Looking for pro players pushing master im currently diamond 4.. just got master on arena

2021.10.19 11:49 IQMO Looking for pro players pushing master im currently diamond 4.. just got master on arena

Hi guys,
Write your ps id ill add you up.
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2021.10.19 11:49 whisper202 Dms vs comments

Is it a red flag if your boyfriend will respond to you posts in your dms by sending you hearts and all that but won’t comment it? Like idk to me it seems a bit weird why someone you’re dating would dm you privately to comment on your post instead of just doing it under the actual post.
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2021.10.19 11:49 candid-shiny nasty slavic model Sonya in black shiny jeans | Candid Shiny Girls

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2021.10.19 11:49 Honestly1NeedHelp I got mad at my mother for thinking cultural appropriation/blackface is racist... how do I explain it to her?

My Mother (50) and younger sister (11) where talking about halloween, we are white and in the upper middle class so extremely privileged. I brought up the issue with Black Face and cultural appropriation on halloween with people importing racist/dangerous stereotypes.
My sister asked about what Black face was, and I explained that it was the practice of blackening skin tone and its history of blackface being used to create negative stereotypes of POC and actively encouraging segregation.
My sister and mother then commented that blackface didn't sound offensive if you weren't using it in a racist way (i.e where dressing as Obama and painted your face black) and that cultural appropriation would be 'ok' if you where using cultural appropriation to convey encouraging aspects of a race. Shockingly, my mother admitted that dressing as a Na*i would not be problematic for her, even though she understands the genocide and racist views they had (we are Swiss and my great grandfather was killed my the Na*is for not joining the party and their village was pillaged and burnt)
I then tried to explain that POC find cultural appropriation and blackface offensive. This swayed my sister (somewhat). but my mother still said that they shouldn't find blackface offence if it wasn't being used in an offensive manner.
I do believe my mother is a good person, she is not openly racist and is highly educated, but she just doesn't understand the perspective of POC. I was so disappointed and I lost my temper as she continued to keep telling me her point of view and would but-in when I talked. It was a mistake, but I yelled at her, telling her she was racist and she was a bad influence on my little sister.
How can I better educate my mother so she understands why blackface and cultural appropriation are harmful and racist in any form? Am I being unreasonable for thinking this is a harmful influence on my sister?
And AITA for yelling at my mother for this?
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2021.10.19 11:49 RinDialektikos -999,999,999 Social Credit

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2021.10.19 11:49 kattysubuwu [XB1] H: DE Gat Plasma & Legacy Trades W: Bloodied Compound with Last Shot

Trade list...
; V/50/25 Fixer
; B/50/25 Fixer
; BE/25 Radium Rifle
; TSE Dragon**
; DE/15 Gat Plas
; IE+P Harpoon
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2021.10.19 11:49 LuukTheGamer I designed the room i want to make in real life in minecraft!!!

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2021.10.19 11:49 TronicBoy The Secrets To Burning Fat – How To Melt Fat Away!

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2021.10.19 11:49 Sorry_Signature_8014 Sali na guys yung mga nag hahanap jan

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2021.10.19 11:49 TronicBoy The Secrets To Burning Fat – How To Melt Fat Away!

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2021.10.19 11:49 sad_corporate_slave Genshin Impact Piloting Services Available Now!

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2021.10.19 11:49 BLUANTIX 18M - Looking for friends to talk to! Anyone is welcome :)

I'm from the US and stay up during the night lately. I'm open to talking about most topics, but I'm not great at starting them, and I wouldn't mind long-term friends either, since I'll be staying at my house for a while, so going out to meet people isn't likely.
To be honest, I've been feeling a bit lonely lately, as my mom is away to celebrate her birthday and what little friends I do have are asleep when I'm awake. My long-distance girlfriend makes things a lot easier though! I just don't want to bother her all the time :)
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2021.10.19 11:49 _andre_sousa Built a Mac app to stay on top of eth gas prices

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2021.10.19 11:49 thrasher337 Even Freddy has nightmares about that map

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2021.10.19 11:49 mw6890156 Indian Army initiates Tibetology course for its officers amid LAC standoff

