Should James McArthur have seen red for his challenge on Saka? | Neville & Carragher analyse

2021.10.19 11:04 lasagneking007 Should James McArthur have seen red for his challenge on Saka? | Neville & Carragher analyse

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2021.10.19 11:04 CorruptedElfGaming Road To Affiliate! Almost at 50 followers! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a discord, link in the comments!

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2021.10.19 11:04 ShotClockNation NJD! LeBron James Adidas Gen 1 Cavs Alternate Jersey

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2021.10.19 11:04 TheMayMayMakers Date me now, (Post by u/Alarmed-Ad-436)

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2021.10.19 11:04 slashy_washy boogie woogie uwu

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2021.10.19 11:04 orihcsro macOS Monterey: Nahtlose Steuerung kommt als Update

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2021.10.19 11:04 Hitbtc_Team Zynecoin (ZYN) is now available on HitBTC!

Dear Traders,
We have successfully added ZYN by Zynecoin to our platform.
Zynecoin is a blockchain system focused primarily in Africa and aims to support economic development, drive technological innovation, and improve market standing throughout the continent.
Trade $ZYN against $USDT, visit:
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2021.10.19 11:04 FanningFucker Beatrice Egli, Swiss Singer

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2021.10.19 11:04 kraziestkraken pain

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2021.10.19 11:04 pianist-doctor Low step1 score but pretty good CV. Advice?

Non US IMG here. Recent grad. Took step 1 recently but scored 216, which was way below my NBMEs. Was scoring close to 80% on Amboss qbank towards the end, UWSAs were 235+. Predictmystepscore had me at 232 approx. Caught covid during dedicated, plus had to deal with the demise of a close family member on the day before my exam, which was unprecedented. Still have to take CK and want to improve as much as I can.
I consistently performed well on assessments throughout medical school, and was in the top bracket of my class. Have 5 publications, 12 conference presentations, and have won quite a few prizes for presenting my research at conferences across the country as well as in my college. I was awarded a research grant in my third year. Was recently awarded a national scholarship as well.
I completed electives before graduation in university hospitals including a clinical elective at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). On the basis of my research experience, I was selected to represent my country at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Physiology and Medicine, where young scientists from all over the world meet Nobel Laureates. Subsequently, I presented a poster at the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Hong Kong. And recently, I was selected to be a delegate at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) which was held virtually.
Suggestions on what I can do before applying for the next match in Internal Medicine? Improve on CK, publish more? Step 1 is pass/fail now, so chances of it being less significant in the match process with a pool of scored and non scored applicants next year?
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2021.10.19 11:04 Iamamemswatcher used frequently ready to catch them...

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2021.10.19 11:04 ZoolShop BTC - Tax implications of Buying & gifting BTC to family member.

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2021.10.19 11:04 Smilefriend Lo Switch-off TV inizia il 20 ottobre: le 2 verità e le 12 bugie sul passaggio alla "Nuova TV Digitale"

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2021.10.19 11:04 hendrixbridge Why would you destroy your provinces as a horde?

I know it's a dumb question for an experienced player, but what is the purpose of raising your own provinces as a horde? Ok, I understand you get mana points, but your country is filed with 111 provinces at the end of the game so you have lots of land but no income
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2021.10.19 11:04 gabrovskgabr oh god oh man

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2021.10.19 11:04 Spikedelik [Fan Fic]: Bejewelled

