Customer claims item missing, Wants Refund. Item tracking shows delivered. What’s next?

2021.12.07 23:54 ExcitingDegree Customer claims item missing, Wants Refund. Item tracking shows delivered. What’s next?

Just looking for the proper way to approach this. US Postal Service shows timely accurate tracking delivery tracking to the address. Customer is claiming item never arrived. It seems Amazon always just sides with the customer and makes me pay for the item. What is the proper approach to not once again be ripped off?
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2021.12.07 23:54 Sri_Man_420 A Very Rough Map of Grammatical Genders in Indian languages

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2021.12.07 23:54 zhouse_org Qrion--Proud_(Dance_System_Remix)-(ANJDEE644RD)-WEB-2021-OMA / ZHouse

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2021.12.07 23:54 michpete28 Double Tux, meet Winston, medium critter and Dixon, plus size

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2021.12.07 23:54 Kelekona [Crit] This is part of a larger work, if I could please have some quick and dirty feedback?

It was a week later when the subject of Tanyanika’s training came up in the middle of a conversation between Kain and Archimedes. Sarah was called and she came almost immediately.
“It’s hard to tell if she’s making enough progress or not,” Sarah said. “At least she’s beginning to trust me enough that I might be able to help if there is a problem.”
“What about Grigori?” Archimedes asked. “Are you having trouble getting him to do his schoolwork?”
“I took some liberties with that,” Sarah said. “The good news is that I think he’ll be alright; the bad news is that it might have been a mistake that will someday doom us all.”
“What did you do?” Archimedes demanded.
“More importantly, what are you talking about and why did neither of you inform me of it sooner?” Kain asked.
Sarah guiltily pointed at Archimedes. “He should have let me know if he didn’t want to tell you himself.”
“It would have been a non-issue if you could have managed to keep a simple task simple.” Archimedes pinched the bridge of his nose. “My understanding of it has its flaws so I can’t relate the full details from the other timeline. Tanyanika made up new words to describe exactly what it was, but Grigori would suffer from something like a mild bout of nefasrum. Having him continue his schoolwork was suggested as a way to delay it.”
“I don’t understand,” Kain said. “Is it not a religious disease?”
“Without religion, some of the symptoms are becoming more common and treatment is less straightforward,” Sarah said. “Describing it as a spiritual sickness is as good as calling it depression. It sounds like Grigori became deeply unhappy.”
Kain snorted. “If you haven’t noticed, most of us are unhappy.”
“Being bitter and grumpy is different than an inability to feel pleasure,” Sarah said. “However, if Grigori started a downward spiral because of spending too much time inside his own head, I think he’s sufficiently distracted from it. I want to keep an eye on him because I have no idea what could have triggered it.”
“And the mistake that might doom us all?” Kain asked.
“Tanyanika’s doing lessons in programming and Grigori got interested, so I started translating the basics for him. Now he’s really interested,” Sarah said. “That wouldn’t be a bad thing except he’s also smart but lazy and those things mix with programming a little too well. If he doesn’t lose that interest, we’re going to need someone smarter than me to pay attention to what he’s doing in case he creates a sentient computer.”
“Sarah…” Archimedes stopped to ball his fists in frustration and release them again. “Machines that can think are impossible. Is there a problem you can think of that is not fictional?”
“You’re not taking this seriously? Don’t blame me if terminator robots knock down your door and you wake up in the Matrix.” Sarah crossed her arms and thought. “It’s just a stereotype, but programmers are sometimes neglectful of their physical needs.”
“It wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen that problem.” Kain smirked at Archimedes. “As for the impossibility of thinking machines, the one that plays chess certainly gives the illusion of thinking.”
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2021.12.07 23:54 North_Worldliness_97 Lapras raid 6943 5526 7046

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2021.12.07 23:54 cbvv1992 🔥45% Off Code – $32.99 Traditional Floor Lamps for Living Room

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2021.12.07 23:54 LibrarianNext2849 ima lock with a 81 wp on current gen (ps4) need a center and guard , 70 wp+ hmu !

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2021.12.07 23:54 IwishIwasinStarWars Hmm, I will now attack Poland...

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2021.12.07 23:54 _kiminara /PCB Subdirect Statistics

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2021.12.07 23:54 PIsdonthurtm Do you guys like benchmade? I was always under. The impression that they were a great brand, but I've seen a lot of benchmade hate here

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2021.12.07 23:54 shadowofsunderedstar What's everyone's favourite?

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2021.12.07 23:54 Cut-Unique About Esme's parents...

It was mentioned in today's episode that her parents died when she was very young. So unless they were referring to her adoptive parents, I think that pretty much rules out the theory that Ryan Chamberlain is her father.
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2021.12.07 23:54 _luv-bug_ I want a cat but the owner of our place wont let us have one and I'm heartbroken :(

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2021.12.07 23:54 Huyzy Zekrom Raid! Adding Ten! 1859 5883 9911

be online
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2021.12.07 23:54 goonstock El-B - Ghost Rider

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2021.12.07 23:54 hggthrowaway22 How do I stabilize my self-image?

I've been on a streak of feeling more attractive/liking the way I look more in the past month, but today it took a dive. I feel really ugly, more than I have in years. Before this past month, my self-image has never been completely satisfying or even mostly satisfying. Most of my life I've only tolerated the way my face and body look. Every so often, I'd have a day where I really liked the way I look, or I'd have a day where I really hated it. How do I switch from an unstable relationship with my self-image to a stable one?
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2021.12.07 23:54 MontaEllisBurner Inside a strange Pacers practice and what lies ahead as core players are available for trade (an excellent and FREE article by Scott Agness)

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2021.12.07 23:54 MisterSpeaks The reason i live summed up in a single image

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2021.12.07 23:54 kidguti2021 Eternal Atake opinion

After going back to Eternal Atake, I don’t understand how people can hate the album. It’s a great album. Like it’s got songs for every occasion on that album.
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2021.12.07 23:54 Bluefrick Based on who you play on quick play

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2021.12.07 23:54 LeaveAgreeable998 Find tool

my google docs won't allow me to use the find tool (from google chrome) it searches through the task bar for words and not the document itself if that makes sense.
Does anyone know how to use the find tool on the document itself?
For clarification, I am not referring to the find and replace tool provided by docs, referring to the tool that pops up on the top right corner of the browser when pressing shift+f
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2021.12.07 23:54 XXI_HereticV6Mustang Well-Structured German Study Shows No Deaths among Healthy German Kids Ages 5 to 11

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2021.12.07 23:54 therealbaddiee Whatcha think daddy?

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2021.12.07 23:54 Meemr_bob Cursed nap

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