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2021.10.18 21:48 TheSoupPiter Can't connect to any match, casual nor community. Anyone else having the same problem as me here?

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2021.10.18 21:48 GrumpyScrollwyrm Wings of Strife - Chapter 31

!DISCLAIMER!As the fanfic is taking place in war environment, it will get rather dark. That includes gore, violence, or other rather adult themes that will appear further in the story. And another one! If you can and have time for that, please leave some comment or any kind of feedback! It's always amazing to hear back from you, especially about what I can still improve in my writing! It helps me a lot with motivation as well!
Make sure to check out TaccoWriter's fanfic "Winglet: Isolation"! Please pester him about finally updating it! It's about Turtle, who is very cool:
AO3 link(for my own fanfic):
For the beginning click: here
For the previous part click: here
For the next part click: here

Chapter 31 Silentskies The NightWing approached the doors guarded by two royal SeaWing guards at the end of the small blue marble corridor. He stopped and glanced at the closest dragon, whose helmeted face was illuminated by the light of a nearby blue glass chandelier. Unaware of his motion however, Sapphire's snout struck his front leg with her snout and would fall over, if not for Silentskies’ starry wing that swiftly pushed her body into his side. She was shaking.
“Are you all right, my dear?” He asked her with concern.
“I’m- I’m fine,” she responded, without looking up. “J-just sleepy.”
Damn, I shouldn’t have woken her up yesterday. She needs a bit more sleep than I do, she’s at least half-SeaWing after all...
“I should’ve carried you there, I’m sorry. Can you walk on your own?” He asked. She just nodded in response, still looking at the marble ground. “Just a few steps and then you can lay on the bed where the healers will examine you.”
She just gently touched his front talon with her snout.
Or maybe her weird sickness is coming back? Even if this is obviously bad, maybe it will make healers’ diagnosis easier.
“Greetings, Gale, Seabreeeze. Have they arrived already?” He looked back at the guard.
“Yes, prince Silentskies,” The green male guard named Seabreeze bowed slightly with a rustle of his armored plates scraping against each other. “They are ready to help her little majesty.”
“Good-” the NightWing father began, but was interrupted by Sapphire’s small claw weakly grasping his forearm. He carefully stopped moving so he wouldn’t drag his little daughter on the ground.
“Dad, wait-” she breathed out.
“What is it sweetie?” he asked, sitting down and carefully surrounding her with his black tail.
“S- Shrimp… Where is she?” his dragonet’s breath was somehow labored, as if she just came back from a long flying session.
“She’s still sleeping, the SeaWings always sleep a bit longer,” he explained, watching Sapphire’s small dark blue body tremble. One of her small, silver scaled talons was clutching her lower stomach. She finally looked up to him with her dark green eyes, but there was clearly something wrong with them. They were glassy, unfocused, her pupils were dilated, despite the relatively bright corridor they were in. Silentskies’ mind instantly went through all the poisons and herbs that could cause this condition, but no Sapphire would never steal from his alchemy lab! What if she was poisoned by something she ate? No matter, healers will diagnose her soon.
“Come sweetheart, just a couple more steps and you will be able to lay down,” Silentskies said calmly. “I can pick you up of course.”
“But can you summon Shrimp to come with me?” Sapphire asked, still maintaining her weak grasp. “I- I want her to be near me when I’m examined.”
His mind went back to the time when Deluge was sleeping for several more hours than he did and every time he wanted to gently wake her up with a hug, she was irritated and tended to just push him off her. He smiled slightly at the memory of her soft scales. He’d give so much just for her to return to him and give him advice and support when it comes to Sapphy’s health. His letter still remained without response.
“It’s still early for the SeaWings, my dear,” Silentskies said. “I know that you love your sister, so you probably wouldn’t mind her sleeping a bit longer, right? Remember, daddy is still here, with you.”
“Dad, please...” she insisted, let go of his front leg and clutched her stomach. “My tummy hurts. She told me to let her know when that happens.”
Wait, is that already..? No, she's still too young, right? Moons, I’m not really sure. Regardless, Shrimp is her big sister and Sapphy would obviously be more comfortable with other girls when it comes to sorting this stuff out… If her mother is unavailable, as usual. But Moons, is it really happening already?
“Seabreeze, go and wake up Shrimp. Orange dragonet, back in my sleeping room. Wake her up and lead her to me and my Sapphy,” he ordered the closer guard who bowed down in response and soon passed the concerned father and pained daughter in the corridor with a noise of metal plates rattling to his quick step.
Silentskies looked at his small daughter still clutching her underbelly. He shook his head and carefully picked her up with his front talon and gently placed her on his back. She murmured and he felt her small claws gently grasping his black scales. He once more made a step towards the wooden door, one remaining guard standing beside it already raised her armored talon to open it for them, but Sapphire suddenly squeaked. He turned around to face her, a small dark blue dragonet was pushing her snout into the back of his neck.
“Dad! Maybe, uhhh...” she said in a hurry. “Maybe we can wait for Shrimpy to join us? With her around, I’d just feel safer… ”
The SeaWing guard named Gale raised her brow under her helmet, impatiently playing with a door handle.
“Sweetheart, you don’t have anything to worry about!” He carefully spoke, getting mildly irritated with her delays, but even then trying his best to not show it. No need to stress his little Sapphy any more than she already is. “Healers are already awaiting your arrival, and the sooner we know what in the Moons is happening to your little body the better. I’d never let anyone hurt you, my baby. As soon as they do something I don’t like, I’m carrying you back to your bed and throwing all of them outside. If they hurt you, that will be the last thing they do in their entire life.”
“But you said that we can stop if I don’t like-”
It’s for your own good, Sapphy… Even if you don’t understand it.
