cant add credit card info, cause my last name has an "Ö" letter in it, and the keyboard dont allow me to use "Ö" letter, cause it does not have it... someone helpp?t

2021.10.18 22:00 Zealousideal-Heart31 cant add credit card info, cause my last name has an "Ö" letter in it, and the keyboard dont allow me to use "Ö" letter, cause it does not have it... someone helpp?t

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2021.10.18 22:00 Alert-Yellow-7408 How is my transcription? Can any one give any corrections?

I tried to transcript the song "fit right in" in Norwegian from the My Little Pony a new generation film (since my friend's daughter is learning Norwegian and wanted lyrics) I would be grateful for any suggestions or corrections to it (min norsk er ikke perfekt)

(link to song on youtube )
Jordponnier, de ligger nederstid vårt hierarki
Og pegasuser er barbarer uten empati
Dere er sinke!
Du stinker!
Du spiser sikkert krit...
Så jeg tar kviter, jeg sku' rømme hvis jeg møtte deg
Men selv om vi ikke alle er det samme slag,
Er vi ikke så forskellige! ser jeg i dag
Hvis man glemmer gamle tanke så kan man finne seg en venn
Bare glem de gamle skrønene vi ble fortalt
Hvis man dømmer på det ytre kan det fort gå galt
Når vi går igjen på byen, går det lett! og igjen til...
Får dere passe inn!
dette kan ikke bli verre...
ja du vil passe inn !
det kommer ikke til å funke!
du enhjørning, er sprit og gal og det vi ble vi fortalt
med hår som kniver og skarpe tenner du spiser alt!
og mine hover, knuser du og gomler dem med salt
I bunnegrunn sånn er en enhjørning, utrolig sær
hør, hvis man vil lokke noen må man også våge
Og se! nå vi er sterke, undelige og kloke
Og vil vi snart våse, får vi ut av vårt gale skynd
Ja du vil passe inn!
hah, hvis du sier det så...
Ja du vil passe inn!
Så klart du vil, så se og lær
Sånn går enhjørninger i takt
Og sånn er får vi tingene sagt
Sånn er har en enhjørning gøy
Sånn er har en enhjørning...
Dette er en enhjørning dans
Åh, se oss svinge enhjørning svans
Og med all den hjelp du har fått...
Kan du være enhjørning flott!
Et enhjørninghorn er moderne og smart
Og med pinne mit i panna
Blir man stolt av sin art
Over putsen for hver enhjørning et horn helt unik
Ja nå skal jeg lage det kvikk, og da blir du "trés magnifique"
Og med den "style" i lomma få vi venner igjen, vi gjør det igjen, og så kjære venn, magi kommer frem!
Noen I Equestria har gått litt galt, og hvis vi ikke gjør noe so blir det fortalt...
Slå det pai, må vi i fengsel!
Men det klarer vi med stil!
Gi meg et spill!
For dere passer inn!
Sånn går enhjørninger i takt
Og sånn er får vi tingene sagt
Dette var et enhjørning salut
Sånn har denne enhjørning sangen slutt...
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2021.10.18 22:00 ObiWanJaynobi Lost Wallet

My name is Jasraj Dhillon, and I can’t find my wallet anywhere. I’m on campus right now, and I only walked from Foothill Parking Lot to the Engineering Library, and to the Hearst Mining Building. If you found my wallet, please either comment on this post or call my number. It has my license and student ID, so it will be easy to identify. Please help me.
Phone: 5108049474
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2021.10.18 22:00 gymedmfan12 Want to get into the Modern Games

I haven’t played a mainline game since Heart Gold/Soul Silver. However I’ve played pokemmo (fan made game) and started collecting cards again during the last year. I want to get into the modern games. Is it worth playing the 3ds games or should I just start with sword and shield and brilliant diamond? I really love competitive Pokémon so that’s why sword and shield appeal to me.
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2021.10.18 22:00 vandermaele [Jacket] Initiative Handarbeit's Jacke Damian

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2021.10.18 22:00 cheesegod27 How much karma do you need to post on r/teenagers

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2021.10.18 22:00 DudeWheresMyBoar What Civ 6 mods should I Get?