Tenga (Arunachal Pradesh): As the Army shifts focus from the western borders with Pakistan to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, it has initiated a course in Tibetology for its young officers and men to enable them to have a better understanding of Tibetan history, culture, language and topography.
The course has been started as a pilot project on a voluntary basis, and the Army hopes to scale it up in the coming months to ensure that future decision-makers have an understanding of Tibetan culture and people.
In Arunachal Pradesh, the Army has tied up with the Central Institute of Himalayan Cultural Studies to enable its officers and men to undertake short courses of six weeks duration.
“This course helps our soldiers to understand the Tibetan language, culture, history and political situation. This will eventually empower them when they get deployed along the LAC,” a senior officer of the 4 Corps under the Eastern Command said.
The officer added that there are many things that one may find absolutely normal but might hurt the sentiments of the people of the region.
“We have always had a good relationship with the locals and the Tibetans living in India. A course like this helps us to bond better than before and to also understand the culture better,” a second officer said.
He added that the Army’s Training Command, ARTRAC, has identified seven institutes for Tibetology across the country, two of which are in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim.
While the first batch of 15 officers and five men undertook the course from March to June this year, the second batch will undertake the course starting November.
Army sources said that about 150 soldiers have undergone Tibetology courses in the country.
Plan to increase course duration The Eastern Command has also moved a proposal to ARTRAC to extend the course to three months. The plan is also to have this course as one of the added factors for promotions and postings in the future.
As part of the course, the soldiers are taught by domain experts who are part of the institute ad they also visit monasteries and villages.
The Army has also tied up with the Monastery in Bomdila to ensure that Lamas proficient in Tibetan issues are also part of the teaching schedule.
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2021.10.19 11:49 TSCJ2008 Why is batman a hero? Hes a rich white guy that knows how to fight and his parents got killed oh boo hoo

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2021.10.19 11:49 DeadPrateRoberts Tuna casserole made with leftover mac and cheese

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2021.10.19 11:49 karlbot For me, history is created by...stuff 'appening on it. So really, the moon, even though it's old, it's new.

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2021.10.19 11:49 Most_Routine_1471 Newbie Kennen

Hey guys ive been recently looking for a new champ to play and i found that i enjoy Kennen so much and i would like to start to main him so you guys have any tips for new Kennen players?
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2021.10.19 11:49 lukeb360 Taoiseach @MichealMartinTD has said the next number of months really depend on the collective behaviour of everyone, the entirety of society.

So under current rules fully vaccinated people can meet up in a private house with an unlimited number of other vaccinated people.
But now the responsibility is on the public’s actions again despite the fact the rules are very relaxed? Even though we can travel abroad to concerts and nightclubs without restrictions?
90%+ vaccinated when do they expect it to end if not now? If the problem is ICU/hospital capacity that’s not the public’s fault.
RTÉ News on Twitter
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2021.10.19 11:49 atmomentt Need karma please, will of course return! ☺️

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2021.10.19 11:49 httphutao poorly drawn itto part 4 - detained

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2021.10.19 11:49 breatheindeeply Good morning day 3

And good morning to you all!
Early wake up and it’s great to feel clear headed. I loved the post that said. ”you will never wake up wishing you had drunk the night before” So true! I took out some games last night and instead of tv we played and laughed. Felt the urge to drink but that one was easy to get through. Now I have to be careful not to start thinking it’s ok to just have 2 (I don’t even start with 1 🙄) when we go out for dinner. I think I will have to announce to my friends also. Yikes…that is scary to even think about even though I know they will be supportive…it’s the long term commitment that is scary. So… Just for today. IWNDWY Have a good day everyone!
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2021.10.19 11:49 aqua4leo Redd is here with two real paintings!

To be more specific: famous painting & perfect painting.
Comment if you’re interested and I’ll grab a DODO :)
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2021.10.19 11:49 kitsune_Nightmare Needing this question answered as soon as possible please

Hello, I'm asking this question for my dad who is a contracts manager with a company.
Is his Operations manager allowed to ask him about family commitments in regards to working away?
Thank you in advance!
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