"And that's pretty much the details about the quest, Aerys!" Ily spun about, just in time to catch the utter disbelief writ large upon my face. A wry half-smile played on her lips.
Even a passing glance at Ilysvanya Mistflora would tell you, that hers was a face, people have trouble saying no to. Ily, well-aware of this fact, compounded it, by fashioning every tiny bit about her to be a measured, methodical act. An act, that usually ends with her getting what she covets.
I have had the utmost privilege to witness it in action, on numerous occasions. Even being on the receiving end of it at times. No shame in admitting it. It had mastery written all over it. But this time around, it needed fixing. My life depended on it.
"Thanks for the tea, Ily. I have to say, this liquid right here - one of the vilest things I have ever had the misfortune of tasting. And you know I have had my fair share of ick-spewing run-ins with the netherdarks and gothens."
"It is somewhat of an acquired taste, Aer.", Ily cut in.
"Acquired tastes. Yes. That's the real issue here. You see, your tastes are getting rather troublesome Ily."
Her glare barely showed; almost instantaneously masked by her skilled coquetry. "Oh! come now, Aer. It's not..."
"I wonder what you paid for this. Seeing that the flecks in my cup shine when they catch even the tiniest slivers of light. I am assuming something… a lot shinier."
"Enough about the tea already! Maheda, please relieve Sir Aerys of the glistendraf, and give him a goblet-fil of that yurgwen swill he fancies."
"Yes please, do relieve me of this glistencrap, sweet Maheda-jaan..."
"Glistendraf", corrected Ily brusquely. Maheda stifled a grin; deftly whisking away the cup off my hands.
"I have no intention of committing its name to my memory, Ily. And Maheda-jaan, apologies, but I will forego on the offer for the replacement drink. You see, there is a time and a place for such holy indulgences. And here at Majora Ily's pristine confines, it would all but destroy its divinity.”
“Why you…”
“And speaking of divine destruction - onto the matter of the fire-jewels."
"Yessir, the fire-jewels. All you have to do sweet Aerys...", her eyes shone with excitement.
"Let me give you a quick refresher in geo-alchemy and the Kingdom Pools, Majora Ily". I knew that I was beginning to irritate her a bit. My plan, to shut down her sweet-talking down to a minimum, was seemingly taking effect. Controlled disdain was starting to show around the farthest corners of her gentle lips.
“It is a ruthless 40-day travel through the Barrens, for one to reach the Kingdom Pools. But even with half the journey covered, you pretty much start seeing the Pools across the horizon. What glistens there, like your tea, is a never-ending display of shimmering fireworks, right above where the Pools are to be. A natural fount of fiery parabolas, created by hundreds of hurtled fire-balls darting across the skies. From here on, the nights get brighter with each passing day.”
“Yes, we both attended Proffen Li Fuxian’s boring…”
“Aah but those were the pretty bits. The golden canopy is amazing indeed. Till a stray fire-ball accidentally rains down on you, and your parade.
Closer to the pools, the route all but craters into a crumbling mess. You begin to see fellow adventurers – battle-hardened barbarians, swift-footed thieves, wisp like wizards, all crushed or burnt to a crisp. Every single one of them, wanting to be the first to bring home the 81st fire-jewel ever recovered.”
“I know this Aer…”
“And if you travel on yet, you meet the fire-runners - gamblers who bet on the distance they can cover through the rain of fire. I have heard of people who in mere 20 days of survival made enough for their families to last 2-3 life-times. The multiple magic ledgers of the Harmon bookkeepers ensure that their next of kin benefit even if they perish. All very noble. But I am yet to meet someone who has lived to enjoy the wins themselves. They say surviving the runs and seeing the money you win, gives you a strange confidence from which you don’t come back.”
And lastly, right at the tip of the Pools you find the fools. Academics. Geo-alchemists. They are there to learn and observe, in what little time they have. A life consumed by passion. A life meant to burn-out.” I paused to take a breath.
“Did you know that the survival rates have gone up 25% in the last 3 months, due to lower fire-jewel emissions? Did you know…”, Ily swooped in.
“Do you know how fire-jewels are made? Down in the Kingdom Pools, are a swarm of semi-sentient, gigantic, tube-like creatures. ‘Fire-weeds’, the Academics call it. The Fire-weeds burrow their root-ends deep into the bowels of the earth. They seek hot, molten magma, for nourishment. Once pulled in, the magma travels through their humongous, cylindrical bodies, continuously being sucked on and tossed about. Experiencing extreme churn and pressure, this ingested magma somewhat solidifies. In the end, this solidified deposit gets chucked out, at high speeds, from the other end of a Fire-weed. Out in the open skies, this projectile burns furiously on contact with the atmosphere, and turns into a fireball; searing holes into whatever it comes across in its flight path.
80 … just 80 of these fire-balls didn’t burn through and through. They crashed into the desert, coalesced with the sands in the Barrens, and cooled down over an unknown period of time. You know them today as fire-jewels – the costliest, shiniest poop in the world.”, I sighed.
“But if you were to intervene, and smother the fire-balls while in flight…”, Ily interrupted.
“Sure, while at it, maybe I can…”
“I swear on Holy Mirana Ardent, you stop me again, I will myst you.”, the air about Ily changed. I perked up. I could sense that I had pushed my luck enough.
At just like that, her smile was back. “You are Sir Aerys Shan K’ran. The finest fly-craft specialist ever. Your state-of-the-art vimaana, fitted with the custom irdiven-shoulten braided nets, that I had none other than Lord Freiare Jorglen fabricate for us, can help get us what we seek. You do a fly-by, grab a fire-ball, drop it into a control-cooled sandtrap, we will have set up for you out in the Barrens.”
“Ily, the fact that you assume, you will make me use my government sanctioned craft for this mad caper, is one thing. You also grossly underestimate my will to stay alive. The fire-weeds spew from directions unknown, with a power of a hundred automata canons firing in sync. Oh, and who knows what happens when the fire-weeds feel threatened? I doubt, anyone has done it before.”
“I have some data…”, Ily justified.
“Ily, you are asking me to net a flaming sun, mid-flight, using an untested contraption, flying over a nest of vile creatures who spit fire-balls for a living. I might as well become a fire-runner, Ily. The odds are better.”
She walked up to me. Took my face in the palm of her hands and gently placed a soft kiss on my lips. “I have a fail-safe plan, Aer.”
“Really? I am all ears! What’s this infallible plan of yours?”
“You, my love. You always come back to me.”
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2021.10.19 11:04 SHEEPBBQ “it’s not my fault, it’s the zoomers”