Hey all,
I got back into civ 6 after its PS4 release and now got a PC, what mods should I get to improve experience? Preference Mediterranean map, Immortal level. Thanks all in advanced! :D
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2021.10.18 22:00 overtly-Grrl Borderline Personality Disorder. Friends? (serious, please no hate)

(FYI Extremely personal and involved with LGBTQIA+, 420, and mental health)
Within the last year and a half I was diagnosed with BPD, MDD, C-PTSD, Severe Anxiety, and ADHD. I’m at disability level, which basically means it’s impacting my life to the point of needing accommodations.
I’m just looking for some people who may understand my struggles. I’m on medication so I’m not like volatile or anything, just really misunderstood.
I’m a senior 22F, and study GGS, Psych, ASL, and Public Policy. I cut my entire family out at 17. I only speak to my step dad who’s currently in my home state of Georgia. To give you a perspective on that, I am the only white person in my family so I have very strong views on political, social, and related topics.
I just lost my entire friend group to the ex I broke up with. I live alone in Buffalo so I feel especially vacant in my heart. I only talk to my dad on the phone and my partner, disregarding work friends. I just want some friends who will care as deeply for me as I am only capable of doing for them.
I have a plethora of gaming systems and love to stream. I also know ASL to the point of interpreting level. I have four cats that I rescued(not just fuckin went out and bought lmao) and I’m very 420 friendly for coping reasons. Lastly I’m pretty laid back. I don’t go out to much. and try to stay pretty low key.
Just hoping someone might unfortunately be in the same position if not likewise.
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2021.10.18 22:00 ContentForager isiloP Indonesia dalam kulit kacang (/r/indonesia)

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2021.10.18 22:00 deanomalone Secret agent gas station.

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2021.10.18 22:00 NotAnAppleCart Unstaking - 24 Hours?

Why does it take 24 hours to unstake?
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2021.10.18 22:00 RedditReadsBot A Clash of Kings by GRRM [Fantasy](1998)

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2021.10.18 22:00 lexypoo42 Camp EDC

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2021.10.18 22:00 praha_the_botv #オリジナル 【創作百合】私とお嬢様と駆け落ちで家賃8500円【宣伝】 - 達磨かえる元帥のマンガ 12P 以下の方法で本編を見て、投票ができます。 期日は7月25日の日が変わるまで!! ①以下のツイートをRTで投票 ②アプリで漫画を読んでコメントを残して投票 『G!トーナメント2021予選』の第1話を今すぐ読めます! - #Gトーナメント2021 #GANMA

#オリジナル 【創作百合】私とお嬢様と駆け落ちで家賃8500円【宣伝】 - 達磨かえる元帥のマンガ 12P 以下の方法で本編を見て、投票ができます。 期日は7月25日の日が変わるまで!! ①以下のツイートをRTで投票 ②アプリで漫画を読んでコメントを残して投票 『G!トーナメント2021予選』の第1話を今すぐ読めます! - #Gトーナメント2021 #GANMA submitted by praha_the_botv to yuri_jp [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:00 janbogi2011 I think I’m gonna out my mouth on a barrel from all my losses

Could you explain the meaning of the sentence below? (It’s a comment on a stock trading post)

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2021.10.18 22:00 Kpowell911 Forget Squid Game, this is Squad Game 😎
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2021.10.18 22:00 lapinobel Quest 2/Pro : what would you want?

For me...

Would be almost perfect
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2021.10.18 22:00 poorFishwife New leads on the three never-discovered Darkshrine League effects

We think the three never-discovered Darkshrine League effects might be:

