occur, or if they are a good DM, they will allow it but It can massively backfire. If they do allow it, you get inspiration for each romance you're in. This means that, if you get two Beloveds, you get to roll your d20 with advantage twice per long rest on top of everything else. This means you will most likely never fail a skill check ESPECIALLY with Silvery Barbs. If you have a Bard in the party you will be even more golden. Finally, for a supplement supposedly based off Magic the Gathering, there is almost nothing alluding to it at all. Professor Onyx, a popular character in MtG, is nowhere to be found. Is this because- just like Theros and Ravnica- WOTC is scared to give us planeswalker stat blocks? If that is the case, then why are we even doing these crossovers? In conclusion, STRIXHAVEN: A CURRICULUM OF CHAOS is very much a chaotic jumble of ideas that don’t really work, are poorly thought out/implemented, or, on the worst end of it, are just completely broken.
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2021.12.08 01:06 TraditionalPhoto6102 How can apps say they are free even if you have to pay to use them?

For example you download an app and on the app page it says free, but once you open it is trying to get your payment information. Is that legal?
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2021.12.08 01:06 Open-Tomatillo5626 A Sign Of Acceptance For Int’l Students

I have a friend who got into NU last year during the ED round. He submitted the ISFAA instead of the CSS due to financial hardship. A week to the release of the decisions, he received a waiver code from NU. It’s quite strange since NU doesn’t offer waiver code for INT’L students. I think if you receive it, it’s a sign of acceptance. Has any of the INT’L students @ NU experienced thing?
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2021.12.08 01:06 UnlikleyThinker17 What was the most creepiest thing that has ever happened to you on Christmas?

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2021.12.08 01:06 Illustrious-Farm-891 how does elo work?

is elo same as league of legends? like when you enter a loosing streak you start loosing more and winning less and vice-versa? im currently winning +17 and i fell like thats bad lol
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