Will Rolovich keep his job as head coach?

2021.10.18 23:08 snowtime18 Will Rolovich keep his job as head coach?

Just trying to get a vibe of what people think before we hear the official news.
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2021.10.18 23:08 IDigTrenches 200 Turns in and I don't have any friendly or hostile nations

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2021.10.18 23:08 Dunnachius The "nuclear" option to enforcing the rule of not plugging phones into the computers.

The company (or institution not saying which) I work for has had it with people plugging phones into their computers.
This week my job is to take everyone's tower one by one and make the following modifications.

  1. Remove the wiring going to any case mounted USB devices
  2. Super glue the logitech dongle into the back USB ports and block the rest in. (Out of an unusual amount of wisdom the company only buys USB brand mice/keyboards so this plan will actually work)
  3. Install a hidden USB port inside of the case to connect USB mass storage devices to if needed for IT needs.
  4. Install a USB charging stations so everyone has at least 2 open USB ports on their desk for charging Phones/smart watches.

So..... today was my first dozen computers I locked down. About an hour after returning the first one We get a ticket that the guys USB charger isn't working.

I go up to his floor and he has his phone plugged into the front USB on the PC.

Bro did you really send a support ticket to ask why the computer won't charge your phone?

I expect 2 weeks of this stupid... and people wonder why they had to super glue USB ports...
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2021.10.18 23:08 IronWolve KEEP GOING!

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2021.10.18 23:08 hitmiker What would Kirby become if he swallowed you ?

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2021.10.18 23:08 stylesdw Pls take them they’re priced cheaper than I paid lmao

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2021.10.18 23:08 Loads-of-Bacon FortuneCookie45LC | Precision Reloading With The APP Press -The Lee APP Press Video Series – Part 8

Link: https://www.thereloadersnetwork.com/2021/10/18/precision-reloading-with-the-app-press-the-lee-app-press-video-series-part-8/
This is a repost with additional information and new title as this subject is rather eye opening and not readily acceptable for many. In the interest of exploration and discovery, the hope is that others will test this out for themselves.
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2021.10.18 23:08 intentionallybad TIL Pam sometimes drunkenly stumbles to her post at the bus stop after the bar closes instead of going home

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2021.10.18 23:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Georgia woman gets house arrest, probation for delivering heroin to Westmoreland County | Pgh Tribune-Review

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2021.10.18 23:08 opulentneptune Animal Crossing Direct Animatic!

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2021.10.18 23:08 gabrieltwin Does marketing get any better?

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2021.10.18 23:08 Alastor369 Just wanna give a quick thank you for the new SBMM system!

Thanks to SBMM, I’ve been having much better games!
So far this afternoon I’ve played 8 survivor games. Every single one of them (seriously, I’m not even exaggerating) I’ve had someone intentionally seek out the killer, get downed on purpose, and then kill themselves immediately. Saved an Elodie in my last game. What’s she do? Run right back to the killer to get killed. Why? Likely to cut down her MMR to have easier games.
Alright, so solo queue is a wasteland. Just go play killer! They have the MMR split now, so you can practice new killers against some weaker teams to get the hang of them, right? Well, hold on, now. Because I pushed for red ranks the season prior to this launch (which I didn’t even make it to rank 1) using easy killers, the game thinks I’m equally as good across all my killers. So all of my killers have been placed in higher MMRs so that when I try playing someone like Pig or Twins for the first time (ever), I go up against a 4-stack death squad of spirit breaking, will shattering maniacs.
So yeah, needless to say, my games have been much more enjoyable and an overall pleasant experience. Thank you, BHVR, for taking your time in releasing a meticulously thought up and intricately designed system.
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2021.10.18 23:08 sk7433 3 weeks already. How many more days from after this?

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2021.10.18 23:08 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2021-10-18

Today's anniversaries are:

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2021.10.18 23:08 pingpengpong QA/15%V/25%FFR Flamer ~ Price Check

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2021.10.18 23:08 xPhantom39x Thanks, but I’ll walk home!

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2021.10.18 23:08 TronicBoy Python for Data Science

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2021.10.18 23:08 Marsichify Does anybody know a good page where hackathons are published?

Hello everybody,
I recently finished a Bootcamp for UX/UI design. But now, when applying to jobs I feel like I need more projects in my portfolio.
So, what are your opinions about hackathons? What is the best way to find the good ones? Are some pages betteworse and why?
Please advise, thanks!
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2021.10.18 23:08 TronicBoy Python for Data Science

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2021.10.18 23:08 Brombeerweinschorle Bis wohin lasst ihr eure Kotletten wachsen? Bis zum Ohranfang, zur Ohrmitte, oder bis unter das Ohr?

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2021.10.18 23:08 AlphaColeslaw Notelock.

I need every tip you people can give me under the sun on how to stop notelocking on jumps!!!!! (mostly 1-2s) please help a bad player out rank 211k
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2021.10.18 23:08 NYCUberdriver Day 1: Arriving in Yemen (surreal to be here)

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2021.10.18 23:08 regian24 Tit for Tat

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2021.10.18 23:08 WeakPasswordBro corona converter

Am I stupid, or is the corona converter almost completely useless unless you are specifically converting from Vray?
I'm trying to convert some materials that imported from sketchup (bleh) as a max "standard surface" material, with bitmaps. Corona converter seems to only have 2 options. Option 1 is that it flat out ignores it (???) or option 2 is that it converts it to a flat gray material using the "convert by class" dialogue, which is somehow worse.
Is there something that I'm missing? I don't see the point of this or the useless autodesk converter if all they do is say "conversion complete! :) " but don't actually change 85% of the scene.
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2021.10.18 23:08 AnonymousChocoholic Grafting rubber plants?

Has anyone tried to graft two types. Of ficus elastica? I have a tineke and thought it could be fun to have a rubber tree consisting of e.g regular one with tineke and/or ruby on them (great explanation, hopefully you get the idea)
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