  1. "Geomancer's bane", which likely granted monsters in the Area additional Physical Damage Reduction;
  2. "Not every deal is worth the making", which likely spawned a special vendor NPC who sold a Unique Item; and
  3. "Secret Passage", which was the very last entry and thus might have been extra-special.
Hopefully this post gives a few people some partial closure. And if we're lucky, maybe the info here will spark some GGG staff members' memories!
Back in 2015 at the end of Darkshrine League, Bex wrote the following in a news post:
Three Darkshrine effects were not discovered by players and did not occur in the leagues
Years later, Ormcrab made a post about the three Darkshrine League effects that the playerbase never triggered.
During that post Bex asked the team to investigate, but came back empty-handed. Bex wrote:
So uhh ~ funny story ~ we don't know anymore either. The bright side is that we're now haunted by this alongside you.
The implication of Bex's comment was that those data were either lost to time, or simply too expensive for GGG to dig up.
A New Analysis
Yesterday in our fishing research Discord server, Strawberry brought up the Darkshrine League topic, and it got us thinking about it again. Although the actual Darkshrine effects were handled strictly server-side (and thus unavailable to players), I realized that the trigger strings were accessible to the client all along. I was already familiar with a few Darkshrine trigger strings from prior research (the fishing-related Darkshrine effects, naturally!) and I knew where to look. The variable names sometimes hint at the actual effects, so with luck, we'd be able to make some progress.
Amazingly, we didn't even need to dig up an ancient version of the ggpk for this: the trigger strings have persisted in the files to this day. Moreover, the Darkshrine strings seemed to be physically clustered together (string index 1791 - 1988). If that export was indeed comprehensive, the trigger messages for the three mysterious unknown effects might be identifiable.
(Small caveat: It's always possible that the data we used were incomplete or misleading. For example, GGG sometimes carefully withholds data from the client files -- either entirely, or until certain live events occur, such as a Unique Item switching state from Unrevealed to Revealed. There are many reasons why what we found might not be correct; but as you'll soon see, this case lines up pretty well, so we're reasonably confident it's not a coincidence!)
Then Stymphalian ID.27, Strawberry, and I started comparing the export against the old player-documented lists of observed Darkshrine League outcomes, such as the wiki) and the old poe.rivsoft site. We knew that if we could find exactly 3 effects which were present on the export but absent from players' documentation, we'd have a good chance at having found information on the three never-discovered effects.
Sure enough, we found exactly 3. :)
The Leads
Here's a snip of the three effects we found which were in the gamefiles, but which were never player-documented.
1879 MapModPhysicalResist Geomancer's bane -1521101995 1964 SpawnUniqueSellingVendor Not every deal is worth the making 1151660664 1988 SecretPassage Secret Passage -991569028 
It's common for GGG's data to be named in self-descriptive ways, and similar effects are grouped (nice practices!). So despite the limited data, we can actually make quite a few inferences about each effect.
1) "Geomancer's bane"
This effect is a member of a known class: players had documented "Auromancer's bane", "Pyromancer's bane", and "Brontomancer's bane". These "banes" added Area modifiers that granted +80% Monster Cold, Fire, and Lightning Resistance respectively. Each was triggered by sacrificing a Map with an affix. For example, "Auromancer's bane" required a Map with the Undead prefix ("Area is inhabited by Undead"). Each trigger string variable followed a similar internal naming convention: MapModColdResist, MapModFireResist, etc.
Thus "Geomancer's bane" (MapModPhysicalResist) very likely would have added an Area modifier that granted Monsters additional Physical Damage Reduction.
Now a brief aside, with speculative guesswork on my part:
So, why did players never observe and document "Geomancer's bane"? Surely the playerbase sacrificed sufficient Maps to cover all possible affixes over the course of Darkshrine League. Well, one reasonable explanation might be an oversight with affix inputs.
There's another relevant Darkshrine effect which was documented by players; namely, "You feel buffeted by a strong gust" (MapModTempestPhysicalSkills), which spawned a Battering Tempest. And we know what sacrifice this Tempest effect required: a Map with the Armoured prefix ("+#% Monster Physical Damage Reduction").
Imagine if "Geomancer's bane" was implemented to require the Armoured prefix as well. If two effects shared the same affix input trigger, what would happen when a player sacrificed a Map with Armoured? Well, only one effect could possibly trigger. Perhaps the single triggerable effect was the Tempest, and thus triggering "Geomancer's bane" was incidentally never possible.
But that part's just speculation! Let's get back to it.
2) "Not every deal is worth the making"
The variable name for this effect is SpawnUniqueSellingVendor. Based on similar documented "Spawn" effects, one would expect this would do exactly what the variable name says: create an NPC in the Area which has a Sell interaction page that includes a Unique Item.
With that description I'm sure many of us immediately thought of Cadiro Perandus. Cadiro can suddenly spawn into Areas and offer to sell Unique Items, after all. But Darkshrine League (Nov 2015) came months before Perandus League was introduced (Mar 2016). Thus this effect could not have been Cadiro, unless it was a crazy teaser and spoiler.
A remarkable effect like this one would have been more likely to be shared by a player who experienced it. The fact that this effect was never documented means it's a good candidate for one of the three never-discovered effects. This adds a bit of confidence that our overall analysis here might be correct, but it's still by no means certain.
3) "Secret Passage"
This effect is the most mysterious of the bunch due to how nondescript it is. There aren't any significant connections we can make to any other known Darkshrine effects.
Notably, "Secret Passage" is the very last member on the list of all Darkshrine trigger strings. The reason this is important is that GGG sometimes uses the "last on the list" for special secrets. For example, the last member of the list of Tangmazu (Strange Voice) random voicelines is "Are you the fisherman or are you the bait?". And just a few days ago, the Scourge Livestream Reveal Guild Stash Transfer Log section very briefly showed Albino Rhoa Feather and Reefbane as the last entries.
"Secret Passage" may have been the rarest and most special effect that GGG had planned. If so, it's no surprise that it wasn't ever triggered by players.
"Secret Passage" is so generic that it could have had any number of crazy effects. If GGG cannot chase it down, we might never know what "Secret Passage" actually did. But due to my nature I feel obligated to point out one fact: the first hints towards the Winding Pier occurred prior to Darkshrine League. :)
That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed our little investigation.
Maybe if we're very lucky, this new information will be the missing piece that someone at GGG required to chase down the real answer. Last year Bex mentioned that the GGG team was now similarly haunted by this mystery. Perhaps this October analysis could be the start of some exorcism!
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2021.10.18 22:00 BayGullGuy What streaming service

