I feel like I am going insane

2021.12.09 07:48 nataliedion I feel like I am going insane

Baby is teething and not sleeping well at all. Its driving me beyond crazy and I can’t take it. I know as a parent there so many sacrifices to be made including never sleeping again but I can never get used to functioning without sleep. She’s 4.5 months and doesn’t seem to be in pain but is waking up every hour just sucking on her fist and staring into thin air. Sometimes she cries sometimes she doesn’t during the night. During the day its a crying fit ALL DAY.
The one thing I had in my arsenal of baby soothers was a warm bath before bed (guarantee knock out for 10+ hours) is no longer working. Naps are also no more than 40 min long. Nothing soothes her, playing, rocking, paci, teething toys, bottle, songs, NOTHING. Any tips? Or are we all supposed to just ride it out?
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2021.12.09 07:48 random_mecha64 Is pyrocynical a dumbass

Mother fucker call an autobot symbol a decepticon symbol
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2021.12.09 07:48 Agile_Code_2182 Trending Game for Pls Stream thread

Can we get a thread going with the daily trending game for Pls Stream? Would be much appreciated
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2021.12.09 07:48 No_Plankton177 Can I get a Legit check on this jacket? Thanks :)

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2021.12.09 07:48 FiveLiamFrenzy 37 [M4F] Aussie teacher wanting to say g’day to women from all over the world! 👋🏻

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2021.12.09 07:48 JuniorMasterChef ABLETON SETUP: Intel 27" iMac vs M1Max Macbook Pro

I'm trying to decide on a new Ableton Mac. I'd like to have 64GB RAM because I am pre-loading quite a few libraries and sampled instruments. So I'm currently torn between these two machines.
They are roughly the same price where I live.
M1 MAX: Pros:
New and future-oriented.
Very powerful chip.
Laptops tend to overheat / less longevity.
Less stable and some plugins do not work yet yet.
Intel iMac
Totally stable. Software compatibility is not a question
Less portable.
New M1 iMacs are launching next year.
Seem like an opportunity cost.
Does anybody want to weigh in on any of these points?
Is Ableton working smoothly on the M1 Max Macbooks? Any overheating? I have always had trouble running Ableton on my MBPs because it inevitably leads to overheating. So that's why I'm thinking about a desktop this time.
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2021.12.09 07:48 ysulyma Vector calculus course with interactive THREE.js videos

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2021.12.09 07:47 ShadeOps21 Coming Home

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2021.12.09 07:47 Prestigious_Year_311 💎 EverTron 💎 | 7% Tron Rewards | EverVerse Ecosystem in Development| Marketing Starts now | Low MC Gem | Massive Rewards

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2021.12.09 07:47 ordinalexca ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

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2021.12.09 07:47 knithacker Free Crochet & Knit Pattern For Yip Yips

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2021.12.09 07:47 y2imm Wear them down

By the numbers, we can't prevent the kind of fuckery that's pushing GME around like a fart in the wind. We can't lock every last share available to short. Lending and shorting will continue even if we locked up every last single share we possibly can. DRS is just making it incrementally harder and harder, and more expensive for whoever is doing the fuckery. Reminds me of this...
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2021.12.09 07:47 stagah_77 [no spoilers] VI, hope you like it

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2021.12.09 07:47 Accurate_Count_7493 I made sparky in 3D art

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2021.12.09 07:47 howwouldiknow-- It do be like that

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2021.12.09 07:47 legendarydaphne I'm dating a religious guy, idk what to do

Hello. I'm 22, trans female and my partner is cis male 23 y/o. We're dating each other online and live in different countries. It's 8 months of our relationship, I disclosed that I'm trans in our first month of relationship. He said he's okay with this, then he learned that I cannot reproduce in the last summer. 2 weeks ago, he said he's been hit hard when I disclosed to him that I'm trans, and he said he had his second hit when I told him that I cannot reproduce, he always wanted to have a big family since his childhood. I feel so weak in this relationship, I love him and he loves me, but we have problems. Yesterday he wanted selfie of me with my mask off, I sent him but then he asked me what's with on my face "I saw something similar to beard". I told him that I've been exposed to male hormones during my puberty, and I'm looking forward to get rid of them by HRT and laser hair removal. I wanted him to be honest, and he said "I've hit by 3rd time." He also said he considers himself as heterosexual man and he fought against himself because it was disturbing for him to think of himself being together with a male. He didn't said anything religious to me, but he's an observant Catholic and I'm afraid his religious background affects this as well. I feel really, really sad and hopeless. All these sadness and stress and weigh on my shoulders weakened my immune system and I woke up with middle ear infection and cold this morning. Please help me, he says he loves me but I feel not enough for him. What can I do?
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2021.12.09 07:47 Alternative_Ad1558 I need support please

I (f27) have been in an off again on again relationship (m32) for over 4 years. We had a baby in April of this year and we were renting a house together, I stayed home with the kids and he worked. One night we got into a small argument and he left. I didn’t understand what went wrong or how it escalated so far, I apologized over and over for something I didn’t know that I did, just trying to get him to come back. He had everything he owned out the following day and after the first week he was no longer communicating with me. I had no way to pay rent or take care of everyone (2 kids 2 cats 1 dog). It turns out he left me for another girl. He has done this before but I still had my own place at that point and that was before the baby. I just feel so bereft. How do I hold it together for everyone? How can I provide for everyone and keep a roof over our heads while I can hardly pull myself out of bed every day? I am so heart sick and blindsided. It sounds stupid because he has done this before but I truly never saw it coming after how hard he fought for me back the last time. He hasn’t said a word to me since and it’s been over a month now. I have zero interest in reconnecting with him, I just need advice on how to keep going for my little family and emotional support. And any advice on how to get an income going bc I blew through my savings for this month and have nothing up my sleeve for next month.thank you for reading.
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2021.12.09 07:47 66Scorpio Raboniel be like

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2021.12.09 07:47 Extension-Ad6180 [PS4]H:IE15 cryolater W:legacy offers

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2021.12.09 07:47 CKsTechnologyNews Microplastics cause damage to human cells, study shows

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2021.12.09 07:47 Dws511 Just seen on FB, Merry Mall Ninja Christmas!

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2021.12.09 07:47 dmun Jet Jamerson hosts Lenovo Masters Cup APAC @ 3am PST/7pm SGT today

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2021.12.09 07:47 Former_Enthusiasm_39 Is anyone know how to fix this ? My dog scratched my speaker and I can’t find a replacement.

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2021.12.09 07:47 t4n4aa My boyfriend is mad because I want to get a piercing.

My boyfriend of two years is “forbidding”me to get a piercing. First I wanted a septum piercing but he said that It’s ugly and I shouldn’t get it. So I decided to compromise and get a stud or a ring on the nostril, but he’s still complaining. I know he wouldn’t be mad if I got it but he wouldn’t like it, it’s my wish for a few years already and I finally have the money to get it. I know if he wanted to get a buzz cut or something I don’t like I would react the same. What should I do?
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2021.12.09 07:47 BeenleighCopse Fees on Depositing Funds!!

Newbie - started a few months ago investing about £750/month but the fee at my bank is about £20 for each deposit.
Ive read through the help section on eToro and i understand there may be a currency conversion fee as Im trading in dollars.

I appear to be paying this for pip - Im just not sure what this is.
Is there a technique to avoid the conversion charge, such as trading in ££ or depositing in larger sums less often??
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