Silentskies sighed and proceeded towards the door, feeling Sapphire’s tiny claws slightly digging into his scales, while her slender tail firmly twined around his own. As soon as the way to the small, dimly lit repurposed storage room was opened, a cascade of odd smells instantly hit NightWing’s nostrils. Tropical, strange incense, smoke from half-burnt wax candles, alcoholic smell of disinfectants along with some strong herbal smell similar to dried mint. When his eyes got used to his darker surroundings after the door behind him was gently shut by the royal guard, he noticed three dragons standing around the small mattress, perfectly fitting for Sapphire’s size. Two male SkyWings stood closer, one red, wrinkled and thin, with a slightly shaking tail, while other, rather muscular, handsome even, however he had a gentle expression and a trustworthy glint in his blue eyes. One of the dragons however was a female NightWing who Silentskies never saw, she was hunched over in a corner, as she warily observed Sapphire with a pair of her dark eyes, eerily reflecting the dim candlelight in the relative darkness of the room.
“His majesty Silentskies, and her little majesty Sapphire finally honored us with their presence, welcome, welcome,” The younger SkyWing with bright eyes smiled at them and pointed towards the mattress. “Now if you can be so kind, lay down your little lady here, on her belly.”
“You are Inferno, right?” Silentskies asked as he lay beside the mattress and gently pushed Sapphire off his back, despite her weak grasp, her tail untangling from his own.
“Correct, and I'm the current eternal heir of the Order of the Unending Flame, at your service,” He answered and struck his orange chest with his clenched fist. “We were called upon to appear on this day to examine your daughter’s unusual ailment, so here we are.”
“Dad..?” Sapphire raised her snout to look at him. Silentskies walked beside her and began gently stroking her head and neck, as she laid it back on the soft sheets.
“I’m still here, my dragonet. Yes, she recently passed out for an entire week. Not a single healer in the Sea Kingdom had any idea as to what happened to her because she seemed completely healthy… Just unconscious,” he spoke to the young SkyWing. “That’s why I believe that the nature of her illness might’ve been supernatural, magical. What if some animus cursed my baby? I cannot rest until I know nothing so odd and unexplainable ever happens again to my girl. And now, just before we entered this room her lower stomach started aching, but I believe it might be related to her growing up more than anything. At least I hope.”
“I see,” Inferno nodded and waved his talon at the older SkyWing. “Make sure she has no jewelry or any items on her. Could be our potential culprit.”
The wrinkly SkyWing grumbled something and moved his talons all across Sapphire’s small body. However she had no more jewelry on her body, except one silver necklace she crafted for herself. But wait, wasn’t she usually wearing a golden one?
Oh well, she can go through a lot of masterpieces her little, talented talons crafted…
“Take it off,” Old SkyWing commanded with a raspy voice, but before she raised her silver talon to do it, he tugged on the trinket, brutally dragging the metal chain across her neck scales. Her necklace got stuck at the base of her jaw, making her gag, but the old SkyWing lifted her snout and threw the jewelry piece on the mattress near her.
“Hey! You get brutal with my girl one more time, you are not leaving this place alive,” Silentskies growled at the old dragon.
“It’s unnecessary for now, brother,” Inferno stated.
“For now!?” Silentskies exclaimed, while his tiny princess was shaking on the mattress.
“Well, she could be an animus, in which case the creature should be approached with caution,” young SkyWing explained, shooting a glance at the silver necklace. “After all, if she is, one wrong move can end us all. Those monsters don’t deserve to roam freely and endanger normal dragons like you and me.”
Silentskies nodded.
Animus dragons are dangerous, but my Sapphy is not one. So no more brutality will happen. Those are just safety measures.
“But that’s horrible!” Sapphire shouted with a trembling voice. “There were good animus dragons in the history, like prince Fathom and-”
“It was a writing without any sort of credible name attached to it, a work of fiction to me. Besides, our Order found and took care of the creature you call Fathom. Father said it had a rather dedicated and fierce bodyguard. The old monster really deceived her to the point that we had to kill her. They even had some dragonets, but we determined those to be pure. One of them later became a SeaWing queen if I remember… Might’ve been a mistake to let her reign… ” Inferno said, shooting a glance at Silentskies.
Clearpool. Deluge’s great-great-great grandmother… If they had killed her, I wouldn’t ever have my Deluge or Sapphy...
Inferno then looked down back on Sapphire and continued:
“But trust me, animi are horribly deceitful, are able to hide their true nature from you, maybe even befriend or marry you. But they always have an ulterior motive, see you as a tool for their goals, nothing more,”
A single tear trickled down Sapphire’s snout. Silentskies carefully laid his starry wing on her back.
“What’s wrong, Sapphy?”
“I’m just nervous,” she choked out.
“Oh, maybe you are an animus? Or have an animus friend that used you?” Inferno lowered his snout. “Don’t be afraid, no matter the case, we can cure you.”
“Cure an animus?” Silentskies and Sapphire asked simultaneously. The NightWing father looked at his daughter. Her voice cracked at the last word.
“We have some proven methods to remove the magic from a dragon… Even if she might come out a bit altered,” Inferno calmly responded, reaching into the satchel laid beside the bedding. “But in any case it’s better than being a monster one sentence from ending the world or losing her mind.”
“I’m not an animus...” Sapphire said, with scales on her face getting slightly pale.
“We will see about that, young lady,” Inferno smirked at her, pulling out a contraption that looked like a fork splitting at half of its length into two, ridiculously large prongs, each of them ending in a purple crystal. “Argent, keep her arms in place, you - concerned father, you will keep her legs and tail still.”
“D-dad?” Sapphire squeaked as Argent caught her by her wrists and pinned them down on the bed, as she warily raised and withdrew her snout, just to get further from the old SkyWing.
“It’s all right Sapphy, the healers are just going to check you out, nothing more. Just a formality,” Silentskies calmly said, stroking her head once more before he walked behind her and placed his front talons on her feet and tail. Despite his gentle touch however her small body was trembling. “Nobody is going to hurt you, sweetheart. Daddy is with you.”