Okay this might be a dumb question but I want to make sure I get the right service. I'm on the east coast of canada. Recently moved and no longer have cable (nor am I interested in getting it again). I do however have a firestick. What service to I want to sign up for? I don't need to see every game but I'd like to get as many as I reasonably can. Bonus points for getting Canadian team games and cheaper is better.
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2021.10.18 22:00 Ory01 Jerry the hoverfish

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2021.10.18 22:00 SmileIvana 8756 9543 8394 please

8756 9543 8394 please
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2021.10.18 22:00 whatsoever13 [H]Fifa 22 Xbox one [W]Fifa 22 Xbox series X/S W=I Fifa 22 Xbox one

I want someone to only trade...I am giving Fifa 22 Xbox series X/S and I want a key for Fifa 22 Xbox one..By mistake I bought Fifa for Xbox series and not One and is not refundable or else I would have done it...If someone has Fifa 22 for xbox one please let me know and PM me in reddit to give you info for the trade
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2021.10.18 22:00 mlbb_odd-ice Ex squadrista di destra

Pure io. Dal 1996 al 2000. Testa rasata, bomber, anfibi a pestare i comunisti in giro per Padova. Sciarpa con scritta "boia chi molla" a fare la pecora che segue il gregge. Se mi trovavano da solo mi cagavo addosso ma in gruppo ero fortissimo.
8 su 10 sono entrati nei carabinieri o polizia. Uno si è sposato con un nigeriano in Spagna. E io per loro solo il venduto che risiede in Germania, schiavo dei poteri forti che si è fatto fare il lavaggio del cervello.
Riassunto: lo facevo perché avevo un conflitto con mia madre che era una comunista convinta. Sono stato un grande mona.
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2021.10.18 22:00 ronawithlimelike905 Pump that Reddit algorithm boys

Algo eugh
Nelk, Full Send, SteveWillDoIt, SteveWillDoIt LLC, Wizza, Roobet, PrivateBet, Kyle Forgeard, Allen Temiz, Alfonso, FaZe Banks, Adin Ross, Ricegum, Happy Dad, CoffeeZilla, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Fake Giveaway, Illegal Sweepstakes, GaspoShow, Cryptopunks, NFT, Keemstar, Lucas Gasparini, Stephen Deleonardis, Money Laundering, Dartie, Eh Bud, Half Sender, Nelkboys, Nelkfilmz, Full Send Drop,, Bradley Martin, ThatWasEpic, Offshore Gambling, Doom13, Aero1738, Shahidi Brothers
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2021.10.18 22:00 AMSAGENT000 Surrey Police Service Vaccination Policy

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