I think I'm a slow processor - is meditation for me?

2021.10.18 22:27 krumelbumel I think I'm a slow processor - is meditation for me?

As I've grown older I've realised I process information a fair bit slower than other people, particularly verbal information. I've always been the "slow" or "head in the clouds" guy in the group. It's not that I have bad focus - I can focus on work very well for instance so I've done well academically, but in conversations I lose track quite easy and consequently drift off, and it can take me a long time to finish a book. A friend describes me as the tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare. I also have quite bad memory, I often struggle to remember the names of things/people/places. So the question is, is meditation for me or is it gonna send me further "into the clouds"?
N.B I know meditation is supposed to be good for focus and it's certainly not going to do me any harm, but I'm just wondering if for someone of my dispostion whether I might be better off spending my time doing something else.
I've been on/off meditation for a good few years now, but only just had this thought. Recently got back into it after going through a very emotionally unstable period, and giving it a good go with 2x 20 min sessions a day. Feels like it's helping but I'm only a couple weeks in. I've also been considering Vipassana retreats, would be intruged if anyone has any relevant stories if they've been on one!
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2021.10.18 22:27 JBR409 Is it just me or does the market feel dead already?

I know it’s Monday but it’s also 3 days after full launch. There shouldn’t be only ~5700 players up right now.
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2021.10.18 22:27 renesa05 2018 Mazda 6 GS-L (Canadian model) TPMS light on

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2021.10.18 22:27 HeartEmotional660 Selling 15mil cristiano 20mil messi

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2021.10.18 22:27 ZoolShop Huge explosion destroys house throwing rubble across street and leaving smoking ruin

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2021.10.18 22:27 inflationsunflower Upload 2007 fullmovie-pt2

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2021.10.18 22:27 Pharrox_ Stockboomer[Alphaversion] 2021-10-18 - Stockboomerrank

Disclaimer: Currently in early development state. Experimental purpose. More features and more accurate data will follow. No financial advice.
Intro to Stockboomer project and description of data fields/ranking: Intro to Stockboomer & Description of Data
Stockboomer Website is Live! => https://stockboomer.com
Todays Market Stats
Average price change of shares identified today: 2.96% 😀
Sum of analyzed comments: 814 (+396.34% vs. Yesterday)
Relevant Graphs:

Data Link to Chart
Comment Volume of Top Stocks Chart Comment Volume
Todays TOP 10 Stocks based on Googletrends/Sentiment/Volume/Comments are:
1 - TSLA (Tesla)
2 - COIN (Coinbase, Inc.)
3 - RIOT (Riot Blockchain)
4 - PROG (Progenity)
5 - MARA (Marathon Patent Group)
6 - FCEL (FuelCell Energy)
7 - VS (Versus Systems)
8 - HX (Hexindai Inc.)
9 - UN (Unilever NV)
10 - JCS (Communications Systems)
Raw data of all TOP Stocks:
Rank Symbol Company Last Price Change in % sum_comments volume google_trend_value Negative Neutral Positive
1 TSLA Tesla 870.26 +2.49% 158 23154643 None 11.90 99.58 22.53
2 COIN Coinbase, Inc. 293.06 +4.04% 19 11749621 None 1.61 6.43 2.97
3 RIOT Riot Blockchain 29.79 +6.05% 20 22517162 None 4.29 8.35 2.36
4 PROG Progenity 3.0 +39.53% 7 331376064 None 0.30 4.24 1.46
5 MARA Marathon Patent Group 51.44 +5.09% 9 22214537 None 0.87 3.55 0.58
6 FCEL FuelCell Energy 8.74 +11.34% 6 156537509 None 0.35 4.82 0.83
7 VS Versus Systems 3.95 +19.70% 3 419149 None 0.00 2.91 0.09
8 HX Hexindai Inc. 6.66 +0% 1 6515431 None 0.07 0.73 0.20
9 UN Unilever NV 60.5 +0% 2 16029764 None 0.28 0.64 0.09
10 JCS Communications Systems 5.16 +0% 1 1354070 None 0.00 0.00 0.00
11 M Macy's 28.24 +0% 2 48770902 None 0.00 0.00 0.00
12 SOFI SoFi Technologies 20.85 +7.59% 38 48108439 None 1.83 25.86 5.29
13 AMD Advanced Micro Devices 116.45 +3.93% 27 47332175 None 1.02 15.94 5.04
14 AAPL Apple 146.59 +1.12% 46 82640461 None 7.21 30.93 6.85
15 DIS Disney 171.14 +0% 19 20129907 None 1.90 9.09 3.01
16 UPST Upstart Holdings 383.67 -1.72% 18 7289558 None 1.97 10.48 2.55
17 NET Cloudflare 180.85 +7.91% 21 6961222 None 2.48 14.53 2.00
18 SNAP Snap, Inc. 75.78 -2.45% 12 32900196 None 0.60 8.87 1.54
19 FB Facebook 335.3 +3.08% 17 21173604 None 1.26 9.35 3.40
20 AMC AMC Entertainment 43.03 +7.17% 12 49753519 None 1.55 9.12 1.32
21 GME GameStop 185.94 +1.42% 18 1571885 None 0.93 13.42 1.66
22 WISH ContextLogic 5.02 -0.40% 12 17537501 None 0.98 5.57 3.45
23 NIO NIO Inc. 39.6 +4.46% 7 43123093 None 0.12 5.16 0.71
24 CRSR Corsair Gaming 24.81 -0.56% 6 2086868 None 0.54 4.01 1.45
25 ME 23andMe 8.895 -4.46% 5 4409139 None 0.00 4.07 0.93
26 SPCE Virgin Galactic 19.73 -2.38% 8 24968740 None 0.89 4.33 0.77
27 YOU Clear Secure 40.65 +0.87% 16 184590 None 2.58 8.76 2.65
28 AFRM Affirm Holdings 157.22 +0% 7 23494493 None 1.00 4.57 0.43
29 BABA Alibaba Group 166.87 -0.48% 9 14123827 None 0.13 4.09 1.78
30 ROKU Roku, Inc 344.47 +5.99% 3 4526367 None 0.00 0.68 0.32
31 PE Parsley Energy 16.9 +0% 3 None None 0.00 1.77 0.23
32 HUT Hut 8 Mining 11.965 -2.57% 3 23648521 None 0.11 1.65 0.24
33 CLF Cleveland-Cliffs 21.39 -0.60% 8 21118652 None 0.42 5.39 2.20
34 AMZN Amazon 3446.68 +1.08% 12 3103071 None 1.32 7.88 1.80
35 CHWY Chewy 65.91 +0% 2 4059386 None 0.17 1.63 0.20
36 PLUG Plug Power 32.58 +0% 3 31349019 None 0.48 1.35 0.17
37 TA TravelCenters of America 55.04 +0.33% 1 220806 None 0.00 0.74 0.26
38 HOME At Home Group 36.98 0.00% 2 None None 0.00 0.00 0.00
39 BIDU Baidu, Inc 171.03 +0% 2 7130379 None 0.00 0.00 0.00
40 MSFT Microsoft 307.34 +1.00% 9 22094510 None 0.15 4.77 1.09
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2021.10.18 22:27 midge0214 Toronto to PLS