The previously silent female NightWing finally walked into the light of the candles arranged around the mattress. Silentskies slightly jumped, as he forgot that she was there in the first place.
“You may begin,” she spoke without any emotion.
Inferno nodded and lifted his weird fork-like contraption, holding it just above Sapphire’s body, slowly moving it over her arms in broad strokes, almost as if he was painting with a brush.
“This can take some time, hold her still, NightWing prince,” Inferno spoke.
Silentskies obeyed, but even then he tried to remain gentle to his visibly distressed daughter.
“Where’s Shrimp..?” she asked, staring at the fork, currently held over her immobilized front talons.
“She’s coming, don’t worry,” Silentskies responded. “Please, relax and lie down Sapphy. The less you move, the earlier they finish.”
Suddenly, when Inferno was holding it over Sapphire’s wings, the metal fork groaned with a piercing hum that made Silentskies’ head hurt, but he managed to hold onto Sapphire’s small body, as she squawked and began to squirm in his grasp. Inferno hastily put away the fork and whispered something to the old SkyWing, who looked down at Sapphire, exposed his teeth and hissed. She was gasping for air as if she just spent an entire day flying in a storm.
“Interesting… She’s not an animus or this detector would be humming over her front talons and head. But for some reason it appears that her torso and wings are affected by the animus magic. She is not a source, just a victim. Our little device here, likely disturbed the energy coursing through her body. No wonder her stomach hurts,” Inferno determined. Silentskies loudly gulped, while Sapphire shut her eyes, her trembling getting even more severe. “You can let go of her Silentskies. Interesting, don’t you think Onyx?”
“She’s cursed. We can’t fully understand what it is right here. We need to take her away,” the female NightWing responded. Letting go of Sapphire’s feet and tail, Silentskies walked beside his small daughter and carefully put his large, starry wing over her back. She was still disturbed, but he could tell that she appreciated his attempts at comforting her, her breath slowly stabilizing. “Doesn’t seem like it is endangering her life, but it still needs to be removed from her. Such power can still affect her little body and that would be such a shame… ”
Cursed? Take her away? Moons...
“Take her? Where would you be taking her?” Silentskies asked, barely keeping his composure as he laid down beside his daughter, his black wing gently protecting her dark blue body.
“That’s our little secret. Know this and let it comfort your thoughts, she will come back to you, cleansed from her horrible ailment,” Inferno smiled at him, as he gently stroked Sapphire’s shaking side.
“Dad!? Don’t leave me!” Sapphire attempted to look back at him, but she was stopped by Argent’s talon that pinned her snout to the ground. She squawked under the weight of his arm.
“If she goes, I’m coming with her,” Silentskies quickly responded, standing up beside the mattress. “And I’m warning you for the last time, you old sack of bones, leave my daughter alone!”
Argent just smiled back at Silentskies, but let go of Sapphire’s neck. A cold chill ran down Silentskies’ spine. Old dragon was clearly determining what he can still do.
Trouble is brewing.
“Sadly that’s out of the question. If you wish your daughter the best, you will take our word,” Inferno spoke. “We’re taking her for a month or two, but after that she’s coming back, healthy and happy. No more magic in her, ever.”
“D-dad!” his little daughter squeaked.
There’s magic coursing through her body. That is clear. But then again, both she and Starsight suggested that even then, it might not be as dangerous as I make it out to be… Who should I trust: My own daughter and sister or those shady dragons that Moons know what would do to my poor baby!? The choice is obvious, even if she is really cursed… I just can’t give her away to those suspicious dragons. What if they hurt her and she will end up worse than she already is? Remember how they were mutilating animi in an attempt to cure them. What would they do to my Sapphy under the influence of the spell? Butcher her as well!? They could do anything without me being there to stop it. No. She’s not going alone.
“No. I disagree. You’re not taking my daughter anywhere. Only instance where I’d agree to that would be when I can go with her and stay at her side at all times,” Silentskies responded. “If you really wanted to help her, you’d agree to me accompanying her. I don’t care about your secret base, I don’t care about your organisation. You can blindfold me, but only as long as I can hug my daughter tightly at all times.”
“Come to the side,” Inferno ordered. “I’ll explain-”
“I’m not leaving my daughter. We can talk here, this concerns her as well,” Silentskies growled back, placing his front talon on her small silver scaled forearm. His claw however met another, as Argent was still holding Sapphire’s front talons. “I told you, old bag, let go of my daughter!”
As soon as the old SkyWing released her front legs, she instantly got up, picked up her necklace and walked under Silentskies, he felt her small, wet snout touching his elbow while her tiny talons shakily embraced his forearm.
Inferno approached the NightWing father from his left side.
“Let’s talk like a father to a father. I know that you are concerned about your daughter’s life and safety. I also have a little girl back home. But understand that we just want good for her, it’s just that she will go with us for a month or two and then she’ll be back to you,” Inferno spoke, placing his front talon on Silentskies’ shoulder. Argent shakily approached him from his right. “I know that you’re concerned about her. But I swear, she won’t be subjected to any pain, as every operation we might execute on her will happen under a hard sedation. After all of this we are just delivering your little girl back to you, with not a single scale on her back harmed in any way.”
Hard sedation!? What in the Moons do they want to do to my child!?
The female NightWing stood up and slowly creeped towards Silentskies.
They are encircling me! Damn! Only one guard behind the door... Don’t show you noticed... They’ll attack instantly, then pile up on the guard. Even Gale might get overwhelmed. Sapphy is then taken, and I’d have nearly no way to track her.
Silentskies wrinkled his snout. After all of this stress and fear for his daughter’s safety, was he actually exposing her to another threat?
