Sportsmanlike conduct

2021.10.18 23:06 shadebedlam Sportsmanlike conduct

Is saying "time to resign" after I blunder a piece and things like "goodbye kiddo" and laughing at me when I decide to play on a piece down considered a bannable offense on
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2021.10.18 23:06 pand04a I think the ending works well, but only in a vacuum

Like many, I found myself with a lot of complex feeling about the ending. Even as a non-religous person, I think Weeks did a really elegant job of making his points. But overall, it felt off to me, just not being what I wanted as a conclusion. Thinking on it, I think the crux of the issue is that the book makes a hard turn, and the shift in style grates, even though independently both the overarching setup and the payoff are well written.
Starting at the beginning. I love the magical society the books set up. It gets at the heart of what I think is interesting magical-based worldbuilding by setting up an interesting moral problem. The Freeing is horrible, but is letting everyone go Wight freely the right answer? It provides a 'cost' to the magic and gives drafters a unique role in society. The initial conflict is set up around different opinions on this central question. Early on, at least to me, there's a really great balance in the morality of the sides. You have the slavery issue (the "bad guys" are the ones on the right side of it) which automatically helps provide grey morality to a modern audience. On top of that, the corruption of the institution of the Chormeria is detailed providing more grey-ness.
However, in the conclusion conflict shifts, explicitly, to Orholam vs Pagans. The slavery thing gets essentially dropped. There's a hint to Jubilee with Kip, but it's never really dealt with at all. While Koios' side is losing all of their good points, the Chromeria's corruption is handwaved. Once Karris kills that one Luxiant, we never see another major 'evil' Chromeria character. Andross is well, Andross, but he's basically unambiguously on Orholam's side at this point (even if not always on the character's side).
The whole point of institutional corruption is that it's institutional, and can't be solved simply by good characters coming into power. But none of the characters in power actually have to struggle with and overcome the temptations that corrupted the good-intentioned people who came before them. Karris never has to make the decision to make murder children to make a Prism or go against her oaths and face the world without a Prism. Murder Sharpe sets up a dark foil for Teia about what happens if she is abandoned deep undercover and has to risk everything to keep fighting against the Order, but she always has the White on her side. Karris doesn't have to deal with the conflict of letting a council of child-murders continue to rule because steady leadership is needed in a war, because Andross already purged the Colors off screen. Name one serious moral temptation Karris (or Danzen or Andross) has to overcome as part of their position of power. It isn't inherently an issue for characters in power to not face this, but it is an issue if you've previously established that institution as corrupt. It doesn't make Karris or the other seem more moral, just lucky. Furthermore, the interesting complexity inherent in how drafting is set up and how it impacts society is skipped over by the introduction of the blinder's knives. I will say, I think this plot point could work if there was more of a focus on the internal corruption of the Chromeria as an antagonist rather than the external force of Koios. Beyond that, fact that the knives have explicitly stopped working makes the characters, again, just feel lucky for living in the time were Orholam has intervened enough for them to start working again and not more moral for going to the effort of finding a solution. There's also King Ironfist and the Broken Eye, both of which could have been interesting third parties to spice up the Chromeria vs Blood Robes conflict. Ironfist, who has strong character motivation to remain independent ends up actually just being completely team Orholam/Chromeria/Guiles. While the Broken Eye are unequivocally on the anti-Orholam/evil side despite their initial mysterious intentions. Something as simple as having the Broken Eye be pro-Orholam/anti-Chromeria (like they want to support the Lightbringer but also want to tear down the Chromeria because of its corruption and actions related to Vician's sin) would have provided some interesting complexity. So, in sum, I think the loss of moral complexity during the progression of the series was a disappointment to me. However, I see that loss of complexity as necessary for the whole Orholam intervention to work. I don't think the deus ex machina plot is inherently an issue. It works awesome in Narnia, and I've read other sci-fantasy Christian lit that I've enjoyed with a heavy focus on "have faith in God and He will provide". But in all cases where it's worked for me, a strict "good" vs "evil" dichotomy has been set up and well established. Evil may be tempting, but that temptation is always appealing to base desires or is clearly morally wrong at the core upon introspection. The temptation of evil should not be something inherently morally correct like freeing slaves!! For me, that's what makes my feelings about the series so complex. The early books set up an ASOIAF/Stormlight Archive style morally grey conflict dealing with trying to enact good through the inherit corruption of institutionalized power. Later books switch gears to a Narnia-style battle of good and evil with characters fighting for the return of God. Both have the potential to be awesome, and honestly, both are independently done very well in the series, but they don't work together.
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2021.10.18 23:06 AstroRide Writing Prompt Response: The World's Changing Colors

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2021.10.18 23:06 SFC_kerbaldude 2meirl4meirl

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2021.10.18 23:06 CJRsimco Experiment in heating my house with my mining rig. Test 1.