Has anyone on here travelled from Toronto to PLS recently? Seems as if there’s a lot of American travellers but looking for a Canadian perspective. I’ve noticed a lot of people have mentioned the CVS rapid antigen, but has anyone used Switch Health? FlyClear with LifeLabs? Looking to get an idea of what to expect/ the best place to get it done.
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2021.10.18 22:27 LowPerspective817 giratina raid

5362 0018 9560
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2021.10.18 22:27 _Vagos_ Hu tao artifact problem

I have not had any luck with the crimson witch of flames domain. Should I use shiminawa instead. I have better artifacts from this set.
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2021.10.18 22:27 CagedElephant9848 Selling one ticket for TD Garden!!

Hi guys! Here’s the link to the ticket I’m selling for TD Garden on Saturday:
It’s LOGE 11, row 18, seat 11. This ticket is great for anyone who needs an extra seat in that vicinity, or someone who wants to go alone and have a great view. This ticket is a lot cheaper than others of its kind. I’m just trying to get it sold because my friend canceled on me last minute. Price is negotiable! We can also call to confirm the validity of the ticket and the seller (me). Can’t wait to see the Clique so soon again!!
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2021.10.18 22:27 miles730 Hidden meanings of Roy children's names?

Apologies if this has been covered already but has anyone thought there are hidden meanings in the names of the Roy children and their homophones?
Connor = one who cons Kendall = Ken doll Shiv = weapon for stabbing Roman = this is a trickier one but his pet name Romulus is someone who killed his brother and took over control of the city
Any thoughts?
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2021.10.18 22:27 Blaxwave New Here Looking For Chat/Friendship

Hi all! I recently made a Reddit account to meet new people so here I am making a post. A little about me: 25/F living in the northern US. I enjoy nature, music, working out, true crime, and horror. I live with my boyfriend so if you message me please be respectful. Looking for fellow lady friends but guys are welcome too.
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2021.10.18 22:27 Fast_Ad_7236 https://www.instagram.com/galeokbarov/

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2021.10.18 22:27 WelpImOuttaHere Delta F2F shuttle to OC2

When you land in Atlanta for your F2F with Delta, do you have to provide your own transportation to the center or will an airport shuttle take you? I don’t plan on getting a hotel because I would rather be in and out since they give you a round trip ticket. I’d prefer to leave the same day after the F2F. Could you call an airport shuttle and just have them drop you off at the OC2 for the interview and do the same when leaving? Any tips?
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2021.10.18 22:27 Runic_ Where can I find the songs Riot are using during Worlds?