“You are a father as well? Then imagine giving your daughter away to an organisation that you have no idea where it resides, no idea what treatment she’d have to endure, no idea what dragons will be taking care of her?” Silenskies growled back. “If you’d give her up, you are an irresponsible idiot that doesn’t care about his daughter!”
“Where’s Shrimpy? I- I want her to be with us,” Sapphire squawked under him, her little blue snout peeking from under his chest.
“It’s all right, my little dragonet,” he raised his talon to gently stroke her head. “She’ll be with us in no time-”
Then, something red in the corner of his right eye moved, so he instantly took Sapphire in his talons and ducked down, his entire body protecting her. She squealed under his entire weight, thumping down on her, but his instincts were correct. A heavy metal painfully thwacked against one of his horns, making him groan in pain, a blow no doubt aimed for the back of his head. Despite the stinging pain in his horn, he raised his snout and breathed out his fire all around him.
“GET AWAY FROM MY DRAGONET!” He shouted, his attackers backing away, as the nearby mattress burst into flames, illuminating their surprised expressions.
“By all avalanches, what was that!?” Inferno shouted. “Argent, are you all right!? Why would you do this, you crazy-”
“STAND BACK FROM THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS!” a voice boomed from behind him as two royal guards burst through the door, their halberds pointed directly at the attackers. Their armor plates rattled to their quick step as they walked past Silentskies, keeping Onyx and Inferno at bay, while they backed away into the wall.
They were, however, looking around the room in confusion. Onyx had her maw wide open, her wings extended in alert, Argent was limp on the ground, a hammer lying beside him in a swiftly growing puddle of blood around his head.
“D-daddy-” a suffocated squeal emerged from under him. Silentskies instantly got up, Sapphire was lying flat on the ground, gasping for the air. “E-everything hurts… ”
“I hope I didn’t hurt you, sweetheart,” He carefully sat her up, enveloping her entire body with his starry wings. “I’m so sorry Sapphy… Are you alright?”
“Just… Just need to catch my breath...” She managed to whisper between her gasps.
“Sister!” a familiar voice shouted from the side. An orange shape jumped from the back of the guard on to the blue marble ground, her talons rattled as she swiftly approached Silentskies. He let Shrimp join Sapphire in his winged embrace. “Oh, Moons, I should’ve been awake!”
“One move, you’re dead. It’s already a crime to assault a dragon, let alone a princess’ consort and their daughter,” Female royal guard growled.
“Assault!? That’s outrageous! We didn’t-” Inferno shouted, but stopped as the royal guard jabbed her halberd at him, the spike on top of it nearly piercing his vulnerable throat. He gulped, his moving muscles touched the metal spike, letting out a small trickle of blood that dripped down his underscales.
“I know where your carotid artery is. You speak one more time, I’ll share my knowledge,” she hissed. “And I’ll be very… Very glad to do so, you SkyWing bastard.”
“It’s fine Gale, you don’t need to kill him as long as they don’t try anything stupid again,” Silentskies ordered, to which she nodded, but still kept her weapon uncomfortably close to the SkyWing. The NightWing father hugged his daughters tighter. “Seabreeze, check out that old sack of bones. His hammer must’ve bounced off my horn… ”
He raised one of his talons to check it out. As soon as he touched it, a piercing pain originating in it shook his entire body. It was broken, the tip of it was barely hanging on the small piece of flesh that anchored it to the base of it. He gritted his teeth and pulled it down, a small amount of warm liquid ran down his head, as he discarded a surprisingly big part of his broken horn.
“It didn’t bounce. It was her !” The female NightWing pointed at Silentskies’ dragonets as soon as Seabreeze walked past her and sat down near the old dragon. “She ordered the hammer to attack him! This all makes sense now!”
“Onyx, what do you mean?” Inferno nervously looked at her.
“This little snake, this monster… ” Onyx growled, no longer afraid or shocked. “We’ll be back for her.”
“He’s dead. Punctured skull, hammer smashed his brain,” Seabreeze concluded, coughing slightly. The fumes from the burning mattress began to slowly overwhelm the air in the small room.
“What are you on about!?” Silentskies shouted at her. “My Sapphy is not an animus!”
“And a murderer too!” Onyx shrieked, completely ignoring him, her gaze fully focused on his daughters, partially covered by his wings. Shrimp was gently cuddling with Sapphire who was silently sobbing into her chest. He shielded them from the hateful gaze of those fanatics. “I’m going to get this monster with my own tal-”
“Not now. Later.” Inferno growled. “It was your mistake to do this, you monster. Now we know what you are. Let’s go.”
Onyx nodded.
“You’re not going anywhere, assault, have you forgotten you daft lizards!?” Gale exclaimed, pointing her halberd at the NightWing, while Seabreeze joined beside his companion, squinting his eyes at Inferno.
“Yes we are, don’t think we came unprepared,” Onyx smiled. “Now-”
Suddenly, the blinding light flashed where the two Order members stood. Silentskies heard an impact and a body falling limply to the floor, accompanied by last crackles from the burnt out mattress. After he regained his vision he saw a shaking NightWing on the floor, blood already forming a large puddle under her body. From her neck Gale’s halberd was protruding, its spike dug deep into her flesh. She was still clawing at it with the dying spasms of her body, but Inferno was nowhere to be seen.
“Damn it, he escaped!” Seabreeze growled and threw down his halberd.
“Animus fighting organisation, of course they would have some trinkets for that,” Gale shook her bright blue head and took off her helmet. “Sleepy one shouldn’t have announced that she’s escaping… Probably a bit slow in the head. My weapon made up for it though.”
Shrimp looked up at Silentskies under his wing, still embracing the smaller Sapphire who had her eyes closed.
“My sweethearts, don’t look,” he gently told them. “Enough has happened for one day. Gale, get some servants to sort out this mess. Seabreeze, find King Gill, tell him exactly what happened. We need to double the guards in our palace, he’ll understand. The storm is coming. The storm I summoned.“
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2021.10.18 21:48 Bobowo12 How do I deal with 2 guards and more stealthily?

