We walk past this house/cat daily. My friend learned how to make paper cranes so he made a bunch this weekend and brought them. We left them by the cat's windowsill in the morning and on the way back we noticed they'd been put inside by the owner. Just made me happy.

2021.10.18 22:11 ParasaurLOLphus We walk past this house/cat daily. My friend learned how to make paper cranes so he made a bunch this weekend and brought them. We left them by the cat's windowsill in the morning and on the way back we noticed they'd been put inside by the owner. Just made me happy.

We walk past this house/cat daily. My friend learned how to make paper cranes so he made a bunch this weekend and brought them. We left them by the cat's windowsill in the morning and on the way back we noticed they'd been put inside by the owner. Just made me happy. submitted by ParasaurLOLphus to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:11 askreddit760 Old people of Reddit, why do you think you’re so hip/cool?

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2021.10.18 22:11 ElderlyGoose The most dangerous stage in any Roguelite is the first

I've come to realise from hours of playing various games in the genre, that the insidiously dangerous stage isn't the final epic boss battles or clinching a victory from just a few HP away from death. The most likely cause of a failed run is the first stage becoming mundane.
After 15 repeats that Mega man urge to rush back to where you were is high and all it takes is one little slip and you'll be stuck at 1-1 again and again like you were hours ago.
I may not be dying in Tarturus anymore but all it takes is a dash of overconfence (especially with Pacts) and that's at least 1 death defiance down the crapper.
This thought brought to you by spending hours stuck on 1-3 / 1-4 of Spelunky2 and yet breezing past 3s stages like nothing.
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2021.10.18 22:11 mechamagnum help with ID. what is this fang from?

help with ID. what is this fang from? submitted by mechamagnum to bonecollecting [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:11 Sysody roses are red violets are.. violet

There’s nothing more dangerous than a Japanese kamikaze pilot
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2021.10.18 22:11 xlrte99 How to find out prior usage

Bought a Garmin Venu listed as new from eBay and turns out it was open package and the display sticker had been off and sticked back on. The seller simply claims that the watch was new when he shipped which is not true. Is there a way to read / find out battery or general usage from the device? I hate these kinds of people. Stalked his LinkedIn and looks like you would imagine him.
I’d appreciate any help on my vendetta.
Thank you!!!!
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2021.10.18 22:11 SCP049LEFOU Don't mess with Hand Sanitizer

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2021.10.18 22:11 T-LJ2 My Post About Rocketman I Decided To Send Here As Well 😁

