A theory bout the end, lemme me know what you think

"Slow down kid, yes I'm a hunter, my semblance causes things to explode occasionally, I don't think you'll be able to do the same as me but if you go to an hunter academy or join the army, you could learn how to blow things up there." Qrow heard a howl in the distance followed by several more and frowned. Solutions and Explanations 1. You just remembered something funny. (A line said by Chara late in Undertale's Genocide run) 2. Three words, the most commonly repeated phrase in the comic. -> everything is fine (First said early in the comic's Snowdin arc) 3. Ivan from Zagreb, Croatia The song is clearly bout heroin, she lites up the candle, and shows him the way, either the way to cook or to shoot, iff you ever did heroin you would know its lovely and more or less there are voices calling heh, shes got a mercedes benz and expensive stuff as most dealers do, bring me my wine id think thay didnt ... It happened to pique his interest. But I know that there are plenty of people outside the Great Lake State (and even IN the GLS) that only have a tenuous grasp on where, say, Lake Superior is located. They know it’s “Up North” somewhere and it’s a long drive and most people know you have to cross a large suspension bridge to get there.

2021.10.19 11:54 vigilante-bling A theory bout the end, lemme me know what you think

When the \"emergeny squad?\" enters
So the telephone was off the receiver. Now, theres a chance it could've been knocked off there by the impact on the door from the police. If not then, the call to the police was likely from there. But who did it?

  1. The murderer made the call
  2. Mabel says that Bunny kinda fell on her when she entered. So stabbed Bunny, walked up to the phone and made the call (but well the needle does seem to be near the throat so she should've died immediately)
The second option kinda doesn't add up, coz we see Bunny in the middle of the apartment. But then what Mabel said kinda doesn't make sense either, was Bunny in a closet or something.
Also we don't see Mabel with the ring on, now that's nothing major, she could've just removed the ring coz she was tired of wearing it or something. But I feel like it's something they wanted us to notice.
Another question that's bothering me: Why was Bunny in Mabel's apartment in the first place? Doesn't make sense for the killer to kill her somewhere else and drag her up there. Or maybe it's something as simple as she was there to do some landlady thing (But that seems real sus too).
Also Bunny wearing the tie-die hoodie. Now she doesn't strike me as a person wears merch even if she's a diehard fan. So the killer put the hoodie on her. But the needle seems to go through the hoodie. So maybe she was poisoned first (ik how original), then dressed in the hoodie and then stabbed.
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2021.10.19 11:54 Kt4Eff Eco home purchase

Hi guys, I'm looking at a house built in 2017, with modcell and MVHR. The current owners are apparently moving cause they sold a business and got lots of money so are buying a farm house in the countryside. After enquiring about the 10 years warranty, I received this reply "The owners are putting a new warranty on the property because the company went bust 2 years ago and this was down on a recently sale in the development and won’t cause too many problems". Would this put you off? Can a homeowner even put a warranty on their own house? Does anyone have any experience with "eco homes"? Thank you!
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2021.10.19 11:54 CyberDevil24 OWASP MOBILE TOP 10 : Insecure Data Storage

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2021.10.19 11:54 PlatardoSegpa Another cushy day at the workshop in the 1960s.

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2021.10.19 11:54 ZOMBIECRUMBLE Is my..

Is my avatar good. Who/What does it look like?
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2021.10.19 11:54 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Octane] [Octane: Buzz Kill] [Day of the Tentacle] [Forest Green Phosphor] [Forest Green Infinium]

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2021.10.19 11:54 SpeedCubePro Reading labels faster...

Hey guys, so I'm looking for advice. I've been at Starbucks for 2 years, and bar is my worst position ever. I get thrown on bar and I can only do okay if everything is going slow, but during a rush, I panic, don't know where to start, and even worse, I always have trouble reading the stickers fast. I find myself on bar, reading the entire sticker around 2-3 times before I start it, but that's with customizations. If it's just a base drink, I can easily start it with a glimpse, but when there's more than 3-4 customizations, I don't know when to stop reading, I just read the whole thing multiple times because I just simply can't understand the drink. Is there ways you guys read your stickers so you don't have to read everything before starting? What do you look for first? When do you know you've read enough to start your drink, then be able to figure out everything else after that? I'm really needing help, even just any tips on bar can majorly help, especially with how you guys balance many mobile orders, deliveries, and Cafe drinks... how to know when to start certain drinks, when to skip and come back, and vice versa. Thank you so much for any tips you can give! 💚
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2021.10.19 11:54 Nickaj_Dansk Like my cat?

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2021.10.19 11:54 chocho18 i'm lie 😂😂😂

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2021.10.19 11:54 shanabailey XGIMI Elfin Projector 2/16GB for 594.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $619.99)

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2021.10.19 11:54 One-Wave4537 Am I the only one who uses McCafferty's music to deal with my emotions?

When I was a little kid, my parents would yell at me a lot and hit me with a belt when I did some wrong(typical Latin parents). This usually happened because I would get upset everything my parents yelled at each other. I would cry thinking it was my fault. Now that I am older it's clear nothing was my fault and it was my parent's loveless marriage problem. Another thing that affected me was that around that time my little brother was being born so I was ignored cause I want the older child. If I am honest, this memories were hidden for years until my family tried to come closer to me.
I use McCafferty's music to calm all the feelings I have from those experiences. If I am mad for no reason I go to my bed and plug my headphones, If I am super upset for no reason I do the same. Nick you are a piece of shit but thank you for helping the emotional imbalance that I am.
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2021.10.19 11:54 MainCanary5073 I messed up.