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2021.10.18 23:06 TheNeedlessParsley Leaving A Planet In Crisis: Here’s Why Many Say The Billionaire Space Race Is A Terrible Idea

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2021.10.18 23:06 nifty_john Editable NFT Profiles with NFT16

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2021.10.18 23:06 PositiveEmpty2319 FOREVER SHIBA 🐕 | Stealth Launched | 250K MC | Poocoin Ads Live Now! | Low market cap Gem with $SHIB rewards!

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2021.10.18 23:06 JasonYaya Brogdon.

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2021.10.18 23:06 POTUS_Archivist_Bot @POTUS: Since I took office, the economy has created nearly 5 million jobs and unemployment is the lowest it’s been since the beginning of the pandemic. Let’s pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and my Build Back Better Agenda to keep this progress going.

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2021.10.18 23:06 NadeMagnet69 3 8 pin strimer with ICUE question

I know you can get strimers to work with ICUE but I've only read about people doing it with the control box that comes with the strimer 24 pin motherboard one. Just won a 3080ti in a newegg shuffle so I finally figured out if I was going to need a 2 or 3 8 pin so now I'm finally ready to buy the strimer. lol Soooo many builds with them I've been chomping at the bit... :) But I don't want to have to buy the 24 pin too. I sit too far back and can't see the 24 pin, just the GPU cables. So is there still a way to connect the 3 8 pin strimer to ICUE without the strimer control box? I seem to remember reading something about the strimer having to be in motherboard mode.
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2021.10.18 23:06 No-Lengthiness-962 Is selection for a scholarship = award?

There's an international school that offers a pretty prestigious scholarship (the process has tests + interviews also) and I was offered the scholarship for 11th grade. However, I decided to not attend the school.
My question is that can/should I put the Scholarship award on my Awards Section for college apps even though I did not really "use" the scholarship?
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2021.10.18 23:06 wolven23 Just a wolf dressing formal

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2021.10.18 23:06 jesshall13 My math homework that I lost points on :/

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2021.10.18 23:06 an0ma1ies Found in South Carolina. Looks like a shell. There’s a crack in the back where it could’ve shedded out

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2021.10.18 23:06 Davidjaimes4 trading

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2021.10.18 23:06 AssHeadedDolt I am taking a course at my local community college to finally learn how to ______.

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2021.10.18 23:06 jnazario BlackByte Ransomware – Pt. 1 In-depth Analysis

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2021.10.18 23:06 batman_fan_25 Building Lexi

Hi all! New to FOB. I picked up a Lexi deck, and I’m curious as to the different ways to build her. Any suggestions on different builds? Thanks!
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2021.10.18 23:06 Clean_Tiger_1323 Hello Crypto world I'm Somax Finance

Somax Token
We show how the Somax blockchain technology supports a distributed payment network and improves methods for receiving and sharing health data. How identity components fit into blockchains, how validated data can form the basis for a single medical identity, how cryptography can support a physician’s secure approval of healthcare data among patients related to their profession, how Somax technology can automate and eliminate many internal quality controls and how patient claims they are. We will show you how you can change your processes. Strengthening a shared infrastructure can bring new efficiencies to patients and healthcare providers, and we will have an impact on labor costs, reconciliation efforts, automated decision-making rates and the overall member experience.
You can reach our official Telegram page by clicking the link we shared below
We have opened our official Twitter account, you can reach Somax Finance Twitter address by clicking the link below.
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2021.10.18 23:06 BasedKhatri Goooo CT!!

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2021.10.18 23:06 rebornGerchak Try to guess, might be a hard one

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2021.10.18 23:05 TaeXtream48 This New Macbook Pro Notch

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2021.10.18 23:05 Own_Bus6209 What's wrong with r/atheism? The moment you start criticizing Islam, they freak out. I read one guy there saying "Buddhist kill people too" in defense of somebody else stating that Islamic fundamentals are violent. Discuss..

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2021.10.18 23:05 Inevitable_Canary571

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