I'm a bit hyper at the moment so I'm going to talk about one of my favourite movies of all time, that film is the one and only ROCKETMAN.
I LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH! I listen, dance and sing its songs all day long, I really like the song HERCULES which is a very bouncy and wiggly song and I really like the epic feel of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, and ahhhhhhh the cuteness of DON'T GO BREAKIN' MY HEART is too much to handle, I love the rough and tough feel of SATURDAY NIGHTS (ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING) which is just so cool, and fits perfectly with the storyline at that point in the film, Elton's a young man growing up in quite a rough and tough neighbourhood so it makes sense for why it feels fun yet rough because he's having a Saturday night out with his rough family and tough friends.
Rocketman is surprisingly special to me, I went into it uninterested in Elton John but came out adoring the film, it's just so fun to watch but also quite brutal to watch, especially the scenes of constant hatred Elton has to face especially seeing him at a young age having to deal with the divorce and disgusting behaviour of his nasty parents, and how at the end of the film he finally steps up to them and tells them that he is truly the one and only ELTON HERCULES JOHN, which I think is such a powerful message to send to young people, no matter what age you are you can stand up to injustice and stop people from controlling you and your life and even if the bully is prodding at you constantly, you can still become greater than them and rise about them to become the much better person. Which is what Elton becomes.
Obviously it's a fantasy so some elements are exaggerated but that's the whole point of it being a film, it's a fantasy taking elements of truth and fiction, and I love that about the film so much, his mother's joy very nice to him, and Bryce Dallas Howard is brilliant in her role, I really like how her performance feels like an evil fairytale godmother type of role which is helped even more when you remember that the film's in fact a musical. The film's also got very beautifully shot cinematography as well and it's edited very well which is why it never drags on its pace is brilliant and I love seeing the advancement of Elton going from a nobody to a rock star phenomenon, and we also get to see the stress that cones with it as well which brings out the films darker side. Seeing elton at his most vulnerable was quite scary but it was also important because we needed to see the truthful elements as well as the fantastical.
Rocketman is also surprisingly really funny, in some ways places, there's some good laughs I get out of elton, especially in the scene where he's about go perform for the first time to a live audience like ever, I'm talking about the bit where Elton has a fit over the beach boys are at his first gig, it's so funny when he flat out stomps his feet and shouts "This is awful bernie!" and then proceeds to walk out. Bernie's like "eLtOn?" and the way he says it is so funny because he's partially drunk. Then we cut to Bernie trying to convince elton he's sobered up a little bit as well, also the way it's all performed has brilliant comedic timing.
"Elton I think you're overreacting!"
"NO. BERNIE. YOU are underreacting, they're the geniuses of American music, I can't go out there in front of that lot!"
"Okay, okay.... Then we'll tell dug to refund everyone's ticket AND WE'LL SEND EVERYONE HOME!"
ALL of a sudden Ray comes out of nowhere slamming on the cubicle door.
I changed some of the dialogue slightly because it has swearing in it, apparently this sub doesn't like it here so I changed it slightly. 😁
Eltons reaction to this is priceless he's like "What was that!?"
He comes out of the cubicle sulking
"Well c'mon then!"
It's just one of my favourite scenes, the fact they paid RICHARD MADDON to dance to the song HONKY CAT is even better, he's also quite a good singer.
I sometimes giggle when I see the two arguing in the film, I think it's just because I know of these two actors and where they've come from previously. Taron Egerton from Kingsmen and Richard Maddon from Game of Thrones, to see them coming into these roles of Elton John and John Reid is somewhat awesome but also funny when they argue, because you know where they're coming from.
There's also some clever moments in the film where we see the lifes of other characters advancing as well, in the honky cat segment we see a brief moment of Bernie breaking up with his girlfriend, which is quite clever because it shows that the film hasn't forgotten about his character and it helps the film remain intact and cohesive with it's characters. I love things like this in movies, it's what makes them so fun watching them over and over again because we pick up on so many small details that we missed in the first watch through, the filmmaking efforts in this film are phenomenonal and deserve applause in my opinion, and even though Taron didn't win the Oscar, he still lost to another brilliant film, "Joker" which I'm glad because at least it went to another great film.
The film also has great musical numbers, the Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting segment is my favourite out of the musical numbers, it's so cleverly done, especially the fact that it's edited to look like one long take, and the dancing is very good as well from the background dancers, there's so much colour in the film as well even in the more intense and sad scenes there's always a tint of colour that makes it look so pretty, which is what I also like about the film, it looks pretty, unlike other films which overuse the desaturated look which makes films feel dull and bland when used poorly, this film uses so much colour it helps me concentrate better and it flies by, maybe I respond better to more colourful films, which is probably the case because my brain needs a lot going on in the plot and screen to be invested.
I hope they release a directors cut of the film, I'd happily see a longer version, even though I believe in quality control I believe Rocketman deserves at least a 10 minute longer version and some of the deleted scenes actually add to it's plot as well so maybe there's room for a longer cut.
I really like Rocketman, can't you tell? 😂 It's just one of my favourite films ever and I love music so that helps it become one of my favourites, I could go on for hours and hours about why this film to me is so special, but I shouldn't because I need to calm myself down and get ready to focus tomorrow in college, which is partially why I did this post tonight because in hyper and needed to talk. 😂 Anyway, I'm really happy for its existence and I hope to see great things from Taron Egerton and all of the other actors in the future! 😁
Thank you for reading this long post of mine,
T-LJ2 - Jamie
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2021.10.18 22:11 5igorsk Книжная лавка АО «Международная книга» у Богословской башни. Фото кон. 1920 - нач. 1930-х гг.

Книжная лавка АО «Международная книга» у Богословской башни. Фото кон. 1920 - нач. 1930-х гг. submitted by 5igorsk to Bibliotekar [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:11 mati23456 Pregunta random: alguien sabe de que tipo de pájaro es este huevo?

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2021.10.18 22:11 MrBostonProper Posting a Sell & Overall Update

Posting a Sell & Overall Update
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2021.10.18 22:11 SunniJB Have the engine and the steering wheel, but raft is going sideways?

I made a second floor for my radar and my steering wheel. They are facing the same way. This is the front of my raft.
The motor is at the back of the raft.
So how come when I turn the motor on and steer straight ahead, my raft is slowly drifting sideways? I tested this by jumping off into the water and seeing which way it drifted, and it goes straight to the side. All the trash is also floating in from the side.
What gives?
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2021.10.18 22:11 sweetangel622 Stupid question about sugar

Are sugar alcohols considered alcohol? Would it be breaking sobriety? From my research it wouldn’t be but I wanted to hear other opinions. Thanks. :)
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2021.10.18 22:11 eqlaah How do I fix my dog? Put him in rice?