I'm struggling to find the song they played during the highlights of MAD/LNG tiebreaker. Where can I find the music they're using?
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2021.10.18 22:27 Alenami_93 Trying out something different from my usual drawings

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2021.10.18 22:27 tobyonekanobe58 Which Sika Flex product should I use.

I like the Sika brand and have been using it in a marine application and and RV application for years. I recently have been using 291 for RV. It's great for bedding windows etc. When I use it around the outside of windows and trim, it is too porous and allows dirt to enter. Is a there a Sika product that dries more glossy and has more of an outside barrier?
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2021.10.18 22:27 Qtredit Any other women here, or it's just me?

Like many different parts of the internet or the technology world in general, it seems like this mostly men are heard and recognized.
Some examples of this:

  1. Every comment or post is automatically assumed to be written by a man.
  2. People talking about hiding their crypto investments from "the wife".
  3. "Wife doesn't let me buy another GPU for my rig"
  4. "Hiding my seed phrase from my wife"
Now, I've met this in the workplace, online games and all over the internet.
So, any other women here, trading crypto currency out of their kitchen while the husband does manly man stuff?
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2021.10.18 22:27 prosperousuniverse21 Faction Contracts - Development Log #307 | Prosperous Universe

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2021.10.18 22:27 lilnaty22 Thought there was a crow in the tree and then noticed it had green eyes

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2021.10.18 22:27 violetvoss90 bored on a Monday

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2021.10.18 22:27 deiiiv LoveTheBees collection. 7476 unique NFT that wanna help to savethebees

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2021.10.18 22:27 Faithless234 Leaving Amway/ update since leaving.

So I was apart of Amway WWDB for 5 years I was first introduced in my late teens by a co worker at the time . I went through the process doing everything I was told to do and earned “an offer” to be mentored. I was excited because of the false promises of being finically free , have control of time and having my materialistic dreams achieved.
The first two years I worked hard working multiple jobs trying to make ditto work going to all the board plans doing everything I could. I was literally working from 5am till 11pm . I lost friends I left social media (which in a Way is kind of good ) and gained a lot of weight from stress eating and not going to the gym ( honestly though I take accountability for it just saying ). After the third year that’s when it really started coming down on me .
After three years of the same shit over and over again , same bird plans, same rally just different guy, same function me over and over again I started getting tired of it . Everyone kept saying “by this time next year I’ll be here “ and no one move forward even though they busted their asses off . And more and more I just started realizing and questioning my self .
I brought the attention to my upline and they would say the same thing . That it’s okay to feel that way but not stay there to keep growing to put in even more work and work harder. Come earlier stay longer attend more be there more and more .
By the 4th year I was able to land a job with a good somewhat decent income I still kept another job working there when I chose for extra cash but it wasn’t a big deal I was already making ok money. By this point I had also gained back a few hours to my day I started going to the gym again I was getting fit I was eating better I had some money to enjoy little things again and it was nice . But I still had to run my business and shit so of course I asked my upline for help they would recommend me to prospect at the gym prospect here there you have time now go prospect while you’re out and about and I just got tired of it .
Then I got a girl friend it was my first relationship in years and I was always told to mentor about my relationship and I did and just like many other stories in this thread I was told to take her through the process too and she wasn’t negative but wasn’t willing to tag along with me and it kind of broke me because I did picture my self doing this with someone else . And it just made the relationship very awkward like she wanted to go on a trip and I said I have to ask my mentors and she said “you’re 25 dude they’re not your parents it’s not like they’re paying for it “ and that was so true .
But what made me finally step away was the pandemic and the summer of 2020 with all the changed happening I felt like it wasn’t the time to buy 1000 dollars worth of shit when my job was at risk when many people couldn’t afford to buy the expensive ass products it was just weird . And reflecting back I never agreed with many ideals that WWDB pushes so hard . I’m a proud American with more progressive views and honestly I don’t care what side anyone’s on that’s the beauty of America but they would push this republican conservative view in to you that I just never agreed on . And to see People being anti vaxx and saying it’s a hoax is honestly just stupid and be mad that everything’s closed so they couldn’t go out and prospect was just childish. So I decided to leave I left vanished and never looked back .
It’s been about 6 months since I’ve left and I never felt so free I’m sad I lost the early twenties I could have used to make friends get healthy actually grow a business but I’m glad I just finally got out . I wake up every day happy knowing I don’t have to listen to an audio , or kates or read some vague ass self help growth book from John max. And I get to enjoy my time doing what ever the fuck I want . no board plans no rally’s no major functions no recruiting everyone you meet . I am free from that crap and I thank you to this sub for allowing to have the space to vent and help others realize the truth. P.S I’m making way more money now and can go on any fucking trip I want without asking another grown man where and when I can’t go.
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2021.10.18 22:27 Jazzysmooth11 Marketwatch has a time machine again

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