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2021.10.19 11:04 POWER-RANGER-1 ThE gAmE iS DyiNg bEcAuSe 2cRiNgEfOrYoU mAdE a viDeO On iT.

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2021.10.19 11:04 bigquads Is there a good video series to understand Ind AS on youtube, preferably in English

I’ve passed out when we still had the old accounting standards and been in tax ever since.
Need to brush up on Ind AS. I’ve bought a DS Rawat for some theory but I find I’m no longer able to skim through a 1000 page book like I used to. Are there good videos for the same?
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2021.10.19 11:04 ScottyMac75 Hi. Trying to identify the manufacturer of this set of whiskey tumblers and decanter. I have a set of six and have just started to collect matching highball glasses. Can anyone help me identify them? Cheers.

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2021.10.19 11:04 YourLocalBirdLord Last chance for AfroVision Signups! 24 Hours left if you haven’t already signed up :)

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2021.10.19 11:04 DrFaroohk Dont I friggin hate stupid people

Look I'm totally sympathetic to people with disabilities but jesus fucking christ. Like I got one coworker who is obviously slow. And I get it. No one expects him to do algebra.
But trying to get him to do ANYTHING is like pulling teeth. And fuck I know hes slow thinking but shit man...your ears work abs you heard me, your eyes work so can see what I mean, so when I've told you for the sixth time not to leave hot sandwiches in the warmer for 12 fucking hours I donr care what your problem is. You heard me, you can read the labels, you managed to walk here without dying so fuck right off.
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2021.10.19 11:04 Eleanor_Artemis Most annoying thing about unimelb this semester?

I’m feeling petty - what has been the most shithouse part of uni this yeasem?
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2021.10.19 11:04 businessyndicate Drones Must Be Banned as Weapons

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2021.10.19 11:04 La_knavo4 Fanganronpa ideas (feel free to steal)

Character writes dying message after getting attacked, but someone else deals the final blow making the dying message have a spotless' name but now you have to live with an attempted murderer
Protagonist overslept and didn't even get an investigation, They just start class trial instantly
Character hides the body leaving one character missing for a long time, but this results in no class trial so in frustration they reveal the body
Or maybe instead one character missing it's TWO
When they get to the class trial they find the crossed protrait of a classmate they thought was alive
You find out who killed the victim but he's not the blackened since he killed them SECOND
There's a Time Machine and they figure out how it works, It erases peoples memories except the person who was in the Time Machine
Someone is killed in the bathhouse but since the bathhouse has no security cameras Monokuma's doesn't even know who the killer is
The PROTAGONIST ends up killing someone so for the last trial you have to commit perjury to save yourself
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