Title, I've tried the lure but they turn their backs for not long enough, they hear me when I knockdown their buddies also.
Don't know if that's my chaperks fault but yeah, I'm not far through the game, lvl 7, lmao.
Also, to add: It's my first tactical shooter I ever played and I enjoy it A LOT.
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Auto mod wants more characters so here are more characters

Where everybody beats everybody and Korea still wins
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The Demonic Immortal Cell Line Jab #BowneReport
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2021.10.18 21:48 iihih The Wyeth's Penchant for Pumpkin Painting and Halloween.

If you’re at all familiar with American Art, you know the work of at least one of the Wyeths. The Wyeths are America’s most famous multi-generational family of artists, beginning with illustrator and painter Newell Convers “N.C.” Wyeth (1882–1945). The family has spawned four generations of reputable artists: the most famous son, the late Andrew, Andrew’s son Jamie, Andrew’s sisters Carolyn and Henriette, their spouses and their offspring. They all loved Halloween and they all had a thing for painting pumpkins. Here's a comprehensive look at the Wyeth family's Pumpkin Paintings for Halloween!
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2021.10.18 21:48 Emotional_Web9353 [Amazon] ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2-In-1 Laptop, 14″ Full HD Touchscreen 4-Way NanoEdge, Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage, All-Metal Body, Backlit KB, Chrome OS- C434TA-DSM4T, Silver-Price: $482.00 Save:$87.99 (15%)