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2021.10.18 22:11 throwaway4coochieman Can't set an appointment :'D

so, I got referred to see a neurologist sometime back in September and I was told I'd recieve a call from the clinic once they got it. the call never came. it was fine tho cuz I had a physical the next week, so I went and got the referral info on a piece of paper. called the number on it but as it turns out, it was actually just my doctor's office on the line so that didn't work either. at some point, I was told to call my insurance to find a closer neurologist but after calling a whopping three different places, they all said I couldn't get in either because I had no referral or because I was 18 and needed a pediatric neurologist.
ok :D
now I've also been out sourcing and just calling different neurology offices, to which I got a lot of transfers but no appointment. again, some said I wasn't old enough for their treatment, others said I needed a referral. a lot of them didn't even specialize in tics. I eventually called back up to my docs office to ask for the referral number again, thinking maybe I just read the wrong one or something, then they transferred me to another hospital to talk to someone. I got transferred another two times during the call and once I finally got to the department that could take me, they couldn't find my referral. I called back up to my docs office and they, again, transferred me to another building to talk to a receptionist. thankfully after explaining everything they said they would figure it out and id be hearing back within the next few days.
just to note, this whole process has taken about a month. I still don't even have an appointment set. a lot of the places I was calling or waiting on either never picked up or closed really early, so Id have to wait a day or two to call back. this whole thing has just been frustrating because I can't really do anything about it? I haven't been diagnosed, obviously, but I got sent for a tic disorder and they've started to cause more pain these past few days. lmao I didn't know setting appointments on your own would be this roundabout but at this point, I wish I had done something about it before my birthday to avoid all of this.
anywhoo, ty for reading. hope y'all are having a great day :)
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2021.10.18 22:11 AppropriateBee5096 Minecraft smp

Anyone want to join a vinnila mc realm dm me
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2021.10.18 22:11 lazylemonbassist Got a new Perdomo sampler today 🙌🏻

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2021.10.18 22:11 Maxibonlikesflags What's the cheapest thing you can think about?

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2021.10.18 22:11 Fluffy_Little_Fox ANAMANAGUCHI -- HELIX NEBULA [Chiptune Rock]

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2021.10.18 22:11 catd0g What are some simple things we can do as a customer to make your job a little bit easier?

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2021.10.18 22:11 pinkslimezx How can I (F29) make sure my ‘friend?’ (F25) Is safe and ok?

I met a couple (F25, M26) at a bar recently and have been involved with them for a while, we don’t text or call other than to set up times to hangout. (I feel like I should mention this part because it could be relevant): the first time we hung out we had a 3sum and he got jealous and stormed off but he apologized after and I continued to see them, when he was gone that night though she opened up to me about the fact that he is mentally and emotionally abusive to her and that she wants to leave but has been isolated from all her friends and family and can’t think of how to do it safely. Last time I saw them was 2 weeks ago and yesterday she randomly called me 3 times I didn’t pick up because I didn’t see it and then texted me saying hey like 4 times in a row, I’m not sure why but I had a horrible feeling about it so I called back right after and he ended up answering, then he asked if I was free to hangout, I said I wasn’t and then texted our groupchat and said we can hangout next week then he replied and said that he’s not sure they’ll be free and he’ll let me know. Knowing their history of abuse, her calling me randomly multiple times in a row and him answering her phone makes me wonder if she’s not safe. We don’t have any mutual friends or anything so I don’t know how to make sure she’s alright, I’m also worried I’m just being paranoid, what can I do right now?
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2021.10.18 22:11 metalheadLINC Classic thrasherpiece!

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2021.10.18 22:11 MadetAccountForGEO FIFA 23 PLS

Το μόνο που θέλω από την Ea είναι του χρόνου Peter Crouch Hero! Ποιος συμφωνεί?
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2021.10.18 22:11 Beneficial-Ocelot652 Can’t add device - terrible customer service

Worst customer service experience, ever...we recently moved into a new house and the owners had a ring doorbell professionally installed so it’s hardwired to the house...when they deprovisioned it from their account the device could no longer enter set up mode. After speaking with Ring customer service they said if we can’t get an electrician to verify the voltage to the device they will not send us a new device and are unable to help us further...Even though they can clearly see it was wiring on the previous owner’s account 🤕
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2021.10.18 22:11 Haliwax4 24 M I’m bored, you’re bored, let’s play 20 questions and get to know each other?

It’s all there in the title, so let’s do this! 😄
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