I(36M) didn't initially ask her (32F) to go somewhere with me. A gathering at a friend's house. That she may or may not want to go to. She called as was driving and I said you want to come I'm a few minutes away. She said no. I got to destination few minutes from our place text her get dressed I'll be back to pick you up. She said no thanks. Now I don't love her and it's a big mess. Did I mess up this bad or is she taking it to far?
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2021.10.19 11:54 Globbyss the US school system sucks.

TW: SA, SH, trauma, physical abuse. im a sophomore in highschool. ive spent the last 2 years (sort of) in public school. in 8th grade, i did good. until covid hit. we went online and i didnt once attend class, do ONE assignment, or anything. i definitely have some sort of disability, whether it be autism or ADHD i dont give a fuck, what irks me is my teachers dont give a FUCK. i show signs of adhd, autism, severe depression, im LAZY. if i did not show up to a single class in FIVE months, is there not something obviously wrong? i was low. depressed. "you're in eighth grade, what do you have to be depressed about?" eat a cock. they dont CARE. they want to teach you that your mental health isn't important. that you have to abide to CAPITALISMS rules, not that you are your own person, but a robot.
ive done shit all my life at school. nothing above a B, 1.25 gpa. it has been like that since preschool. not one email to my parents saying there might be something wrong, not a call.
in 8th grade when i did nothing practical all school year i didnt even get a fucking EMAIL. not one, not one even saying i was missing school. when in 9th grade the same thing happened, they emailed me to say i have to do summer school, not saying i can reach out, not telling me that it will be okay, no, thats out of their budget haha.
when my girlfriend (who has now realized shes cis) was having gender problems and wanted to go by he/him in 6th grade, they didnt care. no. it was she/her. when she reached out to the counselor saying saying she was depressed because she felt like her parents didnt accept her or understand, they told her she'd be a "beautiful woman" what the fuck?
so you know what she does? she walks out. she walks out and says INFRONT of the principal, counselors, and other staff, that shes being neglected, and emotionally abused. (constant screaming, terrible lice that lasted years, sh) and the school made a deal with her dad to not call fucking CPS. they do not care unless theyre forced to. and even then they can be talked out of giving a shit. you know what happened? the school didnt do a lice check, didnt report to cps, the school didnt do ANYTHING. shes still with her parents.
in 7th grade, a kid was walking around slapping womens asses. the teachers saw it and didnt say anything. only when my friend was encouraged to report it is when repercussions happened. me and some other kids were called in as witnesses, we told them what happened, and then we left. turns out several other girls told them the same thing happened to them when my friend came out about it. he got a three day suspension.
not only that, but he shat in the trash can (which can put people at risk of fucking disease) physically assaulted kids, insulted teachers, etc. nothing. his dad was a teacher.
im sorry, this was a bit of a rant. ill take this down if needed.
fuck the US school system
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2021.10.19 11:54 kkingfisherr Comparison: Apple M1 Max, M1 Pro and M1 chips

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2021.10.19 11:54 KyloRenKardashian are there any noteworthy Ed Snowden/Julian Assange/WikiLeaks updates?

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2021.10.19 11:54 Last_Philosopher_108 Resize for iPhone 11?

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2021.10.19 11:54 ChrisBlaze001 IT'S ON NOW! Sec-shill report proves that SHORTS HAVEN'T COVERED and GG is like many believed a paid HF lackey. Prove me wrong? Anyways all this proves is my conviction is still correct so now I'll be buying more on top of more! 🚀 🚀 🚀

IT'S ON NOW! Sec-shill report proves that SHORTS HAVEN'T COVERED and GG is like many believed a paid HF lackey. Prove me wrong? Anyways all this proves is my conviction is still correct so now I'll be buying more on top of more! 🚀 🚀 🚀 submitted by ChrisBlaze001 to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 11:54 LostedSky_ Sorry but all of you are wrong

read the wiki and change the subreddit description atleast
And if would like to still call me a nazi you are dead wrong don't even fucking understand how wrong it is to be "sexually" attracted to a person and just call it a god damn gender you can downvote but i bet there is people who know that they are dead wrong
And to people who still do not understand Dreamphobes are just normal people that know that dreamgender is not a real thing the closes you can have to "dreamsexual" is the link i posted above on the official wiki
I don't know how much people have to say it this is not a shitpost and not just a factless shit that every person would do
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2021.10.19 11:54 Nillaasek Razer BlackWidow Lite (orange) some keys stopped working

I've had this keyboard for about a year and a half now.
Everything was working okay yesterday, today the F2, 2, W, S, F4, 5, T, G buttons aren't working. I find this especially weird since they're all underneath each other in two columns. Any ideas what might have caused this and how to fix it?
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2021.10.19 11:54 sweetpapajohniw Clothing retailers and brands double down on sustainability steps after reporting on the progress of the last eight years

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2021.10.19 11:54 thefriendlymailman which path should/can i take in 7.3.5?

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2021.10.19 11:54 neil344 Arsenal: Vieira doing more with less as he upstages Arteta

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2021.10.19 11:54 TheBustedMachine my favorite song right now.

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