[Amazon] ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2-In-1 Laptop, 14″ Full HD Touchscreen 4-Way NanoEdge, Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage, All-Metal Body, Backlit KB, Chrome OS- C434TA-DSM4T, Silver-Price: $482.00 Save:$87.99 (15%) submitted by Emotional_Web9353 to BudgetComputers [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 21:48 Slut_lover94 More of that slut Arpa for your oleasure

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2021.10.18 21:48 mstrlaw Amazon Puts Its Own “Brands” First Above Better-Rated Products

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2021.10.18 21:48 BozarthClockburn Wednesday Tennis Meetup

I'm going to do a tennis meetup on Wednesday. It's supposed to be a beautiful day. I'm inviting everyone. 6:15 at Barrington High School. Hope to see you there!
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2021.10.18 21:48 TMR___ glasses as lens?

Would it be possible to use the lenses from my glasses as camera lenses? Not necessarily for a normal camera, maybe for a camera obscura?
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2021.10.18 21:48 the_arbitrage_guy Champions League Arb for Tomorrow

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2021.10.18 21:48 Hermytio What hell is that.

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2021.10.18 21:48 Forgotten_Squirrel What is the difference between the "booster" shots and the original ones?

From my quick online research, it looks like the composition of the booster shots is the same as the first two shots.
People keep telling me that we need to take a booster to keep up with the COVID "variants". However, if the shot in October 2021 is exactly the same as the shots we were given in January 2021, then how does this account for the "variants"? I understand that flu shots have to be redesigned each season in order to account for mutations; but, why isn't this being done for the COVID shots? Why are we being given exactly the same shot as last year?
It doesn't make sense to me, but I'd love to learn! Please let me know your thoughts, and if I am misunderstanding anything.
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2021.10.18 21:48 ViolentTaintAssault The failure that was the